Cyber Punk, anyone?

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  1. I have been in love with the cyber punk genre for awhile now, and I have been craving to role play it.

    My idea was to bring in a hacker that is trying to hack into government systems to exploit them out into the public. The government has been corrupting society, brain washing them to think that everything is okay. Beneath the peace, there is a war going on between machines and humans. Of course, they weren't going to mention that until it was too late.

    So, this hacker goes in and puts everything on a public forum.

    An agent wishes to take down this cyber hacker, trying to track them down to save the government's ass. In reality, the hacker is right under the agent's nose. The two have been close friends for years, and the agent has no idea that his friend has a plan to corrupt the government further.

    Down the line, he figures it out after the hacker leaves hints and clues. Once the agent meets the hacker face to face, he has to go through turmoil. Either turn in his friend, or protect her.

    PM me if interested.
    I would rather play as the female character, but we can also certainly double up.

    Like the female has a male partner that helps her.
    Then the agent can have a partner of his own.

    Or it can be two female hackers, and two male agents.

    Whatever works. :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.