D&D Auto-Calculating Character Sheet

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  1. For some time I've looked for a auto-calc sheet for D&D characters and I've also seen others asking the same question on various forums. Of what I've found most are either broken, don't work right, or they want you to pay for it. To that end I've designed my own. Please bear in mind that I've only been using OpenOffice Calc sheets for about a week so there might be a bug or two. I've done my best to make this work. Also to answer a question I'll likely be asked ahead of time, I don't have Excel, I don't use Excel. Now that I've finished it I thought I'd post it here as a freebie for other gamers. It's not flashy or fancy but it gets the job done, I hope someone finds it useful.

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/4q532nz25gc37i2/D&D Character Sheet.ods

    READ ME:

    Red Boxes: Do not mess with red boxes, they contain the formulas for the auto-calculation. Mess with them and break the sheet.

    White Boxes: This is what gives the Red Boxes something to do, put data here.

    Races: This character sheet covers the seven core races from the 3.5E Player's Handbook, plus Drow which is a throw in for a friend I table top with.

    Classes: The available classes are those from the 3.5E Player's Handbook and the prestiges in the Dungeon Master's Guide.

    Boxes with Arrows: If you select a box and there's an arrow to the right that means it's a drop down menu. Click the arrow and make a selection from the list. Arrow Boxes: Race, Gender, Size, Alignment, Classes.

    Experience Tracker: Is you type in more experience than you need to level up the result with be in the negatives. Just add a level to a class and it'll straighten out.

    If anyone wants to improve on this sheet feel free, just credit me as the original designer and shoot me a copy so I can see what you did.
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