Crystal Guardians!

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  1. Gem Guardians, a race full of species that have specials powers, they can...

    Morph into any human or object
    Summon the one weapon that they were born with
    Have superhuman strength

    The creatures were made when a single earth gem was placed under a magical tree called the Crystal Apple Tree from a secret tunnel...the gem was an Emerald, an a creature named Emerald Ellen was born...the very first and wisest crystal of all, living for hundreds of years!
    She had decided to make more crystal gem people by gathering gems and bringing them to the tree, as she did they all ruled under her.

    Crystal gem creatures had lived among civilians for years, eventually forgetting their true form and took the form of a human, when they transform they look like humans...except for the skin color which was the color of the gem that they were born from...
    Over the years, many gems have tested their powers to their limit, and some things will never change like the color of their skin or the weapon that they summon, (they are born with one weapon and use it for life, they can summon it from their gem that is somewhere on their bodies)
    but some things do change, like for instance...some gems can actually heal, which is a very rare gift! However, every gem can fuse with another making a super gem that has amazing strength and weapon combination of both gems! All they have to do is synchronizing their style of dance. Each gem has a different type of dance that they like, but the key to fusion is to combine the two individual dances in such a way that both enjoy it thus their gems glow and they morph.
    Gems can live for millions of years but if their gems are cracked their powers get all messed up, but if it breaks then the gems are destroyed forever.

    As Ellen have been making more children, she trained a group of gems to become guardians to the children...
    Gems feed off of crystal energy made from unique things found all over the city! The children make the crystal energy and bring it back to the tree to feed it, thus feeding everyone because the tree is in every crystal.
    Unfortunately human hunters have been gathering gem kids and killing them, selling their crystallized organs all over the world.
    Very few children are left, thats where the crystal guardians come in...following the kids and protecting them at all times!

    (Here are different crystals in case you cant think of one off the top of your head)
    (You can make up to three characters but you can't be Ellen)


    Susan Sapphire was a beautiful blue sapphire by birth and was also one of the most powerful children in Crystal history...
    With blue skin and long white hair, her gem was right where her heart was...she had amazing healing powers and her weapon by birth (although she didn't know it yet because she wasn't ready to summon) was two katanas!

    Vents were all around the city, humans couldn't get through since it was protected by old magic but that's how the children get around, of course they would have to wait for their guardian first...

    The young child peeked out of her vent carefully.
  2. Lusa Jet was her name, and she was eleven, with skin the color of ebony and silver hair falling below her shoulders, plus a black gem on her heart. She had been born with the power to create shadows and disappear into them and with a dagger that she would later be able to summon.
    She saw a girl with blue skin hiding out in the vents. Lusa was way too shy to say hello, so she stayed in the vent, silently watching the little girl. If she wants to become friends with me, so be it. I will let her approach me.
  3. "Susan!"
    The child looked up and saw her gaurdian, Khaki standing standing in front of her...she was light green and her gem was on her forehead.
    Khaki had firey red hair that stood out from her if she almost looked like Poison Ivy from Batman.
    "There you are! Iv'e been looking everywhere for you! This human waste dump makes this place hard to sense you..."
    This particular gem was always fascinated with human technology and has been spending most of her time manipulating it to serve her in various ways; her biggest creation was a suit that had a metal basket attached to her back to keep her kid from leaving her when she leaps through the air...withing the gem society she is known for being the greatest inventor ever, as a gift for this title she made these suits for anyone who needed them.

