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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Nix, Oct 17, 2014.

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  1. This is an interest check for a Medieval Fantsay roleplay, either group or one on one based on this.

    Five thousand years ago came the forming of the Kingdoms, how it began with five. The boundaries had not been officially set yet, nor cemented by the bonds of friendship or marriage. War abounded to the south as the three Kings of the larger territories grabbed at anything extra that they could, while the two Kings to the north, banded together, in a feeble attempt to keep what little they had.

    One King, who name was never mentioned, was fiercely protective of his lands and people. He ordered his most trusted men, a handful of loyal soldiers to find him something that the people could stand behind, a symbol to give them hope. What they returned with was a simple short sword, basic in nearly every way save for it's creation. The creator was a boy no more than ten, who had watched as his father toiled away to arm the men that protected their borders. The boy, wanting to help like his father, and snuck into the forge late at night, and worked hard to make the weapon. It was poorly balanced,, being a first attempt but the story behind it made it exactly what the King wanted.

    He called his people together, telling them the tale of the weapon and how he personally would carry it into battle, as a symbol of the support of his kingdom. When those from the south did invade, the King kept his word, leading the charge with the simple sword held high. By sheer determination, they managed to drive back the invaders, although with heavy losses. But the King took it as a sign from the four Gods that his kingdom was blessed and could withstand anything.

    As the war continued, men dying on both sides, the proud King grew fearful, worried that his lone ally would betray him in order to protect his own interests. This worry kept him awake for days, until he decided to make the first strike. He invaded their allies to the west, killing hundreds in their sleep, all in the name of his kingdom. The King personally, fought a duel with his former friend, removing his head from the body, with a clever strike from the small weapon.

    The book went on to say that the King grew mad, taking more and more risks, and growing stronger with every success. A dark feeling began to emanate from the King, which made his advisers wary and the few castle mages, avoid the man completely. It was those mages that finally realized the King was cursed. So they toiled long to try and find how such a thing could have happened. It was a powerful thing, this curse that consumed everyone that it touched, sealing their souls away to be called upon, forced to work for the one that defeated them.
    It took months before the king was finally defeated, the castle mages calling friends and allies to assist them, and they used their gifts to seal cursed weapon away in an underground ruin, one old even way back then.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.