Current Affairs: A New Beginning

Things seemed to happen all at once and in slow motion. Everything went down in an instant, so fast that it was hard for Fyrus to cope... yet he saw it all, called in all the details that he could. At least he didn't need to fight, wasn't required to fire any shots that might ricochet and cause serious damage. This was not a place to be shooting bullets recklessly so he was grateful for that bastard Ga to be high tailing it out of there like a dog with a tail between its legs.

Still, though he didn't need to, didn't want to in the moment, the command to fight had been a good one and he hadn't the intention of letting his new captain down now. It was all out war if that was what she wanted! Truly honestly he'd no idea why he had this strong sense of loyalty when he hadn't even been paid yet, but, hell, you only live once, right! He was bored and she seemed like a pretty good time. Fyrus liked a good time and he loved his first real chance to finally get the hell out of the life of hopping between bars and odd jobs and to get out there on the seas.

Before the fight could get too out of hand, it was being ended in spectacular fashion. It could be called either unfortunate or actually a good thing that everyone was getting blasted out the door, thoroughly kicked out before they caused more trouble. Maybe it was for the best and Fyrus tried not to hold it against anyone as he hacked up a mouthful of water. Disgusting. Not quite how he wanted this day to start, but it was what it was.

"Holy hell..." he cursed under his breath. Shaking his hands into his hair, he didn't know if he should be laughing or crying. "Gotta say," he spoke aloud, "Liking this crew so far. Certainly never a dull moment with you lot." It was entertaining and he was thinking (or at least hoping) that they were going to be making quite the nice group of friends.

Approaching his captain's side, he was more than happy to make sure she was alright before anyone else. She was the captain after all. "Are you hurt?" he asked while his attention quickly shot to the one introducing himself as an Eli Fynn. An interesting looking stranger that Fyrus nodded to in polite greeting from his proximity. He was quite a looker, though the captain needed more attention "That was some intense chaos, but seems we all survived at least, eh?"

Renard Greenblight

Where did Renard go wrong in life?

Perhaps it had been a mistake leaving the UnderDark. It appeared that this upper world had its own hidden monsters and chaos that went unseen or, at the very least, many were unaware about until they happened to step into the wrong place at the wrong time. Surely, though, nothing was worse than the terrible terrors in the dark he could rarely see? Nothing worse than the screams of his brethren being dragged away before the sound being abruptly cut off if they were lucky? Surely nothing was worse than the nightmares he'd experienced in the UnderDark.

So then where? Was it when he took his first steps into the night and he experienced the moon and stars for the first time? Was it that time when he stowed away on a ship in order to travel from island to island? Was it, perhaps, when he picked up an innocent looking flyer?

All of this ran through Renard's head as time seem to slow when water filled his vision and nostrils. It was peaceful, really, floating without a care in the world. The bunny man had grabbed onto him so Renard's limbs sprawled freely as though in flight, anchored by the arm that held him. He watched curiously as a man sailed passed him with his mouth gaping open wide and bubbles burst out of his mouth. Oh. What a waste. He'd lose all that air.

He watched chairs and tables swirl around one another as though in a dance. It was beautiful, really. Renard felt like he could stay here forever. It was quiet. It felt almost freeing.

Then abruptly all sounds came rushing back. They thundered in his ears and the world tossed and turned around him violently. He was no longer floating peacefully but tumbling about out of control next to the large body that held him. Before he knew it they were pushed out the doors and rolling onto the ground outside. He hung limply in the bunny man's arm, letting out a squeak as he coughed up some water, his tail drooping toward the ground.

Once he was set down he stumbled forward onto his paws before shaking himself off. His ears flopping around before lifting his front paws to brush over his face in quick successions.

"Oh dear," he mumbled to himself, "Oh dear oh dear oh dear."

He lifted his head to access the situation around him. Everyone looked like a bunch of wet bedraggled messes and he wasn't sure where to start or what to do to begin helping. He caught sight of young Risk and moved over to quickly help her, lowering his ear over her chest to make sure that she was breathing. "Miss Risk?" He lifted his head to peer down at her face. "Are you alright? Can you stand?"

