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  1. [​IMG]

    The town of Cloveshore is a fairly secluded and quiet place, except for the mysterious disappearances that occur from time to time. There are some strange stories surrounding the disappearances, many of them trying to tie them to the strange manor that sits up on the hill just outside the small town. Throughout the years, many have been curious about the wealthy family that lives there, but the only thing really known about them is that none of them have ever been seen in the town. Of course, why would they even want to? What could this small and quiet town possibly have to offer these well-off people?

    Truthfully, this mansion housed a family of four sons and their caretaker. In recent years, the caretaker has passed on, but the sons still live there, each cursed to turn into a beast of a terrifying nature and marked with a rose. These markings grew with the boys, but the petals have recently started to disappear, marking the approaching point where the curse would finally take over. In a panic, and no longer being kept in check by their caretaker, the boys are said to have taken more people until the townsfolk became too worried about the dwindling population to just sit back any more. In a desperate attempt to appease even more desperate monsters, they offered up four girls and prayed that it would be enough to keep the beasts from taking anyone else. What fate lies in store for these girls, nobody can say. Just as nobody can say what may lie in store for the beasts.


    - If it's not your character, don't control it. This is my biggest pet peeve in the RP world!
    - There will be four open spots for a beast and three open spots for a female that is offered.
    - Use realistic images only, please. I'm not the biggest fan of anime.
    - I understand RL, but this is a group RP so take everyone else's feeling into consideration if you're going to be disappearing for awhile, please.
    - After everyone fills our their sheets, than from there we'll pair the beasts up with a girl based on similar personalities.
    - No one is invincible, so don't think you are.
    - For the role of a beast, you can be any beast you can think of.
    - To prove you read the rules, after your character sheet, tell me your favorite movie.
    - Let's get along with others here, if you have an issue with another player either inform me or work it out. I like to keep things friendly and happy!
    - If you've got any questions, just ask and let me know!
    - I will be needing a CO-GM for this game, so if interested just let me know, I'll ask for you to submit me a sample post so I'll be deciding from those. I want someone dependable and that I can trust. (:
    - Most importantly, have fun with this!

    ::Inside The Mansion::

    Bedrooms: They will all look like this.


    Dining Room:










    Living Area:


    ::Outside The Mansion::

    Forest Outside Mansion:


    Lake Behind Mansion:




    ::Available Roles::

    1. Troy: Snowday
    2. Aiden: Silver
    3. Becker: Doc_Halladay

    1. Brooklyn "Brooke": Heavenly
    2. Jade "Jay": Zaira

    ::Character Sheets::


    Human Appearance: (I prefer realistic please!)
    Beast Appearance: (This can be drawn or anime.)

    Name: (Just first name for them.)


    Age: (18-24)


    Color Rose:

    Tattoo Location:

    Abilities: (Not really powers, but something that makes you stand out from the other brothers.)






    Appearance: (Again, I prefer realistic images.)










    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Alright, I believe that is all I've got! Now, let's get this started, shall we? :)
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  2. May I reserve a spot for a beast? This looks fascinating.
  3. You may! :)
  4. [​IMG]






    Color Rose:

    Tattoo Location:
    In between his shoulder blades, on his back.

    -A commanding presence and strong-willed demeanor
    -Great leadership abilities, when necessary
    -Excellent powers of prediction in the way of the actions of others

    -Being in charge
    -Downtime in the woods
    -Taking a serious approach to things
    -Likewise serious people

    -Anyone apposing him and his brothers
    -Tight spaces (He's claustrophobic)
    -Small animals
    -Riddles and crypticism

    Troy is a very callous person, especially upon first impression. Though he tends to call his brothers out on things and can even be very scathing towards them, he is outwardly defensive of them against outside influences. He is a cold person with a short fuse, and rarely knows how to deal with his emotions when they come. Being a member of such a wealthy family has had a lasting effect on him, and it goes by the name of pride and wrath. For lack of a better word, he can be a bit of a brat. He has too much sense to go calling people peasants willy-nilly, but in an argument against a townsperson, he is liable to use such an insult. Overall, yes, he quite likes his lavish lifestyle, enjoying what luxuries come with his fortunate living situation - simple but elegant clothing, good food, and rich furnishments. But he is also acutely aware of how such frivolities cause men to grow soft, thus his affinity for the wilderness. He's actually known for marking family territory in the woods by carving roses into trees. The locals shy away from these warnings.

