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    Genre: Otherworld Travel Fantasy
    Atmosphere: Adventure and Exploration! We're going for a light mood, with some comedy, action and light romance. :D
    GMs: [DIANA]Diana[/DIANA] and Grumpy

    A school Summer Camp has taken a field trip to the beautiful Cave Sites of Indiana. Here, the guides intend to teach everyone about how caves were formed while Counselors provide fun summer activities! But, while a group was exploring one of the many cave sites - an accident happens! Be earthquake or collapse, the cave swallows them up. Suddenly, they find themselves landing in ice cold snow. ...another world! Brael is a land of frost and tundra - The Ice Kingdom. Somehow, the group must find a way home!

    A frozen kingdom for centuries, Brael is blanketed in layers of thick fluffy snow. Noticeable features of this land are the huge crystaline forests. Where giant crystals mingle between the trees. Brael is where the world gets it's beautiful crystals and gemstones, buried deep within the cave sites and mines all over the country. It's royal family are beloved and the people are happy. However, there are neighboring kingdoms with ideas of taking over Brael for the profits, and the borders of the country are plagued with raiders trying to claim land.

    You can play a student grade K-12. A Camp Staff Member. A Cave Site Guide. OR one of the native people of Brael, the Ice Kingdom. Fantasy races and magic are allowed for the people from Brael, all people from Earth are normal humans. If you are playing a Camper/Guide, you only have what you were carrying at the time, and you couldn't of been carrying any guns, katanas, etc. That'd be silly. (Grumpy's Note: No, seriously. You start pulling handguns and other such malarkey out of your assholes or something and I will firebomb your house. >:[)

    Bios are not required. :D You can jump in and play at any time. However, if you want to write up a character bio, use the Mini Template and post it here in the thread.

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  2. Character Name: Harry Black
    Gender: Potato
    Job/Role: High School Student, Snark Monster
    Age: 16
    General Appearance: Scene kid hipster gobshite, complete with the product-laiden hair dyed excessively, a love of Vans products and skinny jeans.
    Current Goal/Purpose: Figure out what the fuck is going on, acquire more cigarettes.
    General Personality: Possessing a sharp tongue, a quick mind and the ability to know precisely how to infuriate someone with two sentences or less, Harry's something of a joker who uses humour and fast-talking to compensate for his lack of physical prowess. Whilst he initially seems like the most annoying individual on Earth or Brael, getting past the snarky persona will reveal a fairly dependable and cunning friend to have.
    General History: Is a schoolkid. Goes to school. Is a smarmy little shit. That's... about it, really.
  4. A Rp ran by Diana? One of my favorite admins? I would absolutely join, but You are always so busy xD
  5. Ahhh this looks fun! (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑ I may just join as soon as I get home from work.
  6. Looks for rps
    Finds one ran by awesome staffers
    no character bios required
    Fantasy setting


    -goes off to viciously hunt plotbunnies-
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  7. @Diana I think I would like to join. I believe I would like to be a native of Brael. I'm toying with a couple different characters.

    Also, what say you to snow fairies -- pesky little pranksters that revel in cold weather? Not as main characters, mind (at least I think not), but just as an addition to local lore and stuff?
  8. Cecillia, Plum

    Name: Ceceillia Newton
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Role: High School Girl
    Goal: Becoming a Lawyer
    Personality: Cecillia is patient, skeptical of people and very judgemental. She does however also have a sense of empathy that she sometimes uses to put herself in other people's shoes when she is not to proud to think of herself as above them. With a very regal approach, Cecillia is very polite and when confronted with people she dislikes often ignores what they have to say. Despite her love for the Law, Cecillia occasionally dabbles in the more 'sinful' side of life and is naturally curious.


  9. Totally cool with snow faeries or anything you throw in. :D
  10. Chimerara is unable to post for some reason, and Eliya is kind of stuck without Taharial, so I'm thinking about tossing in another character just to keep the rp flowing. Anyone here still planning joining and want to relate characters, or should I just stick them in somewhere?