    Susan stood up and ruffled her filthy baby doll dress that Ellen had once made for her and raised her arms up without saying a single word.
    Khaki looked around, before picking the child up and placing her in her basket.
    The girl stared at Lusa before waving goodbye as her guardian jumped high into the air, landing gracefully on a building.
  4. Lusa gave a small, timid wave to the other girl—Susan, she believed it was—and jumped at a bright yellow light. Her mentor, CGS, or Crystal Golden Shadow, was in front of her.
    CGS had yellow skin and matching hair, with his gem on his right arm. She nodded at Lusa, who chuckled.
    Lusa and CGS were as different as the night was from the day. Lusa was a dark thinker and incredibly quiet, while CGS was hyperactive and loud. Not to mention that he used light magic and she used dark magic.
    "Come on, Lusa, I made chocolate chip cookies with the resources you snagged. You are brilliant at that." He gave her a smile, something Lusa never did. Lusa nodded.
    He grinned at her. "Well, don't just stand there! Let's go!" CGS pumped his fist.
  5. "Are you ready Susan?"
    The little girl only nodded and Khaki placed the child down, "you know...your almost old enough to join Ellen's school program..." she said excitedly, "that's were amazing and growing gems like yourself attend classes to learn more about your power!"

    The gem then paused, "Susan, did you see anyone else today?"
    Susan then transformed into the two gems she saw earlier, which made Khaki very upset. "Golden Shadow! Always coming up on my turf!" she yelled and kicked a rock before taking a deep breath, "ever since that that time I beat him in that stupid human game rock paper scissors he has always been on my butt about stupid stuff!"

    (It's not true, she's just always annoyed with him)

    "C'mon, lets go home before Golden boy cramps my style," she said and grabbed the girl, "besides i've gotten plenty of energy from you anyway..."
    The two were off, and while they were in the air Susan felt sick to her stomach for some weird reason...
  6. "Oh...come on, Lusa. We need to have some FUN!"
    "Keep your voice down," Lusa covered his mouth. "Don't want to get caught."
    "Okay," CGS said brightly. "Let's teleport. It's easier than flying anyways."
    "Khaki again?" Lusa rolled her eyes. "If anything, I'd say you send me wherever Susan is as an excuse to taunt Khaki."
    "No. To flirt," he said, his goofy grin still intact.
    "CGS, how do you do that?"
    Lusa sighed. "Never mind. Let's go home."
    "One, two, three. TELEPORT!"
    Both disappeared in flashes of black and pale yellow, reappearing in an old, run-down manor.
    "Whew! That took us about five seconds!" CGS chuckled and walked to an old piece of paper. "A new record." He jotted down Five Seconds in messy handwriting, a gentle smile on his face. "So, Lusa, I promised you chocolate chip cookies. Here they are!" he shouted brightly, taking a tray off the table.
    The cookies, like always, we're impressive. Lusa liked chewing slowly on them, an exaggerated "Mmm" reaching her lips as she spaced out. It gave her memories of when she was first found by CGS, who, despite their extreme differences, took her in with no complaint.
    " still are unsuccessful on Operation: Ask Khaki Out? If you ask me, the attempts are kind of...pointless."
    "Yeah. Any advice?"
    "Mm-hm. Give up."
    "HEY!" CGS shouted, his face redder than a tomato, which was not a pretty sight. Lusa turned away.
    "Just saying." Lusa shrugged. "How's the energy search going?"
    "Great, thanks to my little thief." CGS patted Lusa on the head. "I have trained you well."
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  7. As Khaki was jumping over the abandoned manor, where CGC was Susan started glowing, transforming into a beautiful teenager!
    Unfortunately, she was heavier so her gaurdian can no longer hold they started falling.

    "Ow! What the-Susan?" Khaki groaned as she looked at who was sitting on top of her, it was indeed Susan and she had bloomed into a beautiful gem! She had a shirt that fell just below her chest area, showing her slim and beautiful stomach and jean shorts, her beautiful white hair fell towards her lower back with some hair covering her left eye in a fashionable way.

