Cultures 102: Religion

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  1. Religion is an important part of culture, and today's workshop will focus on the different types of religion you can implement into your roleplay!


    Monotheism, by definition, is the belief in one god as the supreme, all powerful deity in the religion. Monotheism can be just as interesting as it's sister, polytheism, if you create an antithetic god that has duality according to ancient texts, for example the comparison between the punishments of the Old Testament God and the loving nature of the New Testament God.


    Polytheism, by definition, is the belief that there are many gods, as part of a pantheon of deities. Polytheistic deities are often worshiped for different qualities or traits, such as in Greek Mythology, an example would be that of Athena, Goddess of Wisdom, or Thor, God of Thunder. Polytheism can be the most creatively inspiring as it allows you to create multiple deities with worshiped traits of your choosing.

    However, there are more less known types of theistic belief that could be useful in your roleplay, such as:

    Ditheism/Dualism: The belief in two deities that are both equal, such as a god of life and a god of death.

    Misotheism: The belief in a deity that is wholly evil and malevolent.

    Eutheism: The belief that a deity is entirely benevolent.

    The belief that the world itself is a part of the deity that is being worshipped.

    I hope you find this guide useful, and make sure to leave a comment down below if you have any questions!