Cultivated Flowers

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  1. It's never been this bad before, she thinks to herself. It's never been this bad! She was always able to handle it herself, but now it just seems like it's bound to get worse. The women pulled a hood high over her head, and popped the collar as she walked through the shambles of a small town that she's never been to.

    The year wasn't important, and neither was the date. It was sometime in the fall, and winter was coming up fast. Society has been decided and divided, and she was currently apart of the group that people didn't want.


    Gennette was normal, as much as she could tell. She lived normally, had a normal family in a normal house, but something must have happened along the way. You see, Gennette had this strange and unsettling ability to grow plants very well, but also flowers. Growing flowers isn't one of the reasons why she's just very different, but it's where she grows them.

    The women picked at her skin terribly, pulling out the brightly colored flowers and leaving a small trail of them behind her. She's starting to move faster, now, because the last time she got caught like this, they almost killed her.

    You see, the two societies were separated between 'Them' and 'They'. They're the bad guys, who want to kill them. It's a little more in-depth than that, but for now, it was just Gennette taking on the world alone.

    Well, until she saw him.
  2. "Your music... It's so beautiful..." The old woman sighed, wiping away a tear. The teenage boy smiled at her, sliding his pick between the strings of his guitar. "Thank you, son. I can pass on in peace, now... You truly deserve your ability." She faded away, and the boy watched, smiling. When she was gone, he put his guitar into its case and slid it on to his back. His eyes faded back to their regular grey as the ghosts faded from his vision. They grew unnaturally bright, almost silver, when he was allowing the ghosts to enter his spectrum of vision. He ran a hand through his hair as he straightened up, looking around. The town was rough, and he grinned as a group of kids ran down the street, yelling. He was lucky. He could blend in with those who liked to call themselves normal. But he could pick up on those with abilities, as a side effect of his power.

    He readjusted his leather jacket and left the alley where he'd met the old woman's ghost. Seeing the pain her family was in was upsetting her, so she chose to pass on. However, souls that originally chose to stay in the mortal world could not return to the spirit world without the help of a Mediator- someone like Nat. He carried his guitar almost everywhere he went, always willing to help a soul pass on.

    Everybody knew that Nat was an avid musician, so nobody paid any attention to the fact that he always had either his guitar or his ukelele on him. Guitars worked better, as more souls preferred them, but he could put his ukelele in his backpack if he needed to.

    It was getting colder, and Nat blew on his hands. Numb fingers weren't a good thing if he needed to play, and, of course, his gloves were in his apartment. He looked around, pulling the collar up on his jacket. He didn't miss the bordering on hungry stares of a bunch of teenage girls and he winked at them. The high-pitched giggling made him smile. He looked around, temporarily letting his eyes go silver- and walked straight into a girl, probably close enough to his own age.

    "Oh my God! I'm so sorry!" He said, stepping back. "That was all my fault, I should have been looking where I was going! Are you okay? Oh my, did your drop your flowers?" As he picked up a bunch of flowers from her feet, he grinned and held them out. His grin only slipped slightly as he saw the flowers curling around her hair and skin.

    "You're like me..." He breathed. He didn't realise that he was still seeing into the spectral frequencies, until his vision blurred slightly, before sharpening again, a sign that his vision and eyes had returned to normal.
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  3. It was bad enough that she ran into a stranger, but now, he knew that she was different. Now, he knew that she wasn't normal! Now she was probably going to get killed, or even worse! She shook her head wildly, obviously afraid. "N-No, " She insisted, trying to play it off like he was just another kook. "I-I don't know what you're... you're talking about! Aha! Those aren't mine, n-not a chance...!" She backed away slowly, making sure that no one was aware of the current situation.

    She looked over the man once more, and shook her head. He was normal. He was trying to fake her out! She wouldn't fall for that. Not a chance! She was way smarter than that. Almost as quick as a flash, she bolted.
  4. He frowned as she darted away. She seemed afraid, like she thought he was dangerous. Well. He was tall, and at times, could appear dangerous. But he was smiling, and didn't want to appear dangerous. He wanted to appear friendly. He looked down at the pavement and saw the flowers, telling him what direction she went in. On a whim, he followed her.

    He had encountered others like him before, but none of them had the same intrigue she did. He found himself almost drawn to following her, and found himself almost not needing to look at the flowers that decorated the pavement. He didn't believe in a god, but he believed in Something. And that Something was telling him to follow her. He caught up with her and stopped her by stepping in front of her.

    "Listen, I'm not going to hurt you." He told her. "I'm like you. Look." He hoped that the brief physical contact was enough for the power to replicate. His eyes momentarily glowed green. A small rose blossomed on his palm, and he cupped it in his hands. "My name's Nat. I'm a Mediator. I can also replicate powers. It's okay, I'm not going to hurt you." He promised her, picking the flower from his skin and allowing the power to fade away. Chances were, he'd never have problems keeping house plants again, though. Every power left a trace, and while it faded over time, it was always there.

    "Is someone chasing you?" He asked quietly, the smile slipping from his face. He had heard of people, people who targeted those with abilities and tried to hurt them. He didn't want this girl getting hurt. Of everyone, there was something about her.
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