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  1. " Fates matched by a hidden hand... only the tides of the universe can wash away. What then, is true purpose?"


    Ishtar Academy, Venus.

    The rusted walls of ivory structured buildings coat the landscape as moss and grass fills the area of the academy. Flashes of blue fly everywhere through the space and the chatter of some distinct yet unknown muster of voices bellow as tiny impacts of explosions spread fire and lightning. Tracer bullets fired from the enemy follow and connect with pillars and walls as a hasted figure eludes their every whim. Nothing but the sound of boosted gliding can be heard with nothing seen as these menaces search for their source of opposition.


    One by one the sound of a dreadful collision of impact hits these enemies as they disintegrate into fire and ash, causing more of their own to shout and panic in an uproar of fury. A small sun can be seen flying from the upper levels of the academy, sticking to one of the Captains of the enemy brigade. A click can be heard as the small orb burns into the Captain's side and a beeping commences, speeding up in frequency until and explosion sends scorched limbs and body parts in all directions. A multitude of lasers sound of in rapid succession, turning these enemies into broken pieces of blue energy. The opposing infantry begins to retreat, but the hidden figure finally reveals themselves, leaping from what seems like the sky and raining down a sheer force that reduced the lowlings to ash. She pulls her sidearm and unloads blue arc energy into the faces of the skimpy and frail species. Blasts from the group all aim at her once more, as she glides in the air and runs along the upper levels of the academy.

    And then it goes quiet. The frail Dreg and Reavers all conform to the middle, next to a tall statue. Moments pass and the space is filled with silence. Just concentration. And then a click. And then beeping. And then an explosion that sends two Fallen to their makers. All fallen darted their heads to the upper level as a wave of fire jumps from the platform, one that almost resembled a Phoenix in its grace and absolution. The woman drops down filled and imbued with flames, tossing one grenade after another, and literally running through her opposition with punches of ten infernos. There was no hope in running, there was no chance in escaping. With one loud cry she delivers a final blow to a Elder Captain, sticking a fusion orb on him and unrelenting with a blow to the temple, ripping its head apart in a roasted futility. The flames quell and she stands amid the dozens of corpses, the concrete bathed in Fallen blood. She turns her head around to a bright white construct, a beautiful white light pillar that shifted photons and energy as it stood. She tilted her head sideways in awe and wonder at this marvel. This was more than just a marvel, it was a beacon. A symbol. It was damnation.

    Swara Nov, The Fabled reaches for her forearm comms, and makes a broadcast to her superior. All the rumors were true, and even though the Solar System didn't know it yet, The Darkness was about to be the least of their worries.

    "Commander Petra...notify The Queen.....The Stranger was right....The Fallen were onto something, and I don't know what it is, but the energy I feel from this thing is like nothing I ever felt before. It almost feels...

  2. Earth, Skywatch

    Streaks were launched through the sky with a 'tick' sound. Sounds of pain and anger echo through the area as each streak made it's stop. Bodies started to make a mess of the ground below them. With one left a single metal shard piercing it's hard metal skull, cutting into flesh a satisfying 'plump' sound to the ground. Footsteps could be heard as they made their way through the lump cold bodies. A single scream was heard as another set of footprints started rushing torwards the first.


    A loud impacting sound was heard as a single arm was outstreched holding a singular metal "L" shaped object. A hand cannon, the hand cannon was quickly put away as fast as it was taken out. Then the final body hit the ground.

    "Man these hive just don't know when to quit, i mean why, where do they get their reasoning, Ghost?"

    "Maybe they just don't have any"

    "Tch..., whatever, lets get going"

    "Yes gaurdian"

    A male gaurdian stood there with his ghost and almost immediatley summoned a sparrow. The soothing engine could be heard from a close distance. The sparrow soon took off with great speed leaving said area.
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