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  1. Well, I just discovered the dicebox today and discovered that it actually had a dice macro (surprise surprise), and I was wondering if anyone here on Iwaku would actually be interested in setting up a game of DnD. I play 3.5 and would prefer not to be the DM, but I can if need be.
  2. There's quite a few people willing to play D&D on here, and I'm sure the rest will be here as soon as they see the thread! I'm one of them, myself. I DM enough games IRL that running them on here isn't a doable proposition for me.
  3. That's cool. I'be just unearthed a whole heap of my old stuff from when I was little so I'm kinda just begining to understand how it all works again. I would like to be a player but I think ill do fine as a DM. :) I'm actually in the middle of creating a 1st-lvl adventure at the moment so it will be an excellent opportunity to test it out.