Cut Down Thy Foes And Find New Beginnings (RP Search Thread)

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  1. I guess this is supposed to be my Search Thread.
    Anyway, I'm Tylaa.
    I don't know how to write one of these so I'm just gonna leave this here.
    ღღღღღ⊱ Step Siblings
    ღღღღღ⊱Best Friends
    ღღღღღ⊱ Older Siblings Boyfriend x Younger Sibling
    ღღღღღ⊱ Kidnapper x Kidnapped
    ღღღღღ⊱ Abusive Relationships
    ღღღღღ⊱ Master x Slave
    ღღღღღ⊱ Mafia Boss x Right Hand Man
    ღღღღღ⊱ Age Gap
    ღღღღღ⊱ Guard x Wrongly Accused
    ღღღღღ⊱ Dance Instructor x Stubborn Student
    ღღღღღ⊱ Professor x College Student
    ღღღღღ⊱ Insane Asylum
  3. Story prompts for each Pairing;
    This will be filled out in the coming hours.
    Patience is virtue young grasshoppers.
    Your Ideas count as well, just let me know if you want to alter things.

    Step Siblings; Boy one has only a mother and boy two has a father, their parents meet up and soon get married, though boy one falls in love with boy two. He tries to hide it a lot but can't seem to, he then makes the 'mistake' of kissing boy two.

    Drama will ensue afterwards, but is it the bad kind or the good kind?

    Twins; Ever since boy two was thirteen he has been in love with his twin brother, thinking he's weird for it he tries to conceal it by moving away at the age of sixteen. A few years later he comes back to visit and whatever happens next is a mystery...

    Best Friends;

    Older Siblings Boyfriend x Younger Sibling;

    Kidnapper x Kidnapped;

    Abusive Relationships;

    Master x Slave;

    Mafia Boss x Right Hand Man;

    Age Gap;

    Guard x Wrongly Accused;

    Dance Instructor x Stubborn Student;

    Professor x College Student;

    Insane Asylum;

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  4. I'm Finnika, you can call me Finn, Nik, jerkface, I don't really care. I'm an experienced RPer who generally does a few paragraphs, so long as my partner gives me something to reply to. I'd love to hear your plot for the insane asylum theme. PM me or quote me if you'd like to dicuss it further, thanks!
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