D&D: Ruins of the Dragon Lord

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Recruiting 3-5 characters for a module, 'Ruins of the Dragon Lord'. The starting level is 1, using 36 point buy. All 3.5 published books available, Mongoose Publishing (3rd-party) material also accepted.

The Setting - Moru Country
"Welcome you? Why should I bid you welcome to this godforsaken stretch of land? Better to be gone and Godspeed; in these parts, they are much better words than 'welcome'."
-Old Smoke-Man, Resident
The Moru Country is mainly a barren wasteland of broken hills and uneven rocky plains, with the notorious landmark of Mount Moru in the middle. The climate is always temperate to cold, the weather rainy and misty; despite the frequent rains, the land remains dry, arid and desolate as though affected by some curse.

Very loosely defined, without clear political borders defining where it ends and the surrounding regions begin. To the north and the east there are vast expanses of plains and hills, similar to the Moru Country but fare more pleasant. These lands are unnamed and unclaimed, belonging neither to the Morudian region nor the countries beyond them.To the west and northwest borders are somewhat clearer, as the fresh and fertile northwest riverbanks are a clear indication of where the Morudhain waste ends; finally, the Moru Country has it's best defined border on the south march, marked by the start (or end) of Moru Road at the non-Morudhain village of Meadowvale and the Last Shrine of iri.

The Moru Country is largely unpopulated, with several Morudhain settlements scattered throughout, with a total population of little more than 10,000. Humans of non-Morudhain stock can be found, mainly in Meadowvale and the Last Shrine, which total somewhere below 1,000 inhabitants.

"I asked if the gods existed. The gods answered, 'we do not'."
-Extract from Fiall Garnwynn's poem I asked if the gods existed

The gods of the Morudhain Lands are quite grim, no more concerned about the lives of mortals than the harsh elements they represent. They rarely interfere with their worshipers' lives, be it to harm or help them. Before others brought the worship of other gods to the Moru Country, local folk did not dare to expect their gods to take part in their affairs; their gods are simply capricious forces of nature, doing as they please to the world and those living on it.

While you, the player, are free to choose any deity of the Eberron pantheon, the gods of Moru Country will be a bit... different. Here's a link, if you're unfamiliar with them: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Religions_of_Eberron

This should be enough to bring a character to the foreground of your mind (I hope). If there's any more information you think you might need for the creation of a character or their backstory, let me know.
How are the dice rolls gonna be done?
Oh, do we not have a dice roller here anymore?
Ah, well. Probably just use the Wizards of the Coast dice roller and have people copy-pasta the result.


There's some honor involved, but I guess that's just the way it is.
[roll]1d20[ /roll]

[roll0] << shows up as in 18 for me same for everyone else?
I'm totally in. Are we playing strictly by the book or is homebrew material like that found on the WotC forums allowed?
While I would prefer it to be strictly WotC and some third party stuff, a lot of the homebrew stuff is alright. Chances are I'll give the thumbs-down on any of the homebrewed classes, but if you have a particular race or feat you feel fits your character, I'll be open-minded about it. Just gotta make sure it's not something overpowered.

As well, to those joining: This is going to be on a semi first-come, first-serve basis. The first six or so will be playing the game, though some party balance will be had (for instance, a bunch of you playing Warrior-types is right out - we have two people wanting to be Fighters already, after all). Because of this, try to get your sheets up as soon as possible.
I'm calling ranger right now. Any sort of caster sucks for the first few levels.

"Ok, I've done 4 things...I"m out till I can rest."

I'll pick a class last, so you all hurry up and choose!

Actually, I think I'll go my Transmuter/Fighter route. Or maybe simplify it and go Duskblade. We'll see.
Be a healer, no group lasts long without a healer and actually I am changing my mind. I think I am going go for the sneaky sneaky and multiclass later and take the Daggerspell mage prestige class.
Right, got just about everything down for my character.

Kalashtar Wilder, using the Educated Wilder variant if that's okay (it doesn't take effect until level 5, anyways)

Sadly I have to burn a precious precious feat on education at level one because Anarchic initiate, the class that is an upgraded wilder, has skill requirements that wilders don't get as class skills. GENIUS, WOTC. SHEER GENIUS.
Actually I think I'm going to pull out. Looking through my old players handbook I am starting to remember why I switched to 4E and other systems. Some of these rules are just....god they're just ridiculous.
I'm working on a militant Cleric. Debating on whether he'll be straight Cleric or Cleric/PW.
Sad to hear you're backing out, WarPanda, but I understand.

Reaps, Jo-jo, and Bloodfox - your character concepts seem fine so far, I'm just waiting on the character sheets involved (we might actually have a full, balanced party!).

Jo-jo, I'm perfectly fine with that variant.
Alright. Any amazing sudden beneficial rulings that I should be aware of, or do I just have to get to work hammering this out?
Erm... nothing I can think about at the moment. Still 36 point buy, for instance. 150 starter gold.

Though as a nice hint, if any of you humans would take 'Morudhian' as a bonus language, it might help you out a bit.
Problem, Frosty - The Half-Giant race in the Psionics Handbook is LA+1. Do you have a solution for this, or am I just going to need to play a human?
Hrmmm. Why not go for the ECL 0 'Giant' race from Monte Cook's Arcana Unearthed? They're not psionic-based, but you'll get that 'giant' feel to it, and the ability to grow truely to Large size with a few racial levels. Unless Archy or TnT know of an ECL 0 variant to it somewhere...
Hmm. I'll look at it, but what I was going for was the "Powerful Build" racial feature. Could you link me?