Cyberdark Journal (Huntress and Rai'Athar)

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  1. Life on the occult, cyberpunk fringe of the future.

    Played by Huntress
    -Bevan (Red) Moore

    Played By Rai'Athar
    -Sharahzad (Sara) Azrim
    -Brydan Levant
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  2. A few of them died from gunshot wounds and the others were ripped apart. The spent casings and bullets couldn't be ID'ed as per usual. Unregistered firearms were nothing new on the streets. Current verdict was that the perpetrator wore some heavy duty illegal, custom cyberware which would explain the claw and bite like wounds on the bodies of the victims. Shouldn't be too hard to find someone cyber'ed up like that. The crime was committed by a SINless -there was no doubt in that. The only reason two FBI agents were dispatched here is because all except one of the victims was a SINless. Her name was Belle Allen. The dead, young girl was a pretty blond of twenty-four years. Her family was rich. She graduated top in her class in biotechnology and she had just landed a biotechnologist position with a megacorp. Belle had a wonderful life ahead of her. She was even engaged to her high-school sweetheart. Not anymore. Now she laid dead on a bloody floor with her throat ripped out. Sharahzad couldn't place what a girl like her had been doing in an abandoned building at the edge of the barrens.

    The rookie, Brydan Levant, almost threw up his breakfast. His face was pale. Sharahzad told him go outside to see if he could gather information, however unlikely that seemed, from the local crowd that was gathering outside. Brydan complied. There was a silver bracelet held tightly in his hand. Sharahzad knew he was in a lot of pain right now because he was engaged to that same Belle Allen. Belle and Brydan were set to get married in a couple of months. Sharahzad recalled the times when Brydan would go on and on about the times he spent together with Belle, back-packing around the world with her, and then there was the wedding preparations. It made her feel a little guilty inside, telling him to shut-up in the middle of his stories. The feeling passed quickly. Earlier that day, Sharahzad told the kid he could sit this one out, then he showed her those sad, innocent blue eyes of his. She could see it written all over his face. Brydan wasn't going to back down without a fight. Headquarters said it was a terrible idea to bring him along. Since it wasn't a direct order, Sharahzad wasn't going to be doing any favors for HQ. Poor kid, having to see his finance like that. not a pretty sight, thought Sharahzad, there's definitely better ways to go. Sharahzad hoped she was in a better place now.

    Amidst the carnage there was no substantial evidence. Nothing with solid leads. They had found a silver bracelet with thick links and a small heart shape pendant that hung off it. The heart had the letter B engraved into it. The bracelet was clasped tight in Belle's dead hands when the agents arrived at the scene. Sharahzad asked Brydan if he recognized it. He said it wasn't one that he had bought for her, but she had lots of jewelry with her first initial engraved into it. It was something she always did, Brydan said. Brydan asked if it was okay if he could keep the silver bracelet with him. It was very unprofessional of him to ask that. Normally, Sharahzad wouldn't ever allow it, but this kid...he showed her those puppy dog eyes of his. He was on the verge of tears, so she let him have it. Sharahzad thought that this was what a mother probably felt like. Brydan scanned the bracelet first for any residual traces of DNA and it came up with nothing except for Belle's biometrics. Sharahzad could see no foreseeable harm in letting him keep the bracelet his girlfriend died holding on to.

    Brydan was on his way outside. He stopped half-way down the steps, turning to face the wall then slammed his fist onto it. His breath was heavy, ragged. “Calm down Brydan...calm down. We're going to find the monster that did this, and it's going to pay for what it did to you, Belle. I promise you I'll find that bastard.” Brydan straightened out his jacket collar and put his game face on. Now wasn't the time to grieve. He had a job to do. Once outside, he started interrogating the onlookers on the other side of the yellow tape. He asked the typical questions, never actually telling them what happened at the crime scene, and he got the typical response one would usually get from SINless. They never saw anything and they certainly didn't see any thug cyber'ed up to the teeth.

    “You there, lady with the long red hair,” Brydan called. He turned his coat out momentarily so the red haired woman could get a good look at his badge. “We're investigating an incident that took place here last night. Any information you can give us would be appreciated. Good Samaritan rewards will be issued to individuals that supply information that is relevant to solving this case.”
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  3. She hated the collateral damage, the ones that weren't at fault, the ones that were at the wrong place at the wrong time; the ones that just happened to talk to the wrong person and then get sucked into a world that nobody needed to witness. Unfortunately she couldn't let them live, she had witnessed the consequences of that first hand, it was a tough decision to make and it almost always ended with the same choice, but she did think about it every time. Last night was the same, the same as every other night, sniff them out and bring them down, but there were more deaths than there needed to be. She hadn't planned for this one, she didn't expect that many, which is why she ended up loosing control. The warehouse was empty prior to their arrival and she hadn't the time to look around and see if there was more to the building than it showed. It was certainly possible that this abandoned warehouse was just a face for a larger, underground operation. They seemed to prefer the underground stuff; it made sense, easier to hide, easier to avoid outside 'contamination.' She would have to return when this whole situation with the police had blown over. She was trying to find their dens, the victims they carelessly drained for their selfish reasons.