Tyson Dirge

"You my hound, now? I did not know you wanted to be my dog. I do not swing like that."

Tyson lifted an eyebrow at the funny bunny man and he opened his mouth to make some brilliant comment along the lines of, "Ew, gross, get away," though it was interrupted by a sudden current of water blasting into his face.

With his mouth opened and in the middle of speaking, Tyson unfortunately inhaled a large amount of water before being tossed and turned by the current, losing his swords easily in the process. His body instinctively began coughing out the water that he inhaled which, in turn, only made him inhale more.

He was drowning. The water dragon man was drowning. Brilliant.

Thankfully, however, he didn't stay in the water for long. He was spat out on the street like a nasty wet hairball from a cat and he immediately began coughing up water. He rolled onto his hands and knees, throwing up large amounts of water onto the ground before gulping in air. He then scrunched his nose up and pinched the bridge of it as he sat up on his knees.

"Ugh! Water up my nose! I got water up my nose! Owowow!" He bent over and began blowing water out of his nose.

Once he recovered he pushed himself back to his feet and began scanning the wet ground for his weapons. They didn't fall far from him so he was able to scoop them up and sheat them once he confirmed that Ga was no longer around. Apparently, neither was the bunny man. The girl, Icy, lingered before mentioning catching up to her companion to go after Ga and then she was gone.

Tyson wasn't entirely sure what to do but Icy was right about helping out their captain. He walked over to where their captain laid though she was already being helped up. Strangely, all his earlier teasing was gone as he moved to their captain's side. The guy, Flynn, was already making sure that their captain was alright and now there was some bloke named Eli.

"Let's give her some air," Tyson said, urging anyone else away so that their captain could have some space to breathe. "Give her time to adjust." After all, he was still reeling after being tossed around like that and they were no longer in danger at the moment. "You can stay with her." He told Flynn.

Meanwhile he began to walk around to make sure they didn't lose anyone. He was going through a list in his head by memory of everyone who had joined and made sure that they were all present. Renard was helping the girl Risk, Flynn was with the captain, there's a new guy Eli now who didn't seem hurt, Icy and Aconite went after Ga. They were going to need some help.

Once he was sure Saila was recovered enough, he returned to her. "Everyone is accounted for, except Aconite and Icy went after Ga. What do you want to do? We can either go after them or take this chance to get away ourselves."

1695915818741.pngAchish Ga

Mentions: @Winter_Bloom

Nobody was listening to him. They just raised their muskets and guns to try and kill the hunter. "Hurry up! Kill him!" he roared again, looking as the rabbit parried and dodged, a few lodging into him but he did not falter. Grabbing a pistol, he tried to aim for the head but missed. He missed three more shots before he became frustrated and threw the gun in anger. "Fuck you, hunter!"

Boarding his ship and moving from the main deck to the quarter deck, he kept glancing towards the bunny man. Said man was merely taking his crew one by one, the entrance of the deck already bloody. Huffing in anger and fear, he called for his crew to make sure the hunter was dead. Canons were finally being moved and aimed. It was just his luck that most could not aim for shit. Balls of steel whizzed everywhere into the town and a few shots on where the battle was happening. "You can't aim for shit!" Ga yelled again as it was his own crew getting killed.

There was a moment of respite for him as he glanced up, red eyes focused on Ga. "You can't run from me," he promised. It was an idiotic move as one saw this as an opportunity to strike. His crew was about to slash the hunter in two but suddenly fell on the ground, screaming in agony.

Everyone stopped to glance at the screaming man to see a large barb on his arm. Another came whizzing past, missing everyone. The source of the flying barbs came running with a crazed grin on her face. "You should have told me you were fighting," she yelled out, again throwing another large barb at Ga's crew. The lady's clothes had seen better days. She was a disheveled mess but she was enjoying every bit of it.

