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I think I tend to lean more on the aggressive side, but I would love for you to contribute to the story too! Sometimes I just lean back and play super passive just so you can get your ideas out there too! :D
Favorite Genres
Romance - Action - Drama - Fantasy - YAOI .... I feel like I can put everything here so don't make me do it ^^;
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Yuri... I just... I can't ^^; And I'm really bad at fandoms... ^^; Unless it is OC X OC, but... it's in this part for a reason ^^; Sorry guys!

General Sub-races Settlements

  • Humans
    1. Adoptable in both magic and technology, but above average in both.
    2. The most common species in Crysii.
    3. The biggest human kingdoms are Berin, Tharion, Tendra, and Faydell.
    4. Known human Wizards; Rolan the Powerful, Peris the Graceful and Lucian the Warmonger.
    5. Known human inventors; Phantasia the Creative, Arterius the Droidfather and Ryla the Destructive
    6. Common beliefs vary, and so does preference with magic vs. technology.
    7. +1 to all stats.
    8. They speak common and one other language

  • North
    - Humans settled in the North. They have gotten used to the cold and lack of sun which is evident in their pale skin. Most have light hair, but those who come from extreme cold areas commonly have red, brown or black. The hardest of warriors have known to have their homes from there, especially since they have their home closest to the dwarves. Unlike most humans, they tend to be taller, bulkier built and rely neither on magic nor technology but their brute strengths and traditions within their different warrior tribes. All Kaldr have warrior tattoos/paint evident on their face, each telling of a story noteworthy to deem them a true warrior.
    + Proficiency in intimidation + one weapon

    Iscald - Humans settled in the North. Their fair skin tones barely show in the land of snow they usually inhabit. They can be characterized by their silvery or white hair, though in rare cases, some are blonde. Average in height, though seem to be on the leaner side when it comes to weight. Unlike the Kaldr, they are better known for peace and magic. These are the closest ones to the snow elves, and therefore work closely and live with the more secluded elf race, some villages are even co-ed. Iscald are natural born healer. They have the mark of a unique snowflake, none is a pair to another, though families seem to snowflakes resembling each other.
    + Proficiency in medicine +The spell: Healing water

    Snøwel(sn-uh-wel) - The most north settled humans.They are the most secluded of the humans, usually found deep within the forest or the mountains. Often recognized by their snow-white hair and ice blue eyes, these pale humans are different from the Iscald in that they do not have a snowflake, but instead have markings all over their bodies that range from different shades of blue, though none too dark. They are also known to use mostly magic.
    + Resistant against cold - The spell: Hurl snowballs

    Shu -
    Humans settled to the East. They are yellowish in their skin color with darker hair and eye color. They are known to settle the“cities of the technology”. Less reliant on magic, they still use the pure energy the magic offers to power up their necessities but using it as much more than just a power source. Rolan the Powerful was a Shu, which is their greatest pride. While this does not concern all of the people of Shu descent, some have a limb or body part that is robotic, instead of flesh and blood.
    + Proficiency in hacking + Repairs

    Shirla - Humans settled to the east. These humans are taller and thinner than the others and they have long dark hair that they always keep in some sort of tie, either adorned with string or other decorations. Yellowish to tan in their skin color, though eye color tends to vary. They are known for their hands-on approach, being neither reliant on technology nor magic, these humans have decided to live away from all of that and instead keeps it to the ancient times, keeping themselves in the forests or mountains.
    + Proficiency in survival + nature

    Ferling - Humans settled to the east. They are average in their build, while hair and eye color vary, most common is brown hair and blue eyes. The Ferlings are typically from smaller communities where earth magic is the most common to use. Except, the wood elves, they are also known as natural protectors of the forest and their chosen weapon is usually a bow or their earth golems. When coming of age (15), Ferlings are given a knife that is made out of their sacred tree which they are expected to always have with them.
    + Proficiency in animal handling + their knife

    Varme -
    Humans settled in the South. They live in the extreme heats and have learned to take it to their advantage. The sun shines both day and night brightly, giving them a characteristic darker skin. The best of fire mages have found their hometown to be Varme, as kids toss fireballs around like they were snowballs. They are average in both height weight but embedded into their bodies is a dark red crystal that peeks out. Typically hands or head, but some rarer cases it's on the back, neck or shoulder.
    + Resistant against fire + The spell: Hurl fireballs

