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  1. So... I'm kinda curious about opinions on how people set up profiles and all that jazz. Do you require them? List what you need and let users build them? Have preset coding? Have them link it up in the OOC or post them up in test threads? I'm just curious to see what's the norm since I'm about to go and build "pretty" (hopefully) coding on my end.
  2. Oh, you mean character sheets and things?

    Yeah, I always require them on my RP's -- as, often times, reading someone's CS gives you a pretty good indication of whether or not this person actually understands anything about the concept of the RP, so, you can clear up a lot of confusion early by catching any mistakes in a CS (or, you know, you can also tell people to just, like... read the OP). I also just like knowing who everyone's characters are and having an easy reference to go to if I just want to know about their appearance or age or whatever.

    I always have a template laid out for players to use, but, I generally don't really mind if the template is tweaked to better suit the player's needs, and I certainly see no issue with adding fields if the player really wants to add all that extra info. Really the only thing that I usually don't allow is when a player tries to remove certain fields on the template because, well... they were included for a reason.

    Actually, in Omnibus Academy -- an RP where any player can design their own race of magical creatures, so long as they post up a 'race sheet' and have it approved -- I actually wound up having to emphasize that the race sheet template is a suggestion and that the player can make about as many changes to it as they feel they need to. The reason for this being that the original template for the race sheet was apparently really confusing for a lot of people, for a whole bunch of reasons, and one of the big issues that people seemed to have with it was that, even when players were recycling a race concept that they used from something else and therefore already had tons of lore to work with, they had a hard time working their info into the fields provided -- sometimes leaving out some really important stuff just because there didn't seem to be a place for it, or awkwardly breaking up certain bits of info into different fields and making it hard to piece it all together. So, because of that, I wound up making some edits to the template and emphasized that players can add and remove as many fields as they want if that's what they feel makes sense for the information they want to get across -- just so long as they are actually including basically everything that the race sheet asks for. It's not often that I really encourage players to mess around with the template like that, but, Omnibus is kind of an out-there RP where players are given a lot of freedom to make some ridiculous stuff, so, it makes sense that one template wouldn't be very fitting for every possible race.

    Anyway -- I never make players use preset coding, although I do greatly appreciate using at least some basic BB coding to sort of break sections up and make everything easier to read. If a CS is ever formatted in a very confusing, wall-of-text-y sort of way, I'll usually tell a player to add some coding, and make a few suggestions about how to best go about prettying it up. Beyond that, I don't generally tell players how to code their CS's. Oh, but I do try to remember to make sure that heavily-formatted CS's are still readable on mobile. I personally don't get online from mobile all that often -- at least not to do anything more than casually poking around the forums -- but, for the sake of people who are on from mobile regularly, I like to make sure they can read everything, too. And some of the fancier coding options can definitely break a CS for mobile users. o_o

    I also always have my players post their CS's in the OOC instead of making a whole other signups thread, but I also always have a character list on the first post of the OOC, which includes links to everyone's CS's. Obviously I can't just let CS's get buried in the OOC -- but, I really do feel like having a character list with links to people's CS's makes it easier to get to a CS than scrolling through a signups thread. Not only that, but, if you have lots of heavily-formatted and/or image-heavy CS's, then each page of a signups thread can take quite a while to load and be rather annoying to scroll through... Linking to a CS in an OOC post doesn't have the same problem, since whatever page that CS is on probably doesn't have too many other CS's posted on the same page as it.
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  3. I always have the "skeleton" ready ; the things I want the players to have on their sheets. Specific things related to the world, specific abilities , or personal details that I want incorporated.

    Beyond that, I allow players to get creative with their sheets , code it as they like, and add whatever details they want. :)
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  4. Interesting so far. For me, I was thinking of going all out with a "multi-post" format since Iwaku has that "Gaia Online" feel in terms of separate threads and all that jazz. I was thinking of having users create a test thread for said character and all that jazz then link me that shizz once it's complete in the OOC (by tagging me and mods I choose). From there, if they are accepted, I'd make an image link/banner/shizznizz that links to their test thread. Though, it doesn't seem like the norm so far.

    That, and I am trying to keep BBCoding readable at the very least. Minimal messing with them and what not with clear spots of "YOUR INFO GOES HERE" deal. Though, I was wondering if I have to do the "do not have rich text editor" on for Iwaku. I know on old!RPN if the rich text editor is on, trying to mess around with "complicated coding" winds up with the whole thing being one hell of a mess.
  5. Yeah, I don't know why you'd want to use a test thread, honestly. The test forum is for... testing things, not for storing character profiles. If you want players to post their CS's in another thread, you can just make a thread in the plot info and signups section -- that's what a lot of other people do.

    I know what you mean -- but, if you want to include coding without it being a mess to edit, you can try typing out your code manually. Also, applying code with the rich text editor and then turning the rich text editor off means that all the code you've included will be visible in plaintext, so that you can tweak things by looking at the code. In fact, I would definitely recommend switching to plaintext for certain things, so that you can be careful about how you edit the code.
  6. Hmm.. alright. =w= / I'm not sure what was the best area for separate profiles. Like, I want users to create their own thread to post their character information. Then, I link that shit into the main thread via Gaia style (a forum). For me, linking them from the OOC doesn't work since Iwaku is like RPN: when things are link, sometimes it doesn't load to the exact post. I've been having that problem for a while. So, without bashing my head, I want to avoid that at all costs.

    But, yeah, the mention of a test thread is something that is a norm in other forums. xD I saw the "showcasing" thread and what not, but I don't think it'd fit what I'm looking for. That and a test thread would be a vault of sorts that's separate from everything else. If I'm not making sense, I'm just referencing info from another forum since Iwaku and Gaia Online has that set up in terms of separate threads and shit.

