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Cultural Tourism

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Hana, Aug 16, 2016.

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  1. Related to my topic of travel and tourism, what countries are you interested in visiting simply to learn and to immerse yourself in their culture? Not only to appreciate the scenery or landmarks, but to experience culture: the heritage of the sites you visit, the traditions of the people, the language, the food. The history.

    Two countries that I am fascinated with and would like to see and experience the culture of would be Japan and Vietnam. I admit that I first got interested in Japan because I watched anime when I was younger, but now I sincerely want to see its traditions and cultures. It's festivals and beliefs. These things are actually very fascinating and enriching for people to experience. As for Vietnam, I did a report on it and it is simply one of those things that I grew more and more interested in the more I researched about it. ^^ I love the architecture and their heritage sites, in particular.
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  2. I actually agree with you on Viet Nam.
    We had a member here once whose family was Vietnamese and they still go back to visit, etc.
    The pictures were incredible, their family was so nice (I totally talked to his dad on Skype), they taught me a couple words, and I was hooked overall.
    I really want to be able to do something involving the country some day, in some fashion.

    On a less strong note, I have a general interest in other Southeast Asian countries and I think it would be interesting to really see some of them instead of going to tourist places.

    I have similar feelings for South American countries, though less strongly than my aforementioned interest in Viet Nam.
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  3. I'd move to Australia if I could. They're fun, and I still have friends there. I'd like to go to Japan too, especially Tokyo, but just for a short period.
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  4. Japan
    South Korea

    Basically, I want to go on a world tour.
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  5. Everywhere

    I also want to eat all the foods

    Eating culture is best culture
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  6. Japan and Portugal.

    Japan was largely due to Anime at first as well. But the more I got involved with Anime the more I also got involved in Japanese Culture period, and it turned out to be something I'd very much like to visit and learn even more about (but not live there... Their perspective on work is messed up as hell).

    Portugal is really because of family history. It's the only ancestry I have where it actually reflected in how my family members behaved and wasn't just a "Oh yeah, we were Italian" deal like my Moms side.

    England was on the list... But in all honesty it's current state of affairs has me taking a step back and deciding I'd rather wait a few years. Which granted, doesn't really change anything cause I won't have the means to travel for quite some time now.
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  7. Strangely enough, nowhere. I mean, not in the way mentioned in the opening post. Usually when I end up going places it's not for pleasure.

    For historical value though, I wouldn't mind checking out Egypt and Turkey.

    And for scenery, as unrealistic as it sounds, the Amazon and the Andes.
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  8. Japan



    Philippines (already been there, but see below)

    I mainly want to visit these countries (and for the Philippines, visit again) because I want to fight there. I have a coach trying to arrange and exchange program with a Muay Thai academy in Thailand. If it pans out, a select few of us would go overseas for a week to live, sleep, and train at the academy itself. Old school style. That would be nothing short of badass.
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  9. Russia. Denmark. Russia because I've had a genuine interest interest in the culture for quite some time, and Denmark because it sounds nice over there.

    I just want to stop by and check it all out.
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  10. Most of the Asian and European nations. Particularly, Japan, China, and Korea, and the UK, France, Germany, and many of the Western European countries respectively.

    There are a lot of cultures and history that I want to see and explore. Like somebody else said, I'd go on a world tour if I could!
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  11. From a culture/immersion standpoint I've always wanted to try England on for size. Living in London (or similar city), taking the Underground to work, going to a football game after work, going to a pub and then a club, all that... and then repeat.

    As it stands now I'm doing this in Japan. It seems like I learn or pick up something new on a weekly, if not daily basis. I've gotten more adventurous lately which has led to a lot of "immersion" for me this year.
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  12. "immerson" doesn't mean "date all the chicks," you cad! =)
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  13. It's a big part of the fun!
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  14. CAD!
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  15. I would like to experience Europe someday, perhaps a country like France, Italy, or Great Britain.

    In my experience I had some experience with the American culture, through work and being in the United States for several weeks on training. It was interesting and very different from what I am used to in many ways, but I enjoyed it and learned to appreciate both my own and the other culture.
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  16. Well, first off, I am planning to move from the U.S. to England.

    Second, at some point, I’m hoping to find and marry and nice British Girl.

    Third, I am going to travel the world and see the the Biggest and most beautiful Football stadiums, watching a match in each of them. First going through Europe, Then Asia, then Africa, The North America, and South America.
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  17. Canada! I've been dying to get ahold of some authentic poutine; my terrible American hands can't do that recipe justice.

    And I know it's technically the same country, but from where I am on the east coast California seems like foreign soil. Gotta see LA one day.
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