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D&D Music

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Gwazi Magnum, Mar 17, 2016.

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  1. Basically for roll20 DM's or normal DM's with a stereo, what kind of music/tracks do you tend to play/use during your games?

    My current collection

    Adventure Music
    Anvil of Crom: Conan The Barbarian - Anvil of Crom
    City of Sails: 23 - City Of Sails
    Fate: Fire Emblem Awakening: Fate
    Harry In Winter: Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire Soundtrack - 12. Harry In Winter
    Id (Purpose): Fire Emblem Awakening OST - Id (Purpose) [High Quality]
    The Desert Awaits: Tabletop Audio - The Desert Awaits

    Battle Music
    Abiorugu Theme: Monster Hunter Frontier Forward 3 Abiorugu Theme OST (New Monster)
    Bell Gargoyle: Bell Gargoyle
    Conquest: Fire Emblem Awakening - Conquest~Ablaze
    Deep Trouble: Deep Trouble
    Divine Decree: Fire Emblem Awakening- Divine Decree (Ablaze)
    Executioner's Chariot: Executioner's Chariot
    Final Confrontation: 21 - Final Confrontation
    Four Kings: Four Kings
    Gaping Dragon: Gaping Dragon
    Lair Of The Great Wyrm: 17 - Lair Of The Great Wyrm
    Megalovania: Toby Fox - UNDERTALE Soundtrack - 100 MEGALOVANIA
    NGAHHH!!: Toby Fox - UNDERTALE Soundtrack - 45 NGAHHH!!
    Old Dragonslayer: Old Dragonslayer
    On The Battlefield: On The Battlefield - Fate - Zero Music Extended
    Ride to Destiny: D&D Midnight Syndicate 03 - Ride To Destiny
    Ruin Sentinel: Ruin Sentinel
    Skirmish: Midnight Syndicate D&D-Skirmish
    Unlight: Unlight - Incompetech
    Volatile Reaction: Volatile Reaction - Kevin MacLeod - Incompetech
    Battle Music - Not Serious
    Dating Fight: Toby Fox - UNDERTALE Soundtrack - 27 Dating Fight!
    Dummy: https://soundcloud.com/angrysausage/toby-fox-undertale-64

    Calm Atmosphe
    Firelink Shrine: https://soundcloud.com/praise-the-music/firelink-shrine
    Marcus Memorial: https://soundcloud.com/tomasumaru/fable-2-soundtrack-marcus
    Nameless Song 1: https://soundcloud.com/praise-the-music/nameless-song-1
    Relic Uncovered: https://soundcloud.com/midsyn/relic-uncovered
    Sneaky Snitch: https://soundcloud.com/fly-kr-hne/sneaky-snitch-original

    Dark Atmosphere
    Arcane Wonders: https://soundcloud.com/midsyn/arcane-wonders
    Blackest Rose: https://soundcloud.com/midsyn/blackest-rose
    Dark Sun Gyndolin: https://soundcloud.com/praise-the-music/dark-sun-gwyndolin
    Fallen Cage of Solitude: https://soundcloud.com/midsyn/fallen-cage-of-solitude
    Grisly Reminder: https://soundcloud.com/midsyn/grisly-reminder
    Now that's a declaration of war if I've ever heard one!: https://soundcloud.com/whyte_dragon/fire-emblem-awakening-now?in=zeke-taylor-1/sets/fire-
    Oppressive Gloom: https://soundcloud.com/emilymedia/oppressive-gloom
    Pendulum: https://soundcloud.com/ahmed-m-kevin/pendulum-shiki-ost
    Satiate: https://soundcloud.com/enygma92/satiate
    Twilight: https://soundcloud.com/midsyn/twilight
    Vampyre: https://soundcloud.com/midsyn/vampyre
    Wraithmarsh: https://soundcloud.com/greendemon2741/fable-2-soundtrack-wraithmarsh

    Dramatic Music
    Fallen Grandeur: https://soundcloud.com/midsyn/fallen-grandeur
    Freedom: https://soundcloud.com/game-of-thrones-songs/freedom-game-of-thrones
    Great Grey Wolf Sif: https://soundcloud.com/praise-the-music/great-grey-wolf-sif
    Heroes Valor: https://soundcloud.com/mycoolname/10-heroes-valor
    Icarus: https://soundcloud.com/kotopartytlog/michael-mccann-icarus
    Sepertine Trek: https://soundcloud.com/munz7-7/serpentine-trek
    The Ancient Dragon: https://soundcloud.com/praise-the-music/the-ancient-dragon
    Troubled Times: https://soundcloud.com/mycoolname/02-troubled-times
    Unmei No Uzu 2: https://soundcloud.com/naurto/unmei-no-uzu-2

    Emotional Music
    Undertale: https://soundcloud.com/angrysausage/toby-fox-undertale-29
    Mysterious Music
    Anguish: https://soundcloud.com/user-584014987-127219105/anguish-incompetech

    Sad Music
    Eau de Vie: https://soundcloud.com/cloud-strife-3/shiki-rouge-soundtrack-track-4
    Halindir Galanthus: https://soundcloud.com/vaniardur/halindir-galanthus
    Liquid Floating Sadness: https://soundcloud.com/sleep-slumber-sleep/liquid-floating-sadness
    ...: https://soundcloud.com/echo1337/fire-emblem-awakening?in=zeke-taylor-1/sets/fire-emblem-awakening

    Tavern/Inn Music
    Lions Pride Inn: https://soundcloud.com/forrest-waller-1/lions-pride-inn
    Mandolin Catiga: https://soundcloud.com/forrest-waller-1/mandolin-cantiga-119
    Mandolin Catiga (Flute): https://soundcloud.com/forrest-waller-1/mandolin-flute-cantiga-166

    Town Music
    Temmie Village: https://soundcloud.com/angrysausage/toby-fox-undertale-57

    Beautiful Princess Elincia: https://soundcloud.com/fear_sum_5_sum/fire-emblem-path-of-radiance-beautiful-princess-elincia
    Lost Frontier: https://soundcloud.com/kevin-9-1/lost-frontier

    Rites: https://soundcloud.com/user-584014987-127219105/rites-incompetech
    The Pyre: https://soundcloud.com/venturamodelno1586/the-pyre-kevin-macleod

    Tracks from Soundcloud are preferable for those roll20 users of us that want to easily add it to our collections.
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