    As for the Rich Text Editor, then it's what i expected. I'll just have to make a rule for users to keep that shit off for now on. Thanks. =w= /
  7. Lots of people just post a thread in the signups section for character profiles. If that's what you want to do, then it would make the most sense to just do that.

    If you want to get a URL that'll link to a specific post, just copy the URL that comes up when you click on the timestamp underneath people's posts. For example, your post currently says that it was posted "11 minutes ago". If I click on the "11 minutes ago", then the URL displayed in my browser's URL bar links to your specific post. The post before that is mine, which was posted "20 minutes ago", and if I click on the "20 minutes ago", then the URL changes slightly and now it links to my post.

    And so when you copy what's in the URL bar after clicking on that timestamp, you can create a link that takes people directly to that post -- see?

    I've never had problems with this linking to the wrong post or anything, so, if you say that linking to specific posts is unreliable, there must be something off about how you're doing it -- rather than the site itself being wonky. The method I've just described never seems to fail for me, so, try using that and it should work out for you. o_o
  8. o3o I don't know why you'd need a rule to tell people to keep their rich text editor off -- unless you're just telling people that you don't want to see any fancy coding at all. If a person knows their code well enough, they could theoretically make some really fancy coding just from typing it all in by hand. o_o So, you can tell people not to use fancy coding, but, telling people not to use the rich text editor (while still allowing for nice coding) just doesn't make a lot of sense -- especially given that, well, a lot of things are just easier to do with the rich text editor. Yes, going in and editing stuff can sometimes be easier with the rich text editor off, but, eh... it depends. Really, actively switching between having the rich text editor off or on depending on what I'm doing tends to give me the best results.

    And if you just want to make sure that people don't screw up the coding on their CS's, then I think just asking people to preview their stuff before submitting should do the trick just fine. ^^"
  9. Holy moly, I can do that with linking?! See, that just changes things. I tested that link you put up. BOOM! To that post. So, I'll make sure to do that and tell other new users (like me) about it since they were having the same issue too.

    As for the "rich text editor," that's actually not how it works (from my experience). Basically, the rich text editor just gives you the buttons and what not to do some bbcoding with ease without having to type it in. With it on, if you try to do anything complicated or astronomical with rich text editor is on, you can lead to potentially broken coding and all that jazz. This is my experience from old!RPN and all that jazz. And, I'm assuming it's the same deal since Iwaku and old!RPN is run on the same system (XenoForo). Which means that there is a high likely that the very same problem is on here (I haven't tested it yet out of fear).

    I actually turned off rich text editor the moment I signed up and have been having success in formatting on my end. Yeah, it sounds like a butt thing to ask, but this has saved my sanity so many times in the past in trying to fix coding because Rich Text Editor was turned on. As I said, I try to at least make things simpler and what not for filling in the information. As for the preview... it's why I'd want it on another thread than in the OOC. Means it's not in the public eye and all that jazz. I can help and what not while letting the OOC keep doing its thing.

    Though, I will take some things into consideration, I will definitely abuse the shit out of the way you link. But, I think I will keep with having "rich text editor" off if users plan to join my thread since they would be using the coding I am making for the profiles. =w= / Though, one thing I did notice is that I haven't seen places that are graphic heavy yet. I'm kinda intrigueda. xD
  10. Just out of curiosity, what were you trying to do before? O.o

    I mean, yeah, I understand what you mean -- and if you personally prefer to have the rich text editor completely off then that's fine. I just don't see the point in telling your players that they're not allowed to use it. ...Especially since a lot of players might prefer to do certain things with the rich text editor on, and you can't really enforce a ban on using it, anyways. o3o

    Personally, I like using the rich text editor for stuff like coloring text, lists, indenting, etc... I do some basic stuff by hand, but there are a lot of codes that are just hard to remember -- and for the more complicated stuff like that, I tend to use the rich text editor, because it's just easier to click a button than to figure out how to code something by hand. But, if I want to edit something with lots of coding, then I'll often turn the rich text editor off -- because, yeah, things can get wonky, otherwise. Editing code is a lot easier when you can see where the brackets actually fall and all that.

    This is also the reason why I don't often add fancy coding to anything until I'm finished with everything else in my post. XD But, again, that's personal preference. My point was just that lots of people have no issues using the rich text editor, or prefer to go back-and-forth with it like I do, so I don't see the benefit of telling people that they shouldn't use it. o3o

    Edit: Oh wait, if you want people to use a pre-made template then that makes sense. Using the rich text editor would make things weird, in that case. XD
  11. Altera Arcana has a lot of fancy coding in the OP itself, as well as in most members' character sheets (which there are links to in a list further down on the post). ^^
  12. I was clicking on the numbers for each post to link them. There was no option to click the timestamp on old!RPN so this was the way to do it. And, for me and others, it just never went to the exact post. It was redonkulous.

    DERP! Yeah. xD Sorry for going the long-winded route and ranting. I think my brain isn't all there yet (waking up here still). Yeah, I love making profile templates and all that jazz. Love formatting in general. And, hot damn! That's pretty damn cool, Kaga! I've been trying to experiment and play around with the coding for Iwaku for my first thread on here. Test Thread.
  13. ^^" I'd accept your compliment, but I didn't actually do any of the fancy coding for Altera. Altera wouldn't have looked nearly as nice as it does now if @WhisperingWillows hadn't offered to code all that for me.
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  14. Well, hot damn mang. xD That's pretty nice of them to do that.
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  15. Hehehe, Thanks for the shout out Kaga, it is much appreciated.
    Yes, I love to code all kinds of formatting for threads. I prefer to do requests but I do have a formatting tutorial thread in the Roleplay Mechanics Forum if you want to learn how to code like I do. :D
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