CYOA Madness - Looking for GM/DM!

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Hi there, and welcome to my first partner searching thread!

In case the title did not give it away. Recently I have become a bit obsessed with Choose Your Own Adventure Games. Something that straddles the line between full-blown RPG with rules, numbers and dice rolls, and a Sandbox game with no rules or systems in place, with only a potential DM deciding what happens. I build a character in regards to the CYOA's rules, but what I can actually do with those powers is managed by the DM, instead of any numbers or dice.

Problem is. Its a lot easier to find good, appealing CYOA's than it is to find people willing to play as the DM for a CYOA. Especially as I currently have 45 different CYOA's that I'm interested in doing! Some of them a Light-Hearted Fantasy stories, others are Science Fiction or Science Fantasy. But most of them are rather serious settings with rather serious stories. Ranging from fighting as part of humanity's last line of defence to seeking to kill the abusive and monstrous gods of your world. Most of them have a wide selection of powers and possibilities involved as well.

With 45different CYOA's, I feel like its best not to list them all out and ask for people to try and find which one they prefer. Though if people want to approach me, perhaps with their own CYOA's they are willing to suggest. Then I would be entirely happy with this. But for those who are willing to DM, but not willing to try and sort through all the different CYOA's I have available to me. I suggest we leave it to chance! Go to a dice website - I suggest - and roll a d45. Between 1 or 3, depending on how willing you are to leave it to chance. Then, I will reveal the CYOA that the dice have selected, and we can start discussing an RP involving that COYA, or which CYOA you want to use if you rolled more than once!

Regardless. I do hope to hear from people soon, I am a very enthusiastic - if slow - RPer, and I can't wait to give these CYOAs a shot!
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