    When he is angry, Troy can be destructive. He once shattered a priceless vase while in a rage, and there is a scratch in the trim of the library wall where he threw a book against it. In his room, there is a dent in the wall where he once broke his hand punching the wall out of - you guessed it! - anger. Miraculously, he has never lashed out against one of his brothers. He is prone to verbal assault, though, which can be just as bad.

    Like all of his brothers, Troy has very little experience with girls. In the few encounters he's had with them, he was unsure whether to treat them like brothers or otherwise, leaving uncharacteristically detached and even a bit awkward. For the sake of his still-young romance/sex drive, he wouldn't outwardly offend a girl, but he's very liable to do so on accident - for once in his life, he has no idea what he's doing.

    Not a big movie goer, but I love the Dead Poet's Society.

    Sorry this is a bit short, I have to go to bed. xD I'll see if I can't tweak it tomorrow.
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  5. Oh, I love him! Accepted!!! :) I'm working on my character now.
  6. Brooklyn, pink




    • Being around people.
    • Gardening.
    • Quite places.
    • Animals.
    • Books.
    • Vegetables.
    • Drawing.
    • Singing.

    • Loud noises.
    • Being alone.
    • Being stuck inside.
    • Meat.
    • Electronics.
    • Tight clothing.

    Brooklyn is what some would consider an "old soul". She loves older stuff, things from the Victorian era and stuff from the 1980's. She isn't a fan of cellphones, televisions, radio, or anything electronic, she likes to keep her nose in a book all the time, or she can most often be found doodling in her sketch book or writing in her journal. She doesn't like wearing revealing clothing or anything too right on her, she likes to feel comfortable in the clothes she wears and doesn't like showing off to much skin because she has respect for her body. She can't wear heels too good, just wedges, so she's usually in flat shoes or small wedges for formal occasions.

    Brooklyn is very artistic, she likes to sing and sketch. It's her stress reliever and helps calm her down when she feels herself getting angry, which happen often since she is short tempered, but she's not a violent person by any means, she doesn't believe in violence at all. Brooklyn is a kind hearted girl and she always tries to see the best in people, which could be her downfall. She prefers to be outdoors then be stuck inside, she likes to garden and just be out in the sun and fresh air.

    Brooklyn doesn't like to be in loud places, like clubs, bars, or large social events. She likes the quite and peace over anything, which people find odd for someone about to turn twenty-one, she doesn't even drink. She would get teased in school about her good nature, but she just brushed it off. She is a vegetarian and has been for almost five years, she can't even stand the smell or sight of meat and prefers to non-meat meals, so she eats salad and soups often. Brooklyn is a nice and sweet girl, she tried to befriend everyone. She is shy at first, but once she warms up to you she'll start opening up.

    Brooke was born into a lower class family. She didn't have a lot growing up and secretly resented people who did and never had to worry about a thing in their life. She's close to her family, though, having it just be herself, her mother Eliza, and her younger sister, Belinda. Their father died when Belinda was born, having been murdered, they still hadn't caught the person who committed the treacherous act. Belinda, just four years younger then Brooke, took his death the hardest, mostly because she never got the chance to meet her father.

    The family struggled after his death, Eliza was working two jobs to makes ends meet, so Brooke took care of her sister most of the time when they weren't in school, so that's the reason their bond is so strong. When the disappearances of young women happened, the small town they lived in agreed to sacrifice up four girls. At first, they were going to send the youngest of every household, so Belinda would be going, but Brooke stepped in and volunteered herself.

    Belinda gave Brooke a locket before she'd leave to go to the castle, and she cherishes it and promised her she'd never take it off.

    • She has a locket around her neck that has an image of Brooklyn's sister, Belinda, and herself.
    • She wears her hair up in a ponytail a lot.
    • My favorite movie would have to be the Avengers. (= Or any of the movies that stray from it like Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, etc.
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  7. Goodness, she's lovely!

