Crystal Snow

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  1. A pair of icy blue eyes looked up in the sky as snow started to fall upon the land. A fog enveloped the kingdom as it grew colder. The snow glittered like crystals even without sunlight. The place hasn't seen the sun for centuries.

    Feeling a sudden surge of loneliness, Crystal went back inside. There were no fireplace or anything with fire in their kingdom. Fire was the natural enemy of those with Ice element. Painful memories played in her head. She saw how everyone died when they were invaded by the kingdom of Vulcan. From that point onward, the kingdom became an extreme ice barren. A kingdom that became her prison. She is the last among her kind and the thought never failed to make her cry. She composed herself as she encased her heart again with ice to fend off all the things that hurt her.

    Will she be alone forever? Or will happiness find her?

  2. Shimmering Green eyes shot open in the middle of the night followed by the brief screams of a young man, he loosened the grip on his sheets as he regained his composure and caught his breath, the same old nightmare, it's the same every night, but he can never remember it when he wakes. Erin, the young air nomad, one of the very few left of his noble race, ever since their sky kingdom of Far'or's destruction at the hands of the Ice Kingdom, where he's found himself stranded since he had just turned 18, now nearing his 19th birthday, 1 year and he has wanted nothing more than to leave this cold, barren wasteland, but where was he to go, there are no neutral, inhabited grounds in this nation. He had wandered very far in search of other life somewhere, but it was all for naught, and at least here he had no enemies, he was surviving on his own, inhabiting one of the few still standing structures left, able to generate hot air to keep himself warm, and living off of the wildlife, plant and animal alike that are rare to this kingdom only, but survival wasn't enough, he just wished he could go back home, but home to him was no more, he had all but given up hope on finding another living person amongst these barren snowy fields. Until in the midst of one of his thought to be futile searches, he noticed a large standing castle like structure, and on it's top level, a light, there was at last hope! he ran towards the icey monument, tripping over the snow and his own feet in his haste, as he neared it's locked gates.

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  3. Crystal was thinking of how to pass her time. There's nothing else she haven't done yet to occupy her day. She grabbed her cloak as she walked out of the room. As usual, the cold winds were howling. No one would have survived the harsh condition except those with Ice element except no one from her kind is alive anymore. She sighed heavily and rushed to the main door. When she opened it, she was right. The winds were strong but she decided to leave her cloak. There's something that made her dare to get out like that in the cold without additional clothes. Then out of the blizzard, a figure appeared and tripped in front of the doorway. She stood rooted as she watched him warily. She was supposed to be the only one here. She could defend herself well if the situation calls for it.
  4. Erin's breathing was hard and exhausted as he reached the front gate, falling down in the snow to catch his breath, and screaming out with his remaining few words "HELLO!!".
    he had tried to stand up, using his sword for balance as he scanned the area searching for life.
  5. She waited for a moment before deciding to reveal herself. "Hello, stranger." she greeted him with a smile. She offered her hand to him, seeing he's having a hard time standing up. "How may I help you?" she asked as she continued to observe him. She'll help him if he is indeed in need of any help but if he's a spy sent by the enemy then she wouldn't hesitate to eliminate him.
  6. Erin was shocked, he stopped for a moment before grabbing the girl's hand and regaining his balance, he then stared at her, a look of pure confusion on his face.
    "you're... you..."
  7. She looked questioningly at him. "Why? Is something the matter?" she asked him as she helped him up. "Come on in. You must be cold." she invited him inside.
  8. Erin was hoping that this wasn't a dream, he followed her inside and tensed up at the massive shift in temperature, he kept quiet for a moment and sat down on the floor to allow himself to fully recover, as he had been running for what seemed like hours, when he was ready he looked up at the girl.
    "you're're.. alive.."
  9. The stranger's comment made her frowned. "Yes. I'm alive but I admit I don't get what you mean. Would you care to explain?" she asked him as she ushered him into the sitting room. "Please have a seat. I apologize for the temperature and the surroundings. It's not that warm but it's better than outside, yes?" she said as she seated herself in a fur sofa opposite him.
  10. Erin sat down and held his head in his hands for a moment before looking up and speaking out
    "How long have you been here?"
  11. She stared at him before replying. "I've been here for a long time. I lost count." she answered him with a sad smile. "And you?" she asked him in return.
  12. "One year.. Almost" he said as he hung his head
  13. "How come you got here? I thought I was the only one." she said, observing him.