    "Susan!" Khaki gasped shocked, "its already time for you to age?"
    Susan just stood up and looked at herself in a puddle of water, she smiled and played with her hair.
  8. Lusa and CGS jumped. Somebody was near the manor.
    CGS nodded and took a pistol out. "Come on."
    They opened the door and saw Khaki and Susan outside. Lusa spat her cookie out while CGS lowered his weapon.
    "So your kid aged?" CGS said. "Well, my Lusa hasn't aged yet—and she's pretty spanking good at things."
    "CGS...if I were you, I'd put some effort into it and not mention what I can do. So what if I haven't aged? I don't really care..."
    "Me neither. So," he grinned at Khaki. "Dinner? Five o' clock?"
    Lusa hit him lightly. "Bad timing. Nice seeing all of you, but if you'll excuse me—what?" CGS was looking dreamily at her.
    "Lusa, you are hot."
    "Hot?! Oh, flirt with the dark girl."
    "No, seriously..." He waved a white mirror in her face. "Look."
    Lusa was now taller, with a pear-shaped body and her long black hair held in a ponytail. She was wearing a grey shirt, revealing her jewel perfectly, and a ripped denim skirt over black tights.
    Lusa screamed in shock. "What...?"
    "My little dark girl is growing up!" CGS chuckled, hugging her. "Look out for the boys, though..."
    "Sh-shut up!"
  9. "We should go to Ellen, she will take us where we need to be..."
    Susan spoke for the first time and Khaki's eyes widened as she covered her mouth. Susan hasn't been able to speak since she was a little gem, she had always thought that her vocal cords weren't all the way developed yet but it turns out she was a late bloomer.
    The young gem had a fascinating British accent, so smooth and lovely just like her.

    "This...this is amazing! CGC, Susan is right!" Khaki said grabbing his arm, "we have to show Ellen!"
    Suddenly, Susan clenched her gem in pain, "I don't feel so good..." she began and fell to the floor, then floating back up she sprouted wings made completely out of water.

    "What the-?" Khaki gasped letting to of CGC, Susan was a water gem, one of the rarest kind!

    Susan flapped her wings quickly floating then she dropped to the ground, moving a strand of hair behind her ear.
    "Susan...Lusa...we really should get going!" Khaki said
  10. "CGS," CGS corrected hastily. "So, Luse, let's...WHERE DID YOU GO?!"
    "This is kind" Lusa was disappearing with amazing accuracy and reappearing in a black shadow.
    "Oh, my gosh! You're a dark gem! I can't believe this! I've never even—no, I have! Lusa is a dark gem—and I'm light...GAH! Can we still be friends?!"
    "What are you blabbing about? Of course we're friends."
    "Light raised dark...light raised'll go down in history for sure..."
    "I bet it will." Lusa kept her stoic expression intact. "Come on, let's go see Ellen."
  11. "Ellen! Ellen!" Khaki shouted as she pulled Susan along with her, "it's Susan...she has changed!"
    Ellen was a rose quartz gem, she had light pink curly hair that fell at her lower back, she was pregnant with another gem asexually of course.
    "Ahh, hello Khaki..." Ellen said with such a soothing and kind tone. "I trust CGC is following behind you?"
    The gem blushed, "how did you know?"
    Ellen only giggled full kindheartedly, "try going out to dinner with him, you might find him amazing...and I know you like him.."
    Khaki blushed, her green cheeks turning a little red, she shook her head "It's Susan mother Ellen, she has-"

    "Aged, I know...and so has Lusa, both beautiful girls...and both very rare..."
  12. "Okay, ready? One, two, three. TELEPORT!"
    The two of them disappeared in flashes of black and yellow, like always, this time Lusa's black shadow more impressive.
    They materialized again where Mother Ellen was, and entered the room.
    "Yo, Ellen! Long time, no see!" CGS grinned. "Oh yeah, thanks for the food from the other day. You're a lifesaver."
    "It was kind of your fault..." Lusa whispered to CGS.
    "Lusa! Be polite!"
    "Hi, Susan..."
    "You're changing the subject?!"
  13. Ellen chuckled, "Hello you two...I suppose you wish to talk about the girls and what school they will be attending to after they age...well, that's really up to them but if they do go to school then they can focus on their powers and stress them enough to see what else they can do..."
  14. "Why do that when I've trained Lusa already?"
    "Yeah. In stealing and stealth and teleportation."
    CGS smiled. "The three things you need the most."
    "Good point." Lusa said.
    "So, are you interested?"
    "Heck yeah."
    "Another question; why isn't Lusa smiling yet? I thought her becoming a teen would be more...different."
    "G-get used to it!" Lusa blushed.