    Just gonna give the thread a quick bump. I'm actually really excited for this roleplay. cx
  8. I just hope people join !!! I want to get it started!
  9. Hey! I'm definitely joining this, but I don't have time right now for a CS. May I reserve a female?

  10. Name: Jade

    Nickname: Jay

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    • Music
    • Sports
    • Videogames
    • Animals
    • Friends
    • Boredom
    • Staying still
    • Liars
    • Shopping
    • Loneliness

    Personality: She is definitely the opposite of a girly girl. Her whole life, she had been more related to boys than girls, which ended up with her having many males friends. Anyway, she had never been in a relationship, because she had never met a man she would see as something else as a friend, no matter how many proposals she had. Thanks to her group, she had sharpened her interest in activities more common to men, such as videogames, watching sports and boxing.

    Jade can't stay at home without doing anything for too long. She gets easily bored and is always looking for something to do. This took her to practice many sports, become pretty sociable and even create a rock band. In her group, she is the main guitarist and shares the singing spot. Besides, she feels pretty comfortable around strangers, and will star talking without any problems. The main reason for her comfort around new people, is that she barely cares about what other people may think, focusing only on her friends opinion.

    History: Her mother died giving birth at her. As she grew with her dad and two big brothers, she had always been the only girl in her house, which wasn't an easy thing. Anyway, she never had any problems while growing up, even if she was a trouble-maker. Her father had been always there for her, until he died when she was 17, and her brothers went to college. Just like that, she found herself in a town without any family.

    When she heard that the disappearing may stop offering four girls to the beast, she didn't even doubt to volunteer herself on it. She used to live on her own, fearing she could be the next victim or worse, one of her friends. Besides, she believes it would be an amazing adventure. Of course, the idea of being killed or worse by the beasts never even crossed her mind, so she is pretty excited about playing a hero.

    Other: She has two tattoos.
    Tattoo pictures (open)


    I love Sweeney Todd <3
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  11. Ohhh, I like her! Accepted! And I loved Sweeney Todd too!
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  12. Aiden, yellow

    Age: 24

    Gender: Male

    Color Rose: Yellow

    Tattoo Location: Front right hip, just below the hip bone

    Human Appearance:
    Aiden is quite the bear of a man. He stands at an intimidating 6'8 and he's broad chested with plenty of visible muscle tone. he keeps his dark brown hair cut fairly short and he never is without at least a bit of stubble. His eyes are a steely blue grey. More often the not you'll see him in a plaid flannel shirt, or some sort of undershirt(if he's bothering with a shirt) jeans and workboots (or barefoot). He prefers not to dress up, but if there's a good reason behind it he will. When he does it's easy to see that he cleans up well.

    Beast Appearance:
    Even for a grizzly bear, Aiden's beast shape is Massive for the species. His fur is the same medium-dark brown of his human shape. When Aiden' human mind is in control, his eye color will remain the same in this shape as well. When the animal mind overrules the human, the eyes turn to a brown near black.

    • Very noticeable physical presence- some could say intimidating.
    • A certain tone of voice that clearly means that he means business. (Rarely used. There's also a warning tone that leads up to this tone)
    • Laid Back and Calm on the norm. Level Headed.

    • Salmon
    • Mountain tops.
    • Working with his hands- Carpentry is his favorite so far
    • Fishing.
    • Being Outside.

    • Strangers
    • People in his spaces: His work building in the garden, his room, his spot at the table, ect.
    • Bees- Kills on Sight
    • Uncomfortable clothes
    • Being Cooped up

    Aiden is, for the most part, a very laid back, individual. You could call him a gentle giant as long as he's in this normal state of mind. Although he is a man of few words himself, when he speaks those who know him tend to listen. Aiden doesn't necessarily care for being the 'leader' even if he is the older brother. But he will not walk into something, no matter who is leading without careful thought into the matter. When one of his brothers is in need of an ear to listen, he doesn't mind if that ear is his. Even if his ears are ringing and his teeth are grinding by the end of the spiel. However, the man even among his brothers, requires a certain amount of space per day away from everyone, his "me time" so to speak, to keep himself level headed.