    Sør (s-uh-r) - Humans settled in the South. Their skin varies from tanned to darker, having brown hair and dark eyes. Using the natural warmth in their lands, they harbor the energy from both the heat and the magic that comes with to bring life to powerful machinery. Typically, their kingdoms are close to the mountains and hills, giving them plenty of resources to tinker with. It is the Sørs that are the best at metal magic or infusing metallic objects with magical energy. The very first creator of an android, Arterius the Droidfather, was a Sør. All people of Sør is given a test where they are to create their own droid. They are usually small pets (mouse, rabbit, cat, bird etc.) that are only capable of beeps and boops, but they are alive and tend to stay as their lifelong companion.
    + Proficiency in droid handling + droid companion

    Surder - Humans settled in the South. Red hair and dark skin is their typical trademark along with most of their free-spirited attitudes. Surders are rarely anything bigger than small settlements, which tend to move from one place to the other. They are the best merchants in Crysii, finding wares from all over the lands to sell to whoever got the coin. While they do not often have a home, most thieves’ guilds are filled with Surders, who have no shame in admitting their criminal ways.
    + Proficiency in Deception/Persuasion + Sleight of hand

    Fulgs -
    Humans settled to the West. Varying from pale to tan, their hair colors are often a light green to blonde, with either green or blue eyes. They are tall but thin, delicate in their build. Fugls are the best at wind magic. They hold marks of wings somewhere on their bodies and use their magic along with technology to create the sky islands. They made the first ship that was made for air rather than the sea.
    + Proficiency in arcana + The spell: Gust of wind

    Hemmil - Humans settled to the West. Average in weight and height, these pale humans have blonde to golden hair and green or blue eyes. They live mostly along the coast using resources around them to live, though their kingdoms do not shy away from magic or technology. Hemmil too uses wind magic, though instead of flight it has often been used to create music. Hemmils have a tradition to give out an instrument to each child, allowing them to know the joy of the sounds of their winds.
    + Proficiency in performance + instrument

    Flin - Humans settled to the West. Rowdy in nature, these humans are tall and somewhat bulky, usually tan or darker in their skin with dark hair color. They are the natural gunners of the humans, having infused their guns with wind magic to give it the extra power it needs to carry the bullet even further. They always carry their guns around and rather than kingdoms, they have plenty of villages and towns that are filled with magic and their trusted steel.
    + Proficiency in gun handling + one gun

  • North

    Berin is the biggest kingdom in the North. It is a kingdom of snow where all are welcomed, and while ruled by humans, they do not shut their doors for others to join their lands and have plenty of snow elves living among them. The current king, King Magnus III, is known for his strong sense of justice and peaceful negotiations. The town brings in adventurers with their guild adventure guild, along with Festival of the Snowfall. It is also the home of the Ice Academy.

    Redsnow Tribe
    The biggest Tribe of the Kaldr. These are fierce warriors that have settled closer to the borders with both forest and mountain to gain enough resources for their weaponry. They do not believe in either magic nor technology and has managed with manual labor, and while they are but a tribe, they have prospered in their own ways. They hold regular tournaments where adventurers are welcomed to join, which brings many tourists. Their Tribe Leader is Valdr, a large man with blue tribal marks that tell the story of the time he killed a Frost Wurm with his ax.

    Snowlake Forest Village
    This village is located right next to a healing water spring. They believe it has been given to them by the high goddess and has been praising the spring ever since. The Iscalds protect the spring from intruders, though adventurers are welcomed into the village, none are into the water. Feria, the leader of the village, is strong and feared water mage though once a year the worthy of Iscald is allowed to bathe in the spring or bring water to their families. This is called the “Day of Feria’s Mercy” and many adventurers wish to take part, but none have so far. It also holds the Water Academy, where young aspirants are welcomed to learn.

    Frost Tear Mountain
    It is a smaller village further up the mountain where most of the Snøwels are settled. The village is run by a Village Head, Sapphire. Due to how far up into the mountains the village is located, few travelers ever make their way up there and adventurers who bother are even rarer. Many eager adventurers find themselves leave the mountain in search for more civilization.


