Cyber Patrol: 50XX

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  1. WARNING: This was made last night. Expansion of the plot would work wonders. You may play any race as long as it is reasonable.

    4000 years ago was a blast. Not everyone was so happy with the government, but HEY! EVERYONE HAD A HELLUVA TIME PARTYING THEIR ASSES OFF!

    But there was only one thing not right with their own world. Ever since the jewel of Change stuck on Earth, there weren't just crazy vampires or werewolves. There were just some crazy monsters coming about, including those no-neck aliens! They got themselves in the way too much!

    But they had some plan to deplete them once and for all.


    Bottle nose Headquarters

    Admiral Cortex Ervin Wilde was wide awake in his bed. He didn't feel comfortable in his position, nkr did he want to be. He stirred out of his bed to make some breakfast for some of his comrades. It was some bacon and eggs from Tyler's Inventory (like a Walmart). Cortex felt his beating temples, and he couldn't even concentrate too much.
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  2. Emmaline strolled into the army building. She walked right up to the Captain in command.

    "And why haven't you taken care of this yet? What is this? You feel like taking a vacation?" She screamed at him. He stared at her with wide eyes. She was quite intimidating at 6 feet tall. Her hair was jet black, pulled into a tight bun. She wore a buisness suit that was tight enough to show off her curves but not enough to leave some to the imagination.

    "Ma'am? I think you are looking for Admiral Cortex. He is dealing with this problem."

    "Well then get him for me. Now." She crossed her arms, a stack of papers in her hand. She tapped her foot impatiently, waiting.
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