Curious Heart

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  1. A demon is suddenly cast into the human world, one filled with humans that either hunt or worship crow-demons like her. She knows nothing about this 'strange new world', and has been told that she won't be let back into the underworld for a long time. In the time that she's stuck on earth, she has to learn human ways and live amongst them in her human disguise, or live and survive on her own on the run. Either way, it has been made clear that the earth is her new home.

    Okay, so I'm looking for someone to play a human role. You can be a hunter or just someone who finds her interesting, I only ask that you don't act as a human that worships her. You can contact me here or through the conversation/message thing.

    Name: Lilith
    Age: Physically 130
    Magic Associated with Class: Shadow Magic
    Personality: Curious, Naive, Innocent
    Instinctual Personality: Ruthless, Distrusting, Cold
    Human Form
    Demon Form
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.