    The biggest kingdom to the East. It is divided in two by a huge district wall that was put between the two of them due to a disagreement whether or not magic and technology were meant to be fused.

    The Eastside is controlled by Emperor Feng. He is an old man who believes that the world is best untouched. His kingdom is hardly touched by technology, not even the paper lanterns in his street have been “corrupted” by such things. It looks a lot more traditional where people are usually wearing robes. They do not shy away from magic but do not promote it either. The Eastside hosts one of the greatest markets in the east, as it is an entire street with plenty of shops and stands. It is known as “The Market Road”.

    The westside is the complete opposite. Skyscrapers are high up in the air and the humans live alongside technology like it is any other day. Their main transportation device is cars, and it would be more difficult to not find someone using their latest holo-phone. Droids are more than welcome to live there, and those unfortunate in battle or otherwise lost a limb due to sickness or accident will have it replaced with robotics. This side is under the rule of Leonard II, who follows his father’s footsteps by clinging onto the technology they both held dear.

    Orion - It is the second biggest skyscraper kingdom. If the Shu does not live in Tharion, they do here. Orion does not have its own independent leader and instead is under the rule of Leonard II but they do have their own Council that speaks on Orion’s behalf and expresses their wishes. In the center of Orion is a large holographic projection of Rolan the Powerful, holding the Staff of Miracles. Every year, they hold a festival to honor Rolan which draws the attention of many travelers. Most known is the event where hopeful inventors, show what they have to Leonard II.

    Sheria Tribe - This village is located in the eastern mountains and deep into the forests. They are known for their martial arts dojos and temples where humans and other races alike are taught to appreciate the earth and all the gifts it has to offer. No droids are welcomed in Sheria, and they have been criticized for such but they seem not to wish to change their minds. Lian is the Empress of the Tribe, a young woman who rules with an iron fist and discipline.

    The Kung Lao Forest - The forest hosts the sacred tree of the Ferlings. In the green forest, there is only one tree that blossoms blue flowers, and only the Ferlings know the path to it. Many adventurers have tried and found themselves lost, though some believe this is a magic trick and not lack of tracking skills. Leader Shui Wen, an astonishing Earth mage has created a large golem that guards the forest, where no androids are welcomed.

    Tendra -
    The Kingdom of Tendra is located close to an active Volcano, though it draws upon that power to give life to its mechanical land. Despite the heat and fire, not to mention constant sun, none of them are bothered by it as they have grown used to it. Tendra is the home of the Droid Academy. Where hopeful of all kinds are welcome to learn about the creation and workings of a droid, alongside how to infuse magic into metal and bring it to lie. Mira IV is the Queen of these lands, and she welcomes all.

    The Flaming Kingdom - It may not be close to a volcano, but it has little use for it. The King’s castle holds a fire that has been told to be eternally burning. It is located in the middle of town next to the Fire Mage School, that they are so proud of. King Cedric VII is a proud fire mage that proclaims he keeps the fire burning, though few thinks it is true. The Flaming Kingdom shows off its flame whenever it rains, as it is not extinguished, and that sight alone attracts travelers from close and far.

    Andericon - The Kingdom where humans and androids alike have been able to find true harmony. This is the hometown of Arterius the Droidfather, which was the beginning of droid life in Crysii. His statue has been raised in the middle of the town alongside the depiction of the first ever humanoid droid that gained the named Lebia. Being a town where both flesh and metal meet, this is a place where many wishes to go. Especially on the “Creation Day” where young Sørs are to prove their skills and bring metal to life. Queen Seraph, a descendant of Arterius herself, is proud to rule over the kingdom as an android.

    Surder Settlements - There are no villages for the Surders. They have no village, no kingdom and none know of their leader. Some settlements have been seen to the South, but they are moved regularly from one place to the other. They are not easy ones to find and are constant travelers on the road.Those who come upon a Surder settlement is better to ignore it unless they wish to be robbed blind.

    Faydell -
    The Kingdom of Faydell is located on the ground, though it has a direct sky bridge to the sky islands. King Quinzell IX holds yearly festivals to listen to the music of the Hemmils, watch the skilled gunners of the Flins and see the Fulgs and their temporary flight. It is the most united of the human kingdoms.

