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Cutest/Coolest/Weirdest Pokemanz?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Zypher, Mar 31, 2011.

  1. So all you people who like pokemanz! I'm curious, what do you think are the coolest/cutest/weirdest pokemanz?

    I think the cutest are:

    A tie between Teddiursa:


    and Cubchoo:


    The coolest for me is handsdown Shandera!


    (I know it's weird but I think it's really cool O_O)

    and finally the weirdest isn't really all that weird but it irritates me to NO END




    So there's mine, what about yours?
  2. I'll agree with Zyzy that Teddiursa is indeed the cutest. n____n So I steal his image of that one:


    For coolest, I'm gonna have to go with Mewtwo:


    Aaand the weirdest... Going with Probopass. :| This thing is fuckin' weird; as if Nospass wasn't dumb looking already:

  3. Gosh - I struggle daily to not fall back into my addiction of pokemon. If I even turn on that game I lose hours. But I haven't played any of the new new ones.

    I have to say cutest would be the little ground hogs that multiply. Can't remember there name. Dug - something I think.

    The coolest - Spiderax I think its name is. The spider that owns all.

    Weirdest is the cat/vegetable psychic thing. It's top half is a cat and its bottom half is a freakin' vegetable. Have no clue to any of there names - sorry about that.
  4. Oh, how I enjoy these threads... XD

    Very well. Coolest, I have a few, but my most favorite Pokemon will have to be Tyranitar.


    Cutest would have to be Eevee!


    And weirdest... Well, there are a TON (I'm looking at you, 4th and 5th Gen...), but off the top of my head, it'd have to be Genesect.


    I mean, photon cannon? WTF.

    Also, Apple's coolest Pokemon wins. Mewtwo is, was, and always shall be, a BAMF.
  5. Oh yeah! Eevee - the most coolest/cutest pokemon ever. Loved how you could transform her(it) into being the most badass counter to your main rivals main pokemon ever.