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    My husband and I are, from scratch, building a Poke'mon D&D. I don't know if anyone here plays or not, but it will feature 200 fake'mon built entirely new and will have watercolor art done by myself. He will be helping me work out the math and how fights and the world works. It's part of why I've been missing from Iwaku for a time now, because I want something that's going to have substance and last a nice long time. I figured the best way to do this is to combine two time-consuming things in my life - D&D and Poke'mon.

    Once the mechanics and bestiary for this is done, we will be loading it online in PDF format, however it will have two versions. The first and easiest version will not have artwork, given that painting 200 Poke'mon and some trainer bases is a pain in the ass and will take time. However, once that's done, I will upload the full PDF art and all, for download. It will be entirely free.

    Here are some details about it, however, it's not finished yet. (Warning, this is pretty in-depth and long, so I'm placing it in a spoiler just in case someone's interested.)

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    • This isn't an easy answer, because the world is still being built and is in technical stages right now. Essentially, one of our legendary Poke'mon is magic, and has released it into the world. This basically means that since magic has affected on the continent (currently unnamed as of yet), there are other races than humans. Usually, depending on what kind of trainer you are, poison, dragon, rock, etc. determines how it affects you. Anything from skin color to full mutations exist now.

    ○ There are no Pokecenters. None. If you want to heal, you learn spells, or you use potions as you would in the games. Since magic is available now, it's possible to find books and learn spells in particular. There are regular wound-healing spells, poison healing spells, paralysis, anything basically that would be in a game as a potion has somehow been morphed into spell-format. Welcome to D&D!

    • There are no TM's, HM's or computers. This takes place before a lot of things, including Apricorns. Basically what you're doing is medieval Poke'mon. Pretty simple, right? Instead of a backpack, you use a Bag of Holding, which, seriously, does the exact same thing only way smaller. A BOG can hold literally any amount of items in it set to it's 2,000lbs weight limit. You could shove a couch in that thing, and tote it around like it weighed nothing at all. Basic things like that.

    ○ Poke'mon you don't take with you don't get loaded on computers, they're set free on little fenced in ranches like an elk farm. There are a variety of different terrains inside of it depending on what kind of Poke'mon you catch. It makes more sense anyway then being stuck in technology.

    • There are no rivals or anything. I don't really see how it would fit into the universe, given it's more of a mix of both the show and games together. There is a ton of free-range exploring and quest-doing just like any D&D campaign, however, there are also certain mechanics that are build the same just like the games themselves. AKA, Poke'mon battles are more likely to happen than your character fighting monsters.

    ○ Given the realistic edge, trainers often carry something to defend themselves. There's some pretty dark stuff in the shows and games, such as hypnotizing children in the night and whathaveyou, so there's some nice D&D flavored dark in here too. Mostly lore and plotlines for quests.

    • That said, there actually isn't any direct levelling. You gain strength based on experience points from fighting monsters, which you can use for new moves (which usually show up after you hit certain levels in the games,) or beefing up to fight that group of bad guys.

    As it stands, what I'm trying to do right now on Solia is start a Dungeons and Dragons group wherein we all meet up either on a forum post and take our time with dice-rolling casually over time, or we meet up in a chat room to hammer out some action. There would be a few things to consider of course, such as how grid-movement works and whatnot, but as far as I'm concerned, certain things can be worked around for the sake of being online.

    This may or may not deal with Poke'mon, given the above big-ass project isn't done. (But is well on its way.) This would for the most part be Pathfinder/3.5, and would be more or less some quick fun games to play on the side until this Poke'mon thing is done. When it is, we'll mix some campaigns regarding it into full swing. I need some playtesting when it's done and I feel like that's a good time to try.

    Anyone interested in trying to start a D&D group?
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