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  1. I will love you forever if you know where I got the Title from^^.

    Evening Ladies and Gents! Or whatever greeting is appropriate to your current time of day (or night). I currently have some ideas I'd love to get off the ground so I thought I'd make myself a little thread.

    Now, before we get to the fun stuff, I need to tell you a few things about myself. (It'll save you some time I promise.)

    1. I only play females. Its the only role I feel comfortable with and to be honest all my attempts at playing the opposite sex have been.....less than successful. -_-"

    2. I'm looking for someone who will at least give one paragraph per post. I don't think that's asking too much and rest assured I plan to do the same for each post as well. Also, I'm not a grammar nazi. I just simply ask that you don't speak in text unless its in OOC. (Out Of Character)

    3. Since these will all be mature romance rps, I ask that if you are not over 18 years of age that you please do not reply to this thread. Its nothing personal, I just really don't want to go to jail. However, I will be open to any rps you have in mind so long as you keep it PG.

    Okay! Enough of the boring rules. On to the Pairings and Ideas!^^

    ((Note: the character in red is the one I wish to play.))

    (vampire/demon x human)
    Now I only have a plot for this one since I can't decide whether I want it to be demon or vampire yet. Basically, a human stumbles upon the demon or vampire by complete accident. What they are doing I will leave up to your imagination, could be eating or destroying a soul whatever you want to do. Thing is, its forbidden for a human to see them and live. Otherwise, they face losing their immortality and becoming mortal. But, in a weird chain of events, the human actually ends up saving the demon's life. Which brings up another lovely rule: Demons/vampires must always repay their debts. (Boy these rules are very contradicting of each other) So now the demon/vampire is in a delicate position: Kill the human who saved their lives or risk losing their immortality forever?
    ((Yeah yeah its corny, deals!^^ lol but seriously if you have any twist or idea for this plot I'm all ears.)

    Just An Old Cliche~:
    (Bad Boy/Girl x Good Guy/Girl)

    (I know. This has been done since the beginning of time. Probably the oldest cliche out there. But you know what? I like it so I had an idea for it.)

    You know the story. A boy and a girl become childhood best friends. Then they get older and then differences between them, social status, friends, or peer pressure get in the way and they become mortal enemies. By high school, they are fierce rivals in everything they do. Everything is a competition and neither one wants to loose. Now, years later and in the working world, the two are at the top of their respective fields(We can discuss what they actually do in PM) and have unknowingly been hired by the same company to work together on the same project. Will they behave like respectable adults or make working together into a literal hell on earth? Or maybe even find that there's a romance in makings? Guess you'll have to wait and see!^^

    The Midnight Thief:
    (Knight x Thief)

    In times of old, where Kings were fact instead of legend, and fierce knights defended the people with honor and bravery, a dark secret lay hidden in the woods. Stories about a Thief, whose feats of stealth had become legendary, were passed around by the campfires and in front of fireplaces. Tales of the bandit ambushing entire caravans and robbing them blind single-handedly. Bounties of ridiculous size had been placed on the thief's head, and many a foolish knave had tried to take them out. No one knew why or for what reason the Thief did what they did, only that they where extremely dangerous and that it was best to keep out of their way. But now, it seems the thief might have bitten off more than they could chew. After the Queen's carriage was attacked and the royal jewels stolen, the King made a decree, that any and all able knight's must track this vile creature down and do whatever it takes to bring them to justice. But more than thief lies waiting for the unlucky knight who finds them and learns of their secrets.
    (Yeah BIG ideas for this one!^^)

    Wizard x Thief
    Bodyguard x person they are guarding (Could be a princess, murder witness, etc.)
    Soldier x Civilian
    Soldier x Enemy Soldier
    Arranged Marriage
    Dragon/Shapeshifter x Wizard
    Peasant x Royal
    Princess x Knight
    Prince x Knight
    Angel x Human
    Angel x Demon
    Demon x Human Spell-caster
    Demon x Human
    Immortal x Mortal
    Samurai x Priestess* (New territory for me so please be patient><)

    King x Knight
    Queen x Knight
    Ghost x Human
    Reaper/Death x Human
    Alien x Human
    Android x Human
    Human x Imaginary Friend (Not as kiddie as it sounds I promise)
    Nerd x Popular Student
    Class President x Delinquent
    Teacher x Teacher

    Secretary x Boss
    Sheriff x Outlaw
    Robotic Humanoid x Creator/Scientist

    And many more, just ask. Also, feel free to mix and match those to your hearts content, I love new twists.:D Okay, I think I'm done now, just post a reply here if your interested or send me a message!

    Bye Bye! Thanks For Reading! ^^
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  2. Ooohhh i'd love a knight x theif or the dragon/shpaeshifter x wizard :D or perhaps your cliche idea, oh how i love cliches ^.^
  3. It's from Downtown Abbey.
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  4. Not applying I just think the title is from Alice and Wonderland
  5. Samurai x Priestess is nice, but I would like to change samurai to battlemage. If that's fine, I'm applying.