Ga was so focused on the lady that he did not notice the bunnyman to move to the deck and towards him. "You're mine," the hunter muttered, scythe ready to take his head off. Ga ducked, him falling into the cargo hold. The pain of the impact did not register as he was already stumbling and pushing things to block the hunter's path. His crew came to help him but he just pushed them behind him and told them to hold off the enemies.

From his blind fear of getting killed, he rammed himself to the cell of their newest cargo - a chircaw. Blinking and panting he looked up at the humanoid bird. "You," he started to the chained humanoid. "Let's make an accord," he murmured, grabbing on his keys. "I will set you free as long as you help me kill off the hunter. "If not, he will also kill you."


Location: Sigvid Isles
Mentions: @DekuNightFury
Setting: Streets of Sigvid Isles

It was almost like she was floating in a dream. Nothing but peace and tranquility in the darkness of the water. She couldn't see or hear anything in her moment of calm, but it was just that, a moment before she was brought back to reality as she was bombarded and pummeled with all assortments of flying furniture, utilities, and bodies. The rush of water had her tumbling and speeding out the doors of the pub before she was spat out onto the streets like a wad of tobacco.

Lying on her back, dazed and beaten up, she took a moment to recollect herself. It felt as if her body was rebooting itself as her limbs came back to life, aching and sore, her lungs burned, her mouth full of water. Blinking water out of her eyes, she finally came to herself with a gurling gasp. "Holy-" Cough. Cough. "-shit! Hahaha!" She began laughing as he reached into her shirt and pulled out a small white rock tied around her neck by a string in a crude necklace. She kissed it before happily exclaiming, "Oh you're so lucky! You're so lucky!" Amidst her fit of laughing and coughing, she failed to see the stranger approach her before he was right above her. She was first to see the hand extended to assist her before he introduced himself.

"Eli Flynn. Do you have need of a navigator?"

Her laughter falling to a chuckle as she observed him with a smile, she took his hand as she answered him. "I'm always looking for someone to tell me where to go." Pulling herself off the ground, she began wringing out her hair as she found herself surrounded by her crew, and listening to Icy speak, her ears peaking as she mentioned shipbuilders. "Oh shit really," she inquired before turning to Eli. "You got yourself some magic hands Flynn? Think you and your folks could help us out with a boat?" She hadn't thought about a method of transportation before Icy had mentioned shipbuilders. You can't be a captain if you don't even have a ship. She was going to divulge further before Tyson brought her attention to their current situation as Icy departed.

"Everyone is accounted for, except Aconite and Icy went after Ga. What do you want to do? We can either go after them or take this chance to get away ourselves."
Ah shit.
She almost let out an audible sigh. Her murder defensive adrenaline had ran out, her body ached, she had just lost her favorite drinking place. She felt like she had dealt with enough for the day. but this was life she had chosen for herself, so if she was going to be a pirate, she was going to go all in- Just as she prepared to take who she had an run for the hills, her attention was pulled to the clowder of wet cats nearby as more of their comrades began to gather around them with one particularly loud individual shouting in the center! "Preposterous! Pissant! Plague! I will scalp that rrrrougue and any and all who know his name!!!!!!" -and that meant creating as much distance away from this brewing storm and towards the safety of the more reliable danger that is her new crewmate and her friend. "Uhm- let's go teach that Ga a lesson," she squacked before racing off in the direction she saw Icy run in.

Location: Sigvid Isles
Mentions: @The Wanderer
Setting: Streets of Sigvid Isle

Pushing kats aside, Rr'Amchi rose to their feet, wet, defeated, and deprived of a wonderful dessert. They hissed and rang out their clothes as their crew gathered around them, asking what happened, if they were okay, and if their captain brought them anything to go. The discomfort and rage began to build as questions, and paws piled onto them. What would usually be meaningful, sincere, and concerned coddling was beginning to overwhelm the angry captain. "Get off of me," they shouted around as they pushed through their crew. "We don't have time to coddle, and cry! That ingrate that ruined my meal is escaping my wrath as we stand about! Look what he did to me! We must make him pay now!!!"
With that final order, his crew yowled and raised their swords, ready for battle and bloodshed. Rr' Amchi turned to their first mate, Aster, their most skilled and deadly crew member, and first mate. "Get your gun Aster," they ordered. "I need you on these roofs, and following me closely. Cap anyone you see as a threat to my mission." With that, they ran off with their selected mates while the rest of the kats readied the ship for departure.


