Cyberpunk Hackers - WITH ALIENS!

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  1. This is not a complete concept, but this is stemming off the ramblings I'm writing up of a canon timeline for a story, centered on one Erin Holmes, the "Alabaster Hero". You can help me alter that, with your participation and compliance.

    Below is the introductory writings.

    "In 2033, a European Space Program encountered extraterrestrial beings. Mostly humanoid, and oddly compatible with human genetics, it wasn't long before interbreeding occurred. These mixes, called "mutants" by human purists, could breed with each other, as discovered in 2039.
    In the 2040's, many nations adopted political human purism, notably, the US, the UK, India, China, and South Africa. "Mutant" became the official name for them, dehumanizing them, enslaving them, and overall treating them like animals. They were not allowed the freedom of the wild, nor civilization. The Terran Alliance was formed in 2048, a republic by the people, for the people. Unmentioned, against the hybrids. Only in the Arab regions, Japan, the Congo, and Brazil could a hybrid find equality, if not complete social uplifting.
    In 2056, the oppressed rebelled. Their supporters backed them, and they took over various parts of North America and Eurasia.
    Finally, in 2083, a fair dissolution treaty was signed, giving legal and social equality to hybrids, although "mutant" remained as a slur, and many people still discriminated, and not enough devoted police to enforce equality.
    Erin has been operating as the Alabaster Hero since 2089, dubbed by the media. Her athletic ability and grace allowed her to escape and defend herself against the authorities. She had not come into the broad scene and had remained incognito until Fall 2092 - when she earned her nickname.
    Erin's parents were killed shortly before she donned her mask, and could be considered a cause for her becoming the Alabaster Hero. The purist extreme organization, "Bloodline Restoration and Purist Association" (BRPA) was credited with the massacre, and promptly stomped out between then and 1090. In the meantime, Erin lost contact with Josslyn, her sister.
    So our story begins. In late 2091, MaxOS was approved, complete with an already corrupt security team, known as "Sentinels". It was the beginning of the end of privacy and the development of technology capable of bouncing signals off anything with a motherboard. Organizations sprung up - ConSecA, SenEcA, and the Alabastri, in that order."

    The year at the start is 2092. The aliens mentioned were like various animals found on Earth, with human-compatible genetics, due in large part to the humanoid trait which created large similarities in the base genetics. The story takes place in Detroit, Michigan. The economy is better than it is today, but there is still evidence of economic ruin in areas like Motor City - the districts where GM and other automotive companies kept their factories.
    ConSecA is an official organization branched from the informal organization known as Anonymous. ConSecA stands for "Connection Security Anonymous". They seek to shift world views by leaking classified information, distributing technology which takes advantage of connectivity, and performing hacking operations not unlike the sort which Anonymous performs today. As you can imagine, a few of them are idiots who know how to use a keyboard, but those tend to be grunts. ConSecA is an organization worth considering if you want to take over the world.
    SenEcA is an organization devoted to privacy and economic freedom. Run by rich men, their moral reasoning is subject to scrutiny, but some of the respected members are working class persons, which has managed to clear up some suspicions related to them. SenEcA stands for "Sentinel and Economy Activism".
    The Sentinels are a security form stemmed from and enlisted by the Maximus Operating System to run lethal security in all MaxOS locations, including district servers, corporate locations, and bodyguards to MaxOS officials. Government-sponsored so the government can allocate funds to other resources instead of security. the MaxOS Sentinels are primarily corrupt, and the power given to them by their position leads them to unjustifiable actions.
    The Alabastri are an unofficial organization, but anybody who follows the Alabaster Hero will say that simply following her does not make one an Alabastri. Erin's inner circle is considered the true Alabastri, and even before getting a definite name, has always had initiation protocols and trials. Followers of the Alabaster Hero are sometimes called Alabastri for short, even amongst each other.
    The White Fox Initiative is the organization which had rebelled in 2056. They exist solely through shadow agents, government spies, and on a large base on the moon, with the assistance of potted plant life. They exist solely to threaten the Terran Alliance in case they get the idea to oppress hybrids further, and will not hesitate to enforce the treaty they signed. They were dissolved, and have gone from a nation to an organization, and they expect the Terran Alliance to comply as well.

    MaxOS was established as a result of the gangland economy still existing in Detroit after the economic comeback, as a way to prevent gang violence. Instead, it is used for corporate espionage and privacy invasion, simply by throwing a few thousand dollars towards a MaxOS broker. Many people want it abolished, while some want to take advantage of it.

    Finally, the Canid Core Fineries is a corporation led by Josslyn Holmes, Erin's lost sister. They have a secret private army, and specialize in cybernetics and gadgets, as well as a few technological odds and ends.

    Technologies developed since the present include

    Genetic Grafting (more precise form of Genetic Modification)
    Compatibility Devices (used to bounce wireless waves off of literally anything with a motherboard)
    Signal Overloaders (used to cause a tech explosion in anything the device is able to connect to)
    Ballistic Kerosene (a byproduct of oil used to ignite bullets after being discharged, substitutes incendiary, cheap and easy to produce)
    Timed Cryostasis (precise form of cryostasis, automatically thaws individuals after a defined time period, used by the rich and famous, as well as by prisons to contain suspects in extreme cases, like murder, until their hearings)
    Low-Level Biometric Scanning (can precisely tell someone's biometric signals, such as pulse, or amount of certain chemicals in the blood, including psychochemicals, vitamins, and minerals, as well as stress readings, and body positioning, amongst other things, used in hospitals and exercise equipment)
    Kinetic Generator (many sidewalks use kinetic tiles which absorb energy to convert them into electricity)
    Ballistic Fiber Armor (a synthetic cloth made from polyester, carbon, and various other materials to function as lightweight body armor, better than most ballistic vests when it comes to penetration)
    Microgravitation (using a small hydrogen cell, a Microgravitation Slot can hold a gun, a pouch, a holster, or armor in place, often used in conjunction with Ballistic Fiber Armor to offer maximum protection for light and medium soldiers, also used in heavy construction by high-end companies)
    Ceramic Ballistic Plating (not a new technology, but perfected since the present)
    Cybernetic Augmentations
    • Binaural Tinnitus Compensators (small audio outputs inside the ear cavity used to play music or ambient noise, comes with an interface hooked to the upper spine, below the neck, used to select music or noise)
    • Polyfocal Lenses (eye lenses which provide an easy to control " zoom" function, useful for snipers, surgeons, and other precision professions)
    • Chameleon Pigment Hormones (synthetic hormones (nanobots in fact) which can function as a low-functioning active camouflage for those who'd prefer to stay hidden)
    • Refined Cyberprosthesis (also known as bionic parts, they are robotic limbs which use nerve signals not only as a power source, but also to replace the missing limbs, allowing amputees another chance)
    • Many more
    So, without further ado, is anyone interested in this well-thought-out, but incomplete concept?
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