    Windfall Island - The sky islands are multiple pieces of the Earth that have been plunged into the air and kept there thanks to the power of wind magic infused into crystals that keeps them afloat. However, in the center of all of these islands is Windfall Island, home to the Wind Academy and the first ever created wind ship, which can fly around the islands for faster transportation. King Alexander I can be seen daily on the ship, as he enjoys being there with his grandchildren.

    Keria Village - A small village located close to the Keria river. It is the home of the Bard’s College, where the finest music is created with the help of the wind magic that the Hemmils are so incredibly proud of. Their leader, Queen Arya, was once the greatest traveling bard but quit to found the Bard's College.

    Drunken Huntsman Village - The biggest city that the Flin have settled. It is a one way street with buildings on either side, and plenty of bars for the gunslingers to enjoy their barfight in. Despite their rougher nature, Mayor Rellinger is not a rough man and welcomes all adventurers who wish to learn the art of the gun at his shooting school and range.
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I think I tend to lean more on the aggressive side, but I would love for you to contribute to the story too! Sometimes I just lean back and play super passive just so you can get your ideas out there too! :D
Favorite Genres
Romance - Action - Drama - Fantasy - YAOI .... I feel like I can put everything here so don't make me do it ^^;
Genre You DON'T Like
Yuri... I just... I can't ^^; And I'm really bad at fandoms... ^^; Unless it is OC X OC, but... it's in this part for a reason ^^; Sorry guys!

General sub-races Settlements

  • Elves
    1. Highly gifted in magic and nature despite most elves have opted for magic, some have made excellent inventors.
    2. Very common race in Crysii.
    3. The biggest Elven kingdoms are Rafariel, Sendria and Frosten.
    4. Known Elven wizards are: Aofel the Ferocious, Sariel the Merciful, Adrie the Fire Mistress.
    5. Known Elven inventors are: Rael the Genius, Sylinn the Gun Master, Sai the Lightning Lord.
    6. Commonly believes that magic is superior to technology.
    7. +2 dex (and something depending on sub-race) and darkvision.
    8. Can read and write common and Elvish.
    9. Advantage on saving throws against being charmed and magic cannot put you to sleep.

  • High Elf
    These elves are known to be the smartest among the elves. Rael the Genius was the first to introduce magic into weaponry and was therefore given much recognition as he brought forth a new form of war. High elves are typically found in higher rankings of society. High elves have only one kingdom of their own, Rafariel. They are tall and have the longest ears, usually, pale with either golden long hair or otherwise light color. Their eyes typically green or yellow.
    - Gain +1 intelligence
    - One cantrip of your choice
    - Extra language
    - Proficiency in arcana/hacking (chose one)
    - Proficiency with the longsword, shortsword, shortbow, and longbow

    Wood elf
    These elves keep to themselves in the forests of Crysii, some living in treehouses while others keeping themselves rooted to the ground. They are more tanned of the elves and their ears are the shortest. Wood elves have some sort of symbol of nature (a branch, the moon, stars, flowers, a tree etc.) on their bodies. Wood elves are found through the woods of Crysii, especially in the eastern forest alongside the Ferling humans.
    - Gain +1 wisdom
    - Base walking speed is 35ft
    - Proficiency in nature/perception (choose one)
    - Proficiency with longsword, shortsword, shortbow, longbow, and sniper.

    Drow (Dark elf)
    Rarely seen on the surface, the drow keeps to themselves underneath the surface as they are sensitive to sunlight. They are easily recognizable by their dark skin, white hair and red eyes. Drows are rare to see and it is impossible to get into a drow settlement without being a dark elf.
    - Gain +1 Charisma
    - Your Darkvision is 120ft.
    - You are sensitive to sunlight which gives you disadvantage on wisdom and attack rolls when in direct sunlight.
    - You know the Dancing Lights cantrip
    - You have proficiency with rapiers, shortswords, hand crossbows, handguns, and snipers.

    Snow Elf
    These elves are in the mountains and the north alongside the humans. Their ears are the second longest among the elves, and while they’re very shy in nature, they’re not impossible to see. They have pale skin and either silvery or blueish hair, eyes being ice or sky blue. Snow elves don’t have many villages of their own, so most of them share a home alongside the humans in the North.
    - Gain +1 Constitution
    - The spell: Hurl snowballs
    - Proficiency in medicine/religion
    - Proficiency with shortbow, longbow, and sniper.

