D3M0NIX's Official Roleplay Request Thread

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  1. Hello everyone!
    My name is D3M0NIX, and or Dem. This thread here is my official request thread. I will add all my ideas, roleplays I want to do, and my little pet peeves when it comes to rp.

    Da Rules
    -First and foremost, I don't rp any rape and or forced sex.
    -Most of the time I play males. I have only one female character I play.
    -I do not rp Yaoi or BDSM.
    -I will only accept posts that are 2 paragraphs long (that means 16 Sentences) or more
    -I won't do vore or any kind of cannibaism
    -I will not do any sort of super hero type roleplay.

    The Roleplay(s) I Crave
    Nature's Thorn
    MxF, BffxCollege Girl, BrotherxSister, Co-workerxCo-Worker

    Basically two people (Mentioned above) get lost after a hiking trip. They must survive until help arrives. This roleplay will include character death.
    Roleplay(s) with no plot idea, but willing to do
    Characters i play will be in Bold.
    -Human x Furry
    -Pokemon x Pokemon/Trainer
    -College Girl x Female Roomate

    I'm willing to hear new ideas as well, so if you have any ideas at all, you can ask me here and explain your plot idea/pairings.

    This thread will be updated once i think of new things to RP.​
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