Dagor Dagorath- Modern Era Tolkien RP

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    The year is 2014 and it has been several millennia since Sauron was defeated with the destruction of the One Ring. Most Elves have sailed and the Dwarves and Hobbits have kept to themselves. Men are living their lives. But all that is about to change. Evil is re-emerging in the world. People are disappearing and strange creatures walk the earth.

    But to combat this, the heroes of old are returning. The Valar have sent the wizards back to Middle Earth, and with them Their own chosen elven warriors. Even some among the elves not chosen by the Valar are, in secret, returning back to their old homelands. The heroes of Men are being reborn into our own time and slowly regaining memories of their past lives. The dwarves are re-emerging from their mountains, and even among the hobbits some have been stirred into action. Will you stand against the coming darkness or will you ignore the signs? The choice is up to you.


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