Dazed, dizzy, and suddenly feeling very nauseous from all the action after eating as much as she could, compared to her usual diet of almost nothing, combined with all the energy she'd used casting that meager spell, and now the water...

The oddly comforting wet fur of Renard on her chest would bring the thief back to her senses somewhat as she'd cough, his face then filling her view as the pale-faced Risk would grimace apologetically at him, already aware of what was coming and knowing it was far beyond her control to stop it as she'd turn her head away from Renard before unceremoniously throwing up the contents of her stomach onto the cobbled street floor, her eyes watering until she was finished.

So much for getting a full meal for once.

"S.. Sorry.." Risk would manage out as she'd scramble weakly to her feet, wiping a hand across her mouth as she'd watch their captain and the crew already leaving them behind with those cat pirates in tow, thankfully leaving her and her fluffy friend alone for the time being.

"I.. Can move, I've had worse beatings, aha~" she'd joke sadly, a pained smile appearing on her shivering face at the mention of bad memories and her current state as she'd start lightly jogging in the way everyone else was headed, only stumbling occasionally as she'd wobble back and forth.

At the very least she looked a little less dirty than before, the rush of water having made her hair turn from a muddy brown to a eye-catching crimson, bringing to life the reason of why she was called the red thief in the first place.
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Kwaku Kikari
The ship had begun to shift and rock. At first, it was asubtle change, perhaps a gentle pull of the changing tides into or out from the harbor.

For this moment, Kwaku sat undisturbed by the movement. He knew not just how long it had been since Ga's crew had taunted him, nor did he care. He had since labored his mind over when he might escape his predicament. He had already worked out the "how." However, the day drifted on, and until the gentle rocking of the ship gave way to a more prounounced commotion, Kwaku had resigned that he might not make his break until Ga's ship had reached another port.

But soon the vessel seemed to pull aggressively, swaying with force enough to nearly topple the Chircaw. Noise followed suit. Above him, the pounding of hurried footsteps drummed across the top deck. A shouts and screams came in tow... something had stirred violence. Kwaku craned his neck closer to the bars of his cell. Then, tumbling like a stone from up above, the Captain himself landed hard on the floor and into the bars. As the man gathered himself, Kwaku noticed his gaze fall upon the cell. The Chircaw tensed. This might be his chance, come earlier than expected, and perhaps not quite as cleanly.

Ga appraoched; he was certainly in shambles.

"What," Kwaku spoke pointedly, "makes you so sure that I will be killed? I'm just a prisoner. Keh!" The Chircaw ruffled his feathers and hopped closer to the gate out from the cell.
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Renard Greenblight

Renard could already tell by the girl's face that she wasn't doing so good.

"Oh dear, are you-"

Yet the poor red head had turned away from him and spilled contents onto the cobblestone ground. He couldn't quite see what it was she threw up through his blindfold but he could certainly smell it. He tilted back his ears as his nose twitched in a slight grimace but he did not cover it. He didn't want to be rude.

"Oh you poor thing," he cooed softly, walking over to place a paw on her back to rub while she was being sick.

This girl was in no condition to continue which grew more obvious when she tried to catch up to the others. Renard was quick to follow but it was no hard feat considering the way she wobbled and swayed. Renard began to grow worried for her and feared for her health. She already didn't seem to be doing so good before but now? Pushing herself like this could have dire consequences.

