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Heyo~ I'm Crystal, AKA Cry, and I am on the search for a OnexOne role-play partner! I have some plots that I would like to try and some that suggestions! (I got these idea's off of Tumblr, I will post the link to the original author by the name)

Ditching (I will play Muse B)
(MxF) (FxF)

Muse A ditches prom because it’s not really their thing, and they end up going to IHop at like 9 p.m. and as they’re eating, they notice that Muse B, who was a classmate that they never really talked to, has also decided to ditch prom for IHop, and then Muse A invites them to sit at their table and they end up talking for the first time about the school year and about graduating and their future, and basically end up getting to know each other.

Muse A decides to walk Muse B home after IHop closes. Muse B refuses to go back home and Muse A decides to take Muse B to their house instead. Muse B notices Muse A's odd behavior while they where going home and asks them about it. Muse A confesses when they get home.

Muse A decides to walk Muse B home. After they get there, Muse A confesses their love for Muse B, it could go anywhere from there.

Abuse (I will play Muse A)

Muse A has been in an abusive (physically and emotionally) relationship for a few months, and one day they just have enough from their significant other and they decided to grab as much of their stuff and walk out sobbing their eyes out on the other and their bf/gf follows them out and Muse B is walking down the street and the bf/gf is trying to stop muse a from leaving, like trying to open their car door and Muse B sees this happening and stops the significant other and fights them down and Muse A gets away. A couple days later, Muse B finds Muse A alone on the streets…

Muse B takes Muse A into their home/apartment. Muse A tried to refuse, but Muse B wont take no for an answer. After finally getting Muse A to cooperate, Muse B takes Muse A home.

Muse B asks Muse A if they are okay. After Muse B tells a bit about what happened, Muse B takes Muse A to the local café.

Here are some other idea's.

*=I want to play it
**=I really want to play it
***=I desperately want to play it

Anime Idea's:

Soul Eater:




Attack On Titan:



Magical CreaturexScientist/Bounty Hunter
Humanxfallen angel
Best friendxBest friend's sister
Childhood friendxsinger
Zombie Apocalypse***

1: Do not join and ditch. I would like this to last for a decent time.
2: PM skellies to me. Title PMs what you want to role-play, or else I will ignore your message. DO NOT POST SKELLIES IN HERE.

3: Post at least once every day. PM me if you have to leave for sometime.

4: One role per person.

5: Please try to use decent grammar and spelling. Post at least a whole paragraph. Please do not chat here.

6: Please, oh please throw in small side plot ideas, plot twists, and all sorts of things into this roleplay.

(I used these from here:

Here is the Forum:

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With the human x fallen angel rp, would you prefer modern, or more medevial time period?
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