  • Rafariel
    While not an original elven kingdom, it has now been taken over by the high-elves who diplomatically took over the former human kingdom. The humans and droids are both welcomed in the village, but no one can make political disagreements with the high elves without being properly dealt with. And while their doors are open, disagreements have been had and many have been kicked out or mysteriously vanished.

    Sendria Forest Kingdom
    The Taria Forest Village is to the east of Crysii. It is not too close to the human settlements, though they do work closely with the Ferlings. The leader is Hariel, a great archer that controls the forest and her village with her pet wolf companion Welr. The most known about the Taria Forest Village is how they do not live on the ground, but instead in the trees where they have made themselves treehouses while some hollowed out the tree.

    Daria Village
    While none have visited, the Daria village is the most (and possibly only) confirmed dark elf village. Only one adventurer has gone down there and returned, though he could not tell much of what he saw as he had no way of seeing in the dark like the elves who live there did. This village remains only confirmed in name, and no drow seem to confirm that he truly did "see" the place.

    Frosten Kingdom
    The most known snow elf kingdom. Even though humans are not very welcomed as these elves have experienced many problems with humans before, they do not shoo away visitors of the non-elven kind. Jeriel the Kind, their King, is the one that keeps guard of the small kingdom and is known to be a powerful ice mage.

    Human settlements they commonly live in:
    - Berin, Snowlake Forest, Tharion, Orion Sheria Tribe, Kung Lao Forest, Tendra, Andericon, Sunder Settlements, Faydell, Windfall Island, Keria Village, and Drunken Huntsman Village.
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Playing Style- Passive or Aggressive
I think I tend to lean more on the aggressive side, but I would love for you to contribute to the story too! Sometimes I just lean back and play super passive just so you can get your ideas out there too! :D
Favorite Genres
Romance - Action - Drama - Fantasy - YAOI .... I feel like I can put everything here so don't make me do it ^^;
Genre You DON'T Like
Yuri... I just... I can't ^^; And I'm really bad at fandoms... ^^; Unless it is OC X OC, but... it's in this part for a reason ^^; Sorry guys!

General Digging Deeper Sub-races

  • Androids
    1. Highly gifted in mechanical knowledge and handling. Magic is proven not to be impossible for androids to comprehend, but most struggle to learn longer than humans or elves would.
    2. An entirely new race in Crysii, not widely accepted.
    3. The androids do not have their settlements yet and live in human or elven settlements.
    4. The most known android wizard is Marion the Wonderous.
    5. The most known android inventor is Serion the Fixer.
    6. Commonly believes that technology is superior to magic.
    7. +2 intelligence (and something depending on sub-race) and darkvision
    8. Can read, write and speak common and droid.

  • 9. You do not sleep, but instead, charge, being aware enough to react to certain sounds or movements.
    10. All androids have been branded with their unique ID code somewhere on their bodies.
    11. All androids are human-like in appearance, and it is hard to tell the difference unless they are injured. They do not bleed, and their inner cybernetics will be revealed.
    12. Despite androids being robotics, they are not incapable of feeling pain, dying or emotions. Their bodies might be made out of metal, but through magic, they have been given personalities and life.
    13. Many believe that androids are being controlled, but they have complete control over themselves and their actions. The only control they do not have is their creation.

  • W1-Z4-R4D models
    These android models are the only ones capable of using magic. These models usually have unusual hair colors, such as pink, purple or light blue while their eye color varies from one mode to the other. Depending on the magic they decide to use, the model seems to change eye color matching that of their element permanently.
    - Gain +1 wisdom
    - Gain one spell: Healing Water/Hurl Fireballs/Hurl Snowballs/Gust of Wind
    - Proficiency in arcana

    B4-TTL-3 models
    These androids are androids specifically made for battle. They usually have dark hair and blue eyes, alongside an in-built hidden blade in their wrist that can be taken out at will or capable of turning their hand, momentarily, into a gun for a long-range shot at an enemy.
    - Gain +1 strength
    - Gain a hidden blade/hidden gun
    - Proficiency in athletics
    - Proficient with handguns, guns, and snipers.
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