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What kind of music do you guys like to use for D&D?

This is my current list:

Adventure Music
Anvil of Crom: Conan The Barbarian - Anvil of Crom
City of Sails: 23 - City Of Sails
Fate: Fire Emblem Awakening: Fate
Harry In Winter: Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire Soundtrack - 12. Harry In Winter
Id (Purpose): Fire Emblem Awakening OST - Id (Purpose) [High Quality]

Battle Music
Bell Gargoyle: Bell Gargoyle
Conquest: Fire Emblem Awakening - Conquest~Ablaze
Deep Trouble: Deep Trouble
Divine Decree: Fire Emblem Awakening- Divine Decree (Ablaze)
Executioner's Chariot: Executioner's Chariot
Final Confrontation: 21 - Final Confrontation
Four Kings: Four Kings
Gaping Dragon: Gaping Dragon
Lair Of The Great Wyrm: 17 - Lair Of The Great Wyrm
Old Dragonslayer: Old Dragonslayer
On The Battlefield: On The Battlefield - Fate - Zero Music Extended
Ride to Destiny: D&D Midnight Syndicate 03 - Ride To Destiny
Ruin Sentinel: Ruin Sentinel
Skirmish: Midnight Syndicate D&D-Skirmish
Unlight: Unlight - Incompetech
Volatile Reaction: Volatile Reaction - Kevin MacLeod - Incompetech

Calm Atmosphere
Firelink Shrine: Firelink Shrine
Marcus Memorial: Fable 2 Soundtrack- Marcus Memorial
Nameless Song 1: Nameless Song 1
Relic Uncovered: Relic Uncovered
Sneaky Snitch: Kevin MacLeod - Sneaky Snitch (ORIGINAL)

Dark Atmosphere
Arcane Wonders: Arcane Wonders
Blackest Rose: Blackest Rose
Dark Sun Gyndolin: Dark Sun Gwyndolin
Fallen Cage of Solitude: Fallen ("Cage of Solitude")
Grisly Reminder: Grisly Reminder
Now that's a declaration of war if I've ever heard one!: https://soundcloud.com/whyte_dragon...w?in=zeke-taylor-1/sets/fire-emblem-awakening
Oppressive Gloom: Oppressive Gloom
Pendulum: Pendulum - Shiki OST
Satiate: Satiate By Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Twilight: Twilight
Vampyre: Vampyre
Wraithmarsh: Fable 2 Soundtrack- Wraithmarsh

Dramatic Music
Fallen Grandeur: Fallen Grandeur
Freedom: Freedom - Game of Thrones
Great Grey Wolf Sif: Great Grey Wolf Sif
Heroes Valor: 10 - Heroes Valor
Icarus: Michael McCann - Icarus
Sepertine Trek: Serpentine Trek
The Ancient Dragon: The Ancient Dragon
Troubled Times: 02 - Troubled Times
Unmei No Uzu 2: Unmei No Uzu 2

Mysterious Music
Anguish: Anguish - Incompetech

Sad Music
Eau de Vie: Shiki Rouge Soundtrack Track 4 - Eau de Vie
Halindir Galanthus: https://soundcloud.com/vaniardur/halindir-galanthus
Liquid Floating Sadness: https://soundcloud.com/sleep-slumber-sleep/liquid-floating-sadness
...: https://soundcloud.com/echo1337/fire-emblem-awakening?in=zeke-taylor-1/sets/fire-emblem-awakening

Tavern/Inn Music
Lions Pride Inn: https://soundcloud.com/forrest-waller-1/lions-pride-inn
Mandolin Catiga: https://soundcloud.com/forrest-waller-1/mandolin-cantiga-119
Mandolin Catiga (Flute): https://soundcloud.com/forrest-waller-1/mandolin-flute-cantiga-166


Beautiful Princess Elincia: https://soundcloud.com/fear_sum_5_sum/fire-emblem-path-of-radiance-beautiful-princess-elincia
Lost Frontier: https://soundcloud.com/kevin-9-1/lost-frontier

Rites: https://soundcloud.com/user-584014987-127219105/rites-incompetech
The Pyre: https://soundcloud.com/venturamodelno1586/the-pyre-kevin-macleod



I played with a bunch of Chaotic Stupids.

One player's character was so apathetic to the nonsense, he actually rolled to see if he cared about any given situation.
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I had a folder (have, it's still on an old hard drive) labeled "Immediate Music" with sounds, ambience, and music for any adventure, setting, or situation. From bar music with ambient banter to the sound of a starship humming to life.

It was about 12 gigs. All organized so I had what I needed when it was needed.