Cultural Inspirations!

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  1. When we create peoples and cultures for our world, we tend to borrow inspiration from the real world.

    What are some of your favorite cultures that you love borrowing from for your inspiration?
  2. For some reason, I always find myself borrowing from Victorian, Renaissance, and Gothic styles.
    From a pure cultural standpoint, I have to say I really love developing worlds and characters that stem from Asian descent. Then again that's probably thanks to the Asian blood in me though, haha.
    definitely, the mythology is my favorite part, though. Especially the Zodiacs since they sure leave much to be developed from.
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  3. I tend to borrow influence from fictional cultures I like. Lord of the Rings (Gondor), the Wheel of Time, Dragonlance, and Narnia have all lent a hand in my worlds before :3