D.A.P.P.E.R (Cold War Paranatural agency )

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  1. Welcome to D.A.P.P.E.R
    (The Department for Apprehension and Protection against the Paranormal, Extra dimensional and Reanimated.)
    Under the command of the Allied West, this international organization works under no one government. Tasked with the secret surveillance and maintenance of our worlds magical undercurrents, it is one of several occult specialist organizations. Waging its own cold war on the Soviet "Red Star" brigades and keeping cults from going into critical mass and dooming us all, they have their work cut out. D.A.P.P.E.R was founded one day in Berlin, after the end of the Second World war. A coalition between the western experts of the occult and weird created a by USA, Britain and several others, funded organization to help clean up the mess left by the Thule Society.

    The Nazi organization, in their constant search for a promised land and power, had not only managed to summon all manners of nasty beings into pacts, but also at the end of the war, created a necroforge. A tool for harnessing pure necrotic energy and create their own, enslaved spectral beings. Luckily, the forge was destroyed as was all of Thules biggest weapons. That is not to say all practitioners and their equipment was found or disposed off. That is Why D.A.P.P.E.R, along with the Soviet counter part, exist. The world has changed forever, two entire cities were eradicated trough nuclear warheads and the scream of energy and ruthless entropy that followed stirred untold numbers of dark beings. There is no longer a normal to return to. The world is spiraling into the unknown and the world need DAPPER to survive.

    Hello. I decided to try my hand on remaking a old rp of mine. The setting is that of late 60's. The players will be part of a organization that keeps the supernatural in check. This organization, knows as the Department of Apprehension and Protection against the Paranormal, Extra-Dimensional and Reanimated or DAPPER for short.

    As Players, you will play as humans who undertake varius missions. As you complete missions, you affect the funding and equipment available for the organization aswell as yourselves. The system will employ a very basic "feat" system that allows the player to better specialize. You get to play as one of the different "branches" of the Organization. Each Branch will have feats unique to them in the full OOC
    Branches (open)

    Hunter Branch: Individuals whos training and knowledge trace back to the Van Helsing days. These guys are commonly out in the field hunting down specific targets and identifying threats before calling help to deal with it.

    Extermination Branch: The heavy duty boy and girls, who have to wade into vampire nests or hunt down werewolf packs. Combat personnel with low life expectancy but alot of firepower.

    Protection and Acquisition Branch: Handles the transportation of old relics and the protection of VIPs. PA are faced with daunting tasks such as to protect Fae royals as they decide to take human form and traverse human lands. Or transport a original copy of the Black Bible trough rural spain during a mysterius epidemic.

    Research; who are the ones who delve into the many old secrets and risk their lives reading Grimoires and figuring out why things work the way they do. Researchers are often needed on field operation, as their knowledge is often vital to the mission at hand.

    Diplomatic Liasons Branch; These are the ones who act as the spies and the faces of the organization. They wine and dine with powerful people, maintain relationships with different groupings of benevolent beings and infiltrate cults and organisation that would threaten DAPPER and the world at large.

    If you think this would be interesting, do let me know in the thread. :D
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  2. I'm in.

    I take it this unit is American or NATO? Wouldn't it be fun to add in a Soviet version of this group?
  3. ITs western. Not officially tied to Nato. Allthough every NATO country certeinly have personell within it. But also none Nato like Sweden and Finland, aswell as expats from the less controlled regions of Soviet. People from Asia aswell for that matter. Not likely any Mainland Chinese, what with Mao and all.
  4. Now I just need to decide a wepons setup.
  5. This sounds incredible! Count me in!
  6. I remember joining this a while ago but nothing happened of it or something.

    More than happy to be given another chance to participate.
  7. Due to reasons beyond my control aswell as poor planning from me I had to kill the old RP. I have a new system for it now.
  8. seems like a lot of fun. I'm in!
  9. Definitelly interested in this!
  10. Holy crap, this seema super fun. I'm really interested.
  11. You sir have me sold.
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