    The red-head had come back for a different reason this time, within the excitement and the bloodshed of the night prior she had lost something, something that was close to her, given to her by a very important figure in her life. She didn't think law enforcement would be here. She almost never stumbled into the police unless she had killed someone that mattered and that didn't happen often. The vampires and demons disintegrated, the humans remained, most of the time she would just have to silence a bunch of SINless onlookers and drunks. So who was the collateral damage? Who was it that she killed that brought out not only the police, but the FBI as well? She listened to the hushed whispers and mumbles of the curious people, the cops spoke among themselves, nothing important, one guy was having issues with his wife and the other was telling him about a stripper he picked up. The tall woman was quick to try and find a different conversation but nothing seemed worth her time.

    She had stopped her movement as she got closer to the police line, there were a few people in front of her, to her right was a younger man, possibly in his early twenties, his skin tone was darker than hers, his features suggesting Mediterranean or Middle Eastern origins, thick dark brows, a prominent brow bone, nose and chin; his hazel eyes contrasted slightly with his darker complexion, his hair was short but visibly wavy, dark brown almost black in colour.

    "Excuse me do you know what's going on here?" The auburn-haired woman asked him, her voice a little raspy.

    The younger man, who was slightly taller than her, looked over and met her gaze. "They found a bunch of bodies apparently. Some people were saying they were torn up into pieces, others are saying that it was some sort of hit, a planned attack. I dunno, the cops are asking questions but no one is really saying much." He studied the woman's face and nodded at her.

    "Okay, thanks." She responded and clenched her jaw. Moving along through the crowds she wanted to try and figure out why law enforcement was here. She also had to try and remember exactly what happened the night prior, what had she done to bring the FBI down on this.

    Her memories began to stir as she thought about it. She remembered arriving at the location, it didn't take long for the vampires to show up after her. She had eventually been spotted a firefight ensued. The demons were disposed of fairly quickly, the vampires took a little longer. There had been a lot of bloodshed and she had taken quite a few hits. It didn't take long for her to grow irritated. There was one specific man, a vampire, he was tall and thin, his skin so pale that it reflected the moonlight so brightly, it gave him some sort of sinister silver glow. He laughed at her, mocked her, challenged her. She had been after him for quite some time, he had been one of the higher-ups within the closest district. Eventually the red-head snapped, she lost herself to her primal side, something she wasn't proud of. This was where her memories betrayed her. She knew that all the beast wanted was flesh and blood, and all she wanted was the destruction of that pathetic scum of a being. She focused as she tried to remember, screams of terror and agony, what she usually recalled; the fresh taste of flesh and blood. There was a flash of gold or yellow...blonde? Human, the scent was human, the taste was human.

    She exhaled in frustration as she couldn't remember. Her annoyance was interrupted by a voice. Looking up she might've given the source of the voice a look that was un-intended. The flash of a badge was enough to make the woman raise a brow and adjust her expression. The man's scent was quick to enter her sensitive nose. An image flashed behind her eyes. It was a set of dead pale blue eyes gazing up at her. As quickly as it came it was gone, her mouth grew dry as she remember exactly what it tasted like last night. A part of her enjoyed the sensation while a larger part of her tried to fight how good it really felt.

    "What was the incident Officer?" She played the confused onlooker. "I do know that a lot of drunks and stragglers call this place home after a rough night." She explained and studied the man. What was it about his scent that felt familiar? Why did it trigger a memory for her? Did he have some sort of relation to the 'collateral damage?'
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  4. The Belle that Brydan knew was not a reckless drunk or some wayward straggler. She was the smartest, most sensitive and caring woman he had ever known. On the inside, Bryden was seething at this SINless' ignorant comment but his kinesic behavior betrayed only a tiny fragment of this anger. Brydan's fist visibly tightened on the silver bracelet in his left hand. He inhaled a deep breath in from his nose and exhaled it quickly, from his nose, to help alleviate the tension that started to build inside of him.

    The rational side of Brydan's mind was aware that this red haired woman's words didn't mean any offense to Belle or himself; however, the side that was beyond the realm of pure logic and reasoning desperately wanted to lash out in defense of the memories he had of his late fiancée. Brydan's eyes narrowed and his jaw tightened. He wasn't the type of individual that would abuse police powers to acquiesce his ego; in fact, he hated cops like that. Today was a good a day as any to temporarily disregard that belief. After what that lady had said, he just was not going to let her off easily.

