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  1. As fun as it is to play around with this feature, there ARE some commands that might actually be practical shortcuts for people who don't like wasting time. I'll be attempting to build a list here. Feel free to add to it.


    /Hi____________Hey {1}, how are you doing? OR /me greets {1} happily.
    /post _________I've posted for {1} OR /me has posted for the {1} thread
    /slap _________/me (anything you want really, meant as a 'punishment' action)
    /msn _________My MSN address is (address)
    /hug _________/me hugs {1} tightly
    /RP __________Hey guys! Join {1} OR you could replace the {1} with the link you are currently advertising
    /bye _________G'night guys, I'll talk to you later.
    /enter ________/me falls into the Cbox
    /stairs ________/me pushes {1} down the stairs
    /shout ________/me is looking for {1} and hopes they are watching the C-box
    /Warn ________Follow the rules of the C-box, {1}!

    So...can you guys think of any other 'useful' shortcuts?
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    /wrists _______/me is being an emo bi-otch right now.

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    *Executes Myrn for crimes against the English language*

    But cool stuff, so far.
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    /nades - WMD throws grenades at the cbox
    /unclean - WMD puges the cbox with blessed bolter rounds
    /Bolters - WMD shoots {1} with a boltgun
    /ST - WMD sack taps {1} with a powerfist
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    Thanks for the inspiration WMD, I just remembered my version of /ST

    /me cockpunches {1} with a chainfist.
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    Thought of a couple more.

    /lol ___________ /me laughs out loud (you could also add "at {1}")
    /rofl ___________/me rolls on floor laughing.
    /die ___________/me dies dramatically at the hands of {1}
    /godmod _______/me withstands the assault and suffers no damage.
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    I'm using

    /stairs ------------------ /me kicks {1} down the stairs.

    Because that happens so often.