"Miss Risk, wait!" He insisted, catching her hand with his small paw to gently pull her to a stop. "Here-"

He began pulling things from within his pouches. He took out glass bottle with some kind of bubbling liquid: Carbonated water. He then pulled out various herbs and powder, crushing the bits in his small paws before spilling them into the drink: A couple teaspoons of chamomile, a teaspoon of ginger, then just a hint of peppermint. His paws moved swiftly with no hesitation, always knowing which item to pull out of what pouch and what he needed. He usually made chemical compounds more in poisons and for his weapons but he knew some healing properties as well.

Once all the ingredients were mixed together, he swirled the concoction gently within the bottle before handing it to Risk.

"Take a drink of this," he told her. "It will help settle your stomach." Then she would need to eat later. Something a little lighter, perhaps, like crackers and soup. If only they weren't running for their lives, and they were soaked on top of that. She needed to be wrapped up in a warm blanket by a fire, not running for her life on the streets.

Tyson Dirge

Tyson had turned his attention toward the angry cats as well before their captain bravely turned tail and ran. Well. Things were happening so fast around him, definitely a change from his solitary life. He wasn't sure yet if it was a good thing or a bad thing.

He began to follow their captain, making sure that everyone else was following, purposely lagging behind so that they could all run on ahead. He wanted to be sure that the angry cats didn't get any of his crew members.

Crew members... Now there were words he hadn't used in a very long time. It was a strange sensation. He didn't know if he felt excited, happy, sad or indifferent. The crew members he had before were not his true crew. They lied and they cheated. He was no better, though. He whispered poison into their ears until he turned them on his very own captain. The last he saw of them...they burned on the deck of their ship before throwing themselves into the ocean to be swallowed.

Would the same thing happen here?

He blinked the image away only to come to a quick stop. Wait. Someone was missing. Two someones.

He glanced back to see Risk leaning against a wall with Renard next to her, fumbling around with his paws. Tyson bit back a curse and ran back to them. The cats would be on them in seconds! Hopefully, perhaps, they wouldn't be the ones the cats were after and simply run past.

"What's going on here?" Tyrson asked once he reached the two, glancing up briefly to make sure there was still distance between them and their approaching enemies. "We need to move!"

"Miss Risk is ill!" Renard insisted, moving closer to the girl as though to make sure Tyson didn't swipe her away before she was ready.

Only now did Tyson take note of the concoction that Risk was drinking. Her face was also paler and perhaps a little green. She didn't look good after all.

Tyson tried to remain calm but it was clear they didn't have a lot of time. He nodded, letting Risk finish her drink. "I can carry you on my back. We need to get out of here, it's not safe."

He was strong enough and the girl seemed light enough that giving her a piggy back ride. He doubted she was in any condition to run on her own.

He would allow her to finish her drink, hoping she would do so fast before he would kneel down in front of her with his back to her. Hands stretched out behind him. If she was willing he'd let her get on his back so that they could start moving, and this was also if the cats didn't catch up to them first.


The command was out of nowhere. The kat tilted his head to the side in curiosity before smirking and giving a salute. "Aye, aye, my captain," he hummed before grabbing one that was on the ground from the flood from the pub. Aster was excited about this little hunt.

As his captain ran to catch up with a ragtag of... a group, the first mate looked up and stretched. With the flexibility and agility of their kind, he took hold of the edge of an awning and heaved himself up, continuing his climb until he was on his position before running and jumping to follow Rr'amchi. His eyes stayed on his captain and crew mates, occasionally glancing on where they were heading.

At one point, he almost fell off because he was too busy finding the target. IT would have been easier if his captain told him who the target was. But nope. He just have to be in his angry, irrational self for the moment and Aster himself being the excited hunter. He really should have been more rational with that time.

Kneeling on one of the ledges, he gazed into the scope of the rifle and aimed at the tanned woman who was leading the group first before the person carrying the child. It would have been so easy to eliminate them if he knew what was he aiming at. "Vhere are zhey?" he called out to Rr'amchi

Achish Ga


Ga growled at the bird. Time was running out. "You think that thing that is hunting me will listen to you when you say you are my enemy?" he demanded before pushing the cage, rattling it for a bit to knock some sense to the man. "He will take out everything here and kill everyone with a pulse either be it my ally or my enemy," he warned.