    “They didn't call it home last night” Brydan vituperatively snapped back. There was venom, figuratively, in his voice --he made no attempt to conceal it.

    SINless didn't have the same rights as official citizens of the state. There was little or nothing, usually nothing, a SINless could do if an officer of the state saw reason to bring him or her in for questioning even if that reason was fabricated. And if the SINless decided to run, he or she only incriminated them-self further.

    “We have reason to believe that the people here know more than they are willing to part with...Unfortunately, we we'll be bringing your lot in for questioning, starting with you, Ma'am.” Brydan deposited the silver bracelet into the inside pocket of his jacket. “Come with me. You know the rules. If you cooperate, the worst that can happen is you get to sit in a jail cell for a couple of days” he reprimanded, then he stepped to the side and gestured to a black undercover squad car. It was a clear indication that he wanted her to start walking towards the vehicle.
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  5. The red-head clenched her jaw as the agent snapped at her. Obviously there was more to this case than she knew and obviously it involved this man in some way. He had no reason to react the way he did when all she did was ask a question of her own and add some info to the case, common knowledge really but it wasn't as if she was was being sarcastic about it. Her jaw flexed tighter as he carried on with his angry words. Obviously this man had some sort of problem, she didn't know if it was towards SINless or if it was due to some sort of deeper connection he might've had with this case. "You're bringing a whole neighbourhood of people in based on the assumption that they aren't revealing whatever information it is you're looking for?" She scoffed. "You guys are on some sort of power trip." The red-head didn't move from her position as she looked at the man. Sitting in a jail cell for a few days wasn't an option for the red-head, that was dangerous. She flared her nostrils and exhaled sharply as she heard all the other people standing by start to mumble. She grew worried as her heart thudded faster in her chest. What could she do to avoid this situation? She gritted her teeth. Running was suspicious and cooperating meant she would be spending time in a hold over cell regardless. She had a single night to spare, the day after tomorrow was the day of her cycle, the last thing she needed was to turn in a damn prison cell and put a show on for the world to see. "Fuck." She muttered. The red-head made sure to glare at the agent as she walked passed him towards the car. Her eyes flashing something more primal, more sinister for a moment.

    Obviously this man had a problem with her she didn't know what it was but it was evident. She just hoped that she wasn't questioned by him because she was worried things might not go too well with him on the other side of the table. The red-head wasn't sure what she would have to agree to or say to be let off and not forced into a cell for the next three days but she would do it. It wasn't a matter of keeping her secret it was a matter of safety. The only thing that would come from it would be blood and death. The thought of it excited a part of her as a shiver rippled down her neck. She clenched her jaw and shook her head, eyes tightly shut as she sat in the back of the car. She couldn't allow thoughts like that to excite her. A nervous sigh escaped her as she looked out the window to her left. She just really wanted this to be over with, as soon as possible. It seems she picked the wrong day to come back for that damn bracelet.
  6. “Bad news kid” came Sahrazad voice into Brydan's earpeice, “I just got a call from HQ. We no longer have the case. Lone Star Security Group are taking over on this one. I'll be down shortly.”

    “This is BULLSHIT!” Brydan slammed his hand onto the roof of their vehicle. If the car wasn't made of reinforced material it would have left a small dent in the top panel. As if on cue, a Lone Star van and cruiser with flashing lights just arrived on the scene. “You'll be glad to hear that my partner just gave me word that we're no longer on the case. It's been contracted out to a subsidiary of Horizon Corp, Lone Star Security Group. I'm sure you've heard of them.”

    Horizon was primarily a Los Angeles based media and PR corporation, and probably one of the most influential mega-corporations in today's age. While they were primarily invested in media and entertainment they also had a strong share in consumer goods, real estate, and pharmaceuticals. Whether or not Lone Star was a subsidiary of Horizon's was mere conjecture, however Brydan appeared and sounded confident in his statement. His features took on a relenting expression as he opened the back side-door for his ex-suspect “What I did was wrong. I know. It's just... I shouldn't be telling you this but my fiancée was one of the murder victims... She...she wasn't a reckless drunk or a wayward straggler. I'm sorry. You're free to go.” He stepped back and to side to give her space to exit the vehicle.

    “There's a small chance that you might get hassled by Lone Star given that the vehicle-cam saw me bring you in as a suspect despite the fact that I know you had nothing to do with this... so here's my card. Contact me if you run into any kind of trouble. I owe you one for putting up with me.” Brydan held out his card in earnest.
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