[Custom Race] Skelulfmi Losfinro

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  1. Skelulfmi Losfinro

    Skelulfmi Losfinro : Losfinri (plural) -
    Secluded Harbingers

    Made By: CloudAegisNoctis
    Permissions: This race is perhaps my most complicated creation, and something I take pride in. If anyone wishes to play this race, I ask that you contact me first, and let me help you in character construction and creation after I’ve seen your RP in action. This way the race is not played or portrayed improperly, but as well, the typist has a better understanding of the task at hand.


    Corrupt Form (Birth): A mass of undulating “shadows”; no true form has been attained by a Skelulfmi babe at this point, and while they possess a brain, no thought process has developed at this stage in their life. They depend utterly upon their Overseer for protection, life, and containment.
    Crippled Form (Youngling): As soon as they have attained a basic form, resembling that of a fully grown human, their Overseer ejects them into the world and ceases all contact with the Crippled. By this point, a Skelulfmi possesses higher levels of intelligence and strength, though they do not know how to summon up their strength. They are also highly aggressive, and most spend years and years of their existence training in combat with whoever will teach them.
    Manifest Form (Adulthood): Fully grown, the Skelulfmi can only achieve a Manifest form after they have gained full control of their strength. This stage of life will last longer than any of the previous; they also begin to gain access to the plethora of powers, and their Overseer begins to communicate to them once more; usually through cryptic dreams. I cannot stress enough that no Skelulfmi has any memory of their life as a Corrupt Skelulfmi. The appearance of each Skelulfmi varies at this stage of life, depending on what they did as a Crippled; they all gain the ability of shift between their Manifest and Crippled form at will.
    Overseer (The Enlightened): Masters of life and of death, very few Skelulfmi are able to achieve enlightenment. An overseer is a completely neutral being. They exist in a realm sealed by the magic of their Deity, not only to keep unwanted beings out, but to keep these select Skelulfmi in. An overseer is one of two final stages that a Skelulfmi can attain. If they do attain this stage of life, then they are immensely powerful and old. By human standards, a young Overseer would be tens of thousands of years old. A uniform appearance exists between all Overseers. Completely black, writhing tendrils lash out at periodic times from an Overseer’s body; which is simply a ball of mass. They operate at a substantially slow rate, not needing any form of sustenance to exist.
    Wanderer (The Damned): As the name might suggest, a Wanderer is the opposite of an Overseer. These are the Skelulfmi that, after having learned their “purpose”, have forsaken and ignored it. A Skelulfmi that reaches this point is usually utterly lost. They lose their ability to distinguish between right and wrong, their power however is greatly increased. The reason behind this is unknown even to the Overseers. A wanderer loses their ability to change form and is forever stuck as a manifest, and also gains golden bands around their necks, wrists, upper arms, and ankles; this is to signify that they have become slaves to the slightest emotion or instinct. Some Skelulfmi however do come out of this stage alive, though only one that has achieved this has lived more than a few months.

    Life Span(s):

    Any Skelulfmi possesses the gift of immortality, though only those that live to become an Overseer ever experience it.

    Culture & Facts:

    Since each Skelulfmi is ejected into a different part of the world, there is no true culture. When two Skelulfmi encounter one another, it either ends in violence, or they simply ignore one another and continue on their separate paths. Skelulfmi can easily identify one another from a faint amount of magic unique to Skelulfmi that emanates off from their bodies.


    Skelulfmi live in the Material plane of existence, where all other worlds exist. However, when they are born they live in the Ethereal plane until their Overseer ejects them. However, it is a bit more complicated. The Skelulfmi operate very highly on Mental strength, and as a result, every Skelulfmi's mind is intertwined so to speak. This creates a separate place of existence where Overseer's live, and which only Skelulfmi can access. This is not to say however, that if every Skelulfmi aside from Overseer's died off, this realm would cease to exist. On the contrary, the Overseer's power is spent mainly on maintaining this realm, which is why they possess such great power.

    Mating Habits:

    A Skelulfmi can mate in the same way as human, though they are completely sterile until they become an Overseer. At which point they lose all reproductive organs and become asexual.


    An Overseer produces a Skelulfmi by removing a part of its body and then granting it life with the help of the Skelulfmi Deity. This is done by an Overseer sacrificing a portion of its own life force, which the Deity then transfers into the separated body, though it does absorb some of the life force for itself.


    Upon birth, Skelulfmi are some of the most aggressive creatures in existence, though with each new form they attain, that aggression lessens, and by the time a Skelulfmi reaches its Manifest form, many of them have completely mastered their emotions.
    Fighting Capacity:

    A Manifest Skelulfmi’s power caps out at about seventeen times that of a strong vampire. This is completely natural. All Skelulfmi’s capacity however, is limitless, and as such they are able to train past this power cap. However, doing this feat is extremely difficult, requiring hundreds of years to even begin to raise the power level.
    Fighting Style:

    There is not set fighting style; it all depends on the training that the Skelulfmi has received during its life.

    Racial Abilities & Traits:

    Extrasensory perception: Skelulfmi’s hearing, smell, and sight are all extremely powerful, surpassing even that of many elven races.
    Healing: A Skelulfmi can naturally recover from broken limbs and massive amounts of lost blood very quickly due to an increased white blood count as well as a constant flow of magic that they cannot control or train. This flow is the same for every Skelulfmi. This does not mean that if they have a hole in their chest they will live or that if their arm is only attached to their body by a single tendon that they will keep the arm.
    Magic: Darkness & Earthen
    [b[Swordplay:[/b] Natural; able to become masters with training.
    Depends on training of the Skelulfmi.

    Current Members of this Race:
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