Nothing made sense to him now. Ga was supposed to take to the sea at this point and would have been selling the humanoid bird before him. Now, his crew was being killed one by one and the bitch Saila was the cause of all this. His hand shook as he tried to get the bird to be his ally before jumping when a body of one of his crew crashed into the cage. "Nowhere to run," the bunnyman muttered, walking calmly towards the two, red eyes focused on the captain of the ship. He was dragging the scythe, not having room to swing it towards Ga.

"Stay back!" Ga yelled out, voice cracking. Panic was taking him once more as he lost all composure. Falling on his ass, he tried to scurry away, the key left forgotten on the keyhole. The only thing to do now to free the Chircaw was to twist it.
With the captain seemingly alright, Fyrus was content to stand and wait for orders. This was a new business for him, one he hadn't experienced in far too long: Having a crew, having a family as it were. He wasn't yet sure that he could call these folk, these strangers a family, but once you got out on the waves and were at sea for weeks, the only people around for company were these fellow crew members. So it was good to be open to the opportunity that maybe they could someday be considered close enough to be family. After all, it wasn't like Fyrus had much in the way of a real family, at least not any that could be linked through blood or marriage. This right here? This was what he had.

By the sounds of it, a few had parted off to chase after Ga and Fyrus turned his head to look in the direction they'd gone. Brows furrowed, he rested his hand on his gun. Out here, outside, there was a much better chance of using his weapon if he had to. If they needed assistance, he was more than willing to help his... family.

The captain gave the order and took off running. Fyrus fell in right behind like the loyal mate he was trying to be. "Right behind you!" he called. He felt a bit useless here, but he didn't want that to get in his way! He could fight, damn it, he could yet prove his worth... even if he was frequently better at standing around and being a pretty face!

Location: Sigvid Isles
Mentions: @Noble Scion @DekuNightFury @Lyrikai
Setting: Streets of Sigvid Isles - Heading towards Ga's Whaler ship

And they were off. Saila and her crew were running through the cobbled streets of Sigvid that were now swarming with more people than usual. With the commotion from the pub, and the loud wailing cat people waving their swords and wishing death upon those who threaten to disturb the important ceremony that is enjoying a perfect meal, people were standing about and trying to see just what the hell was going on. As Saila was quickly shoving by bodies, she was hoping the cover of the crowd would make for an easy escape. That was until she heard one of the cat people call out to them.

"Stop suspicious and strange class of persons! You are suspects to the interference of Captain Rr'Amchi Mashalla's repast!"

Well shit. As far as she knew, she and her companions were the only ones actively trying to avoid the cat folk. So it was clearly them who they were after, so they had no time to waste. With her mind focused on making distance between their perusers and reaching her destination, she failed to notice that three members of her party had fallen behind. She was unaware of Risk's current condition, and Tyson and Renard's effort to keep her going, Worrying about other's was something that she wasn't used to, but with her need of help in finding great fortune and whatever else the world may offer, showing concern for others was going to be something she needed to grow uncustomed to. Her only acknowledgement to anyone other than herself was her glancing at Fyrus who was keeping a close pace with her. Looking at his hand wavering over his gun, she made a comment as they approached the ship docks. "Hope you're ready to use that thing."

She slowed her pace as they neared Ga's ship. A "refurbished" whaler ship was docked apart from the others. It's massive and bulky appearance setting itself apart from the usual fleet of bragantines and slooops. Even from afar, she could see and hear the commotion atop the decks. She could only hope that the violence was in their favor, and not the premature loss of a crewmember.