    Even though Aiden is laid back. He keeps himself under strict check. He knows he goes into rages and he knows there are times the curse takes over his mind. Just as he understands that he is a BIG man and a BIG beast. This is another reason he enjoys his quiet times, it allows him to refocus himself. When he gets upset or there is even an inkling suspicion that the curse will take over. Aiden takes off for the mountains, as far away as he can get from his family or people in general. He won't come back until he is sure he has himself under control. Aiden requires himself to be as level headed as he can possibly make himself. He knows that his brothers suffer the same curse and he knows that having so many predators in the same confined space will eventually wear on them. There are clashes and fights and Aiden tries his hardest to be the peace keeper in the family. His family is all he has and he wants to enjoy it as long as he's him and not the beast.

    When it comes to outsiders, Aiden is....stand offish. He generally doesn't even try to empathize with them or bother with them. The only exception to date was their caretaker. Just like his brothers, he grew up isolated from the people of the town. He doesn't necessarily think himself better than the townspeople. But he does think himself as being in a different world then them. And to his mind, the townspeople shouldn't meddle in matters they won't understand. This new thing with the girls has him at odds. The longer they stay in their house, the harder it is to remain detached. He doesn't want to be attached to them, they aren't family. they're outsiders. Outsiders shouldn't have any business with his family and himself. But he feels bad for them because the town just up and used them as, what he sees, as sacrifices.

    Has a building out in the garden that's half hidden behind some of the flowers. His carpentry supplies are there, his fishing gear and a plethora of other things he finds interesting. It's one of his main quiet spaces.

  13. Oh, I absolutely adore him! Accepted! Only two more role available for each, a beast and female! Than I'll get us started!
  14. I added a bit more to Troy's personality - it was looking a little short.

    Ooh, we're halfway there!
  15. I can't wait to get going! I'll give it a another day or two and if we don't have anyone else, I'll probably just make it two girls and two beasts, I don't want to wait too long and the people who have joined lost interest.
  16. I'm really interested in this RP!
    May I reserve the spot for the third beast?
  17. Yay!!!

    I'll get to work on my CS now!
  18. [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Name: Becker

    Nickname: Beck

    Age: 20

    Gender: Male

    Color Rose: Blue

    Tattoo Location: Left forearm with the stem base closest to the inside of his elbow


    -Able to blend into the background
    -Observant of others

    -Quiet demeanor that makes him seem more approachable than his older brothers


    -Disappearing into the trees
    -Tending to the garden

    -Hiding in the library


    -Talking to other people
    -His stutter
    -His inability to control his actions when turned into a beast

    -Unnecessary bloodshed

    Personality: Quiet and reluctant to speak, Beck is perhaps the most timid of his brothers. This timidness comes from an early development of a speech impediment that he has struggled with for much of his life. His stutter is most prominent when he is distressed in some way and gets worse the more upset he is. Talking to new people is stressful for Becker, resulting in him simply deciding to refrain from speaking altogether. However, he can at least talk to his older brothers and report anything he sees that is out of the ordinary. While protective of his family, he is slower to violence than the others because he fears the beast side of himself more than anything. Becker is most distressed during the change, which causes a more violent reaction within his change. He knows he has shed blood while in his bestial form and in the mornings he tends to seclude himself away from all others for a few hours. The death of the family caretaker has rendered Becker all but completely silent, typically only speaking when addressed by one of his brothers. The mere idea of outsiders coming to his home has caused him to become more distressed, so any chance of him speaking with the girls is pretty slim. After all, they'll probably going to make fun of his stutter.

    Other: When in his human form, Becker stands at 5'7" with a slender frame. His beast form, which is that of a gigantic bat, is much larger. With a wingspan of 15 feet, he can easily carry off a human being. He walks on his hind legs and the front claws of his wings, balancing his weight on the balls of his feet and the strengthened thumbs of his wings. Though his stance is typically low to the ground, he can easily rear up and puff out his chest and wings as a form of intimidation.

    Do I HAVE to choose a favorite movie? There's so many good ones out there!
    I guess for now, I'll say Guardians of the Galaxy.

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