Location: Sigvid Isles
Mentions: @The Wanderer @DekuNightFury @Noble Scion
Setting: Streets of Sigvid Isle

They saw him. That ingrate conversing with a strange jumble of people. If they were associated with him, then they would be punished as well for affiliation with a ruinous criminal. "You there," they screamed at them. "Halt your movement at once or face the wrath of Rr'Amchi Mashalla!"
Sure it wasn't the best idea to forcefully rid people of their freedom for talking to someone that wronged them, but like a cut, leaving the to fest would only lead to bigger problems. If that man and his cohorts were daring enough to catch them in the middle of a meal, what would stop them from initiating a full blown attack on their ship when they're distracted?

"Captain, look," one of their lackies called, pointing a claw towards a trio of persons standing off to the side. "They have parted from the group and have been left behind!" What a pitiful worm that man was, leaving a few stragglers behind in an effort to distract them from their pursuit. Coward. Instead of stopping the chase entirely, they would send a few to retrieve the trio as they continued forward.

"Bring them back to the ship. Don't be afraid to let them know who they're dealing with."

A pair of kats acknowledged their orders before splitting away to handle the trio. As Rr'Amchi passed them by, a familiar, numbing scent caught their attention. For a moment, their eyes snapped towards a small girl with bright, crimson hair. Her size and color reminded them of a chigger, a small yet devastating red parasite that would leave the skin of their victims raw and blistered. Fascinating how a small pathetic thing can a hold to ruins with their filth, and disease. They would remember her, but for now their attention was needed on their main target.

"Aster," they called to the rooftops. "Make sure I am of safe distance from those three, case they're feeling as foolish as their leader."


Her shambling would be brought to a halt as her new mouse friend would start crafting something for her, her pale face watching in awe as he'd mix ingredients she recognised and some she didn't together with a trained swiftness until the little show would end with him holding a red concotion for her to drink.

She would speechlessly hold her shocked expression as he'd hold it in front of her, shocked at the idea of being given something, and even more by how expensive a potion like that would be. If she'd learned one thing from her time on the streets (aside from sleight of hand), it was the value of things, what was worth taking and what wasn't, and even the simplest of potions could fetch quite the price.

Her eyes could only flicker in disbelief between the drink at Renard's expectant face, waiting for him to pull the vial away, before a reluctant grimace of realisation would finally appear on her face, then a sullen sigh as she'd slip her fingers around the glass and pour its contents down her throat.

Another debt she couldn't pay, but this one was coming onto the boat with her. Hopefully it wasn't a sign of the many to come.

"Th- thanks.." She'd hum awkwardly, before Tyson would make his appearance, bewildered by their comaradery given they'd knew almost nothing about eachother aside from name and profession, though she wouldn't complain as she'd meekly climb onto the taller gentleman's back, her bulky bundle of rags apparently making up for her lack of mass as she'd weigh next to nothing, little more than a skeleton with pretty eyes and now-clean hair.

Feeling eyes on her, Risk would look around to find a familiar duo of kats looking at her, bringing another pout to the thief's face as she'd point at them with a warning for Renard and Tyson, frowning at them intensely.. but with a soft pink blush as she'd peer at their fluffy selves.


They are.. kind of cute.
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Renard Greenblight

"Oh thank you Mister Tyson," Renard spoke once Risk was safely on the gentleman's back being hoisted up. He really didn't know what he was going to do to get the poor girl out of there himself.

"Enough," Tyson spoke, perhaps a bit too tartly but Renard understood that he was simply under a lot of stress. "Lets get moving."

Renard was astonished by which the speed Tyson took off at as though the girl weighed nothing at all. Then again, it was likely due to the fact the little lass was far thinner than she should be. He would certainly need to see to that. He was uncertain if there was anyone here who was a doctor but he knew a thing or two and may be able to assist.

Falling to all fours, Renard ran after Tyson and Risk, keeping behind incase the girl were to slip from the gentleman's grip in any way. His round ears twitched at the soft spoken words that lift the red head's mouth and his little heart skipped a beat.


Renard had no need to look behind him since his blindfold obscured his view but he swiveled his ears and listened. He couldn't hear the soft pads hit the cobblestone as cats were very light on their feet but he certainly heard the angry hisses and clatter of weapons. Enemies indeed. Very angry enemies.

He heard the young man, Tyson, utter a curse as well but Renard tried to reassure him, "Don't worry Mister Tyson! Please look after Miss Risk. I believe I have something to slow them down."

He slowed his pace, falling behind Tyson and Risk so the two may run on ahead. He reached into one of the straps that hung across his torso, his small claws pulling back a secured strap before grasping a round object, pulling it free. "Bomb's away!"

Then he threw it to the ground behind him between them and the approaching cats. His aim wouldn't be perfect as he was blind but that didn't matter. He just needed it to make contact. He heard the satisfying angry hisses of the felines but it wouldn't last forever.

"Quick! Lets go!" Renard called as he caught up with Mister Tyson and Miss Risk. "They may be coughing up more than just a few hairballs."

Tyson Dirge

Tyson could kiss this rat.

When he heard the cats approaching them he had to make a split second decision to stop and put Risk down so he could fight them or choose to run with the fear that they could be faster and catch up when he would be vulnerable.

Thanks to Renard, however, he didn't have to make that decision. When the rat slowed down, Tyson just about had a heart attack and was about to go all out fury on these cats for causing so much trouble and splitting up the team yet he suddenly saw a cloud of smoke erupt from whatever small object Renard threw at the cats. It didn't take a genius to know it was a smoke bomb and a wide grin spread across his face as his furry crewmate rejoined him.

You are full of surprises, my friend!" Tyson spoke passed the wide grin on his face, glimpsing behind him for a brief moment to be sure that they weren't pursued. "I don't know how long it will hold them, though." He turned his head to look ahead, keeping his pace to keep them well ahead of their pursuers. "If it comes down to it, I may need to fight. If that happens, I need you to escort Risk to safety."

The rat looked up briefly and though Tyson couldn't see his eyes, Renard's ears lifted in alarm. "
But Mister Tyson, what about you?"

I can handle myself. It'll be easier if I don't have to worry about the two of you and the important thing is for the two of you to get to the Captain and get to safety."

Tyson slowed to a stop. Their pursuers likely weren't hindered by the smoke any longer and it would only be a matter of time before they caught up. He had also seen the rest of the cat crew go after his own crew members. If they continued, they would likely be surrounded.

Renard slowed down next to Tyson as the young man knelt down to put Risk back on the ground. "
You two start running on ahead." Tyson told the two. "I'll slow them down."

The rat certainly didn't seem to like this but, thankfully, his concern over Risk seemed to outweigh his worries over Tyson. The critter reached out with a paw to gently grip Risk's hands to gently pull her along. "
Are you coming along, Miss Risk?"

Kwaku Kikari


The Chircaw snapped it's beak with an aggressive articulation. This Captain Ga had quite the nerve making such assumptions. A rattling noise like a growl blended with a caw cut from his mouth.

Kwaku listed backward as a figure imposed its silouette against the hatch overhead. The birdfolk's head cocked as the figure descended into the brig. Clearly this was the enemy of Kwaku's enemy. And a strange one it was... human in most respects, save for the tall ears rising up from his head. Kwaku's eyes flared with a hint of instinctual predation as they locked onto the rabbit ears. No! No! It's not food. He clicked his beak and ruffled his head, erasing the thought. If the Rabbit-folk was to be his rescuer, willing or not, the Chircaw would have to make it clear that he was an ally; the foe of his captor would be need to be his friend.

He calmed his dishelved feathers.

As Ga stumbled backward, leaving the key to the cell in the lock, Kwaky hopped forward. He thought to reach for the key and release himself. But then, Ga would take the impression that he was simply escaping. The Captain would need to turn the key. "Free me, ki ki." Though he spoke to Ga, he attempted some form of an assuring glance toward the Rabbit person; Ga, his back being turned, would likely be none the wiser; so Kwaku hoped. "Free me and we can end this, ki ki!"