Cruel Intentions

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  1. Cruel Intentions
    Looking for a male partner.
    (Disclaimer: Involves lite bondage, public sexual acts, drama, some fighting & more plot than sex.)

    What happens when you are forced to marry someone, you know has no intention of getting to know or care for you? Do you simply get over it and pretend to have a good relationship or try to get out of it? This is something that Iris had to think about when her family arranged for her to marry the oldest son of family friend and partner. Yet Leon wasn't what you'd call a childhood friend. Actually the two of them hated each other so much that it showed whenever they were around each other. Though it had been over five years since they last saw each other after graduating from high school. Both had went off to different schools and never saw each other since.

    Iris is the adopted daughter of a former well known actor now entertainment owner and
    pianist. After the birth of their son, they were told that they couldn't have any more children unless they adopted or had a surrogate mother. Deciding it was better to adopt, they found their beautiful daughter; only a few months old at the time, at a local orphanage run by a close friend. Iris grew up with loving parents and a doting older brother. Her fathers' friend had a son who was a few months older than her, who he brought around to their home, when visiting. From the moment they met, the two had a great dislike for each other. Iris was consider very beautiful among the boys and Leon was very handsome among the girls. Everyone thought that they were good together, until they would see how they actually were.

    Upon leaving home for university and having lives of their own, the two probably didn't think about each other much at all. Iris had gone off into the fields of photography and acting, while maintaining a good balance in her work and personal life. Although she grew up in the spotlight, Iris was pretty shy around people when she first meets them. Never having been in a relationship, she was still a virgin, waiting for her one true love. Many who knew the truth found it hard to believe that she was still pure and untainted like some of the women in the entertainment business.

    Now Leon, on the other hand, was definitely enjoying his freedom by easily seducing women left and right. He had a charismatic personality that captivated anyone who was around him. As a owner of his own mens' clothing line and taking over his fathers' business as well, you could say that his personality was perfect for his line of work. He, unlike Iris, was well rehearsed in the art of sexual interactions with women. You could ask any woman who had the chance to be in bed with him and you'll get the same answer from each one; it'll never be the same with another man. Leon took pride in everything that he did, working hard at everything and overcoming any obstacle.

    That was until they were both put to a challenge that neither were expecting. Both head home to spend quality time with their families for the Christmas holiday, only to find that their families were going to be spending it together to celebrate a joyous occasion. Leon and Iris' marriage. Both adults are floored by the sudden announcement. Wanting to reject the announcement, they are told that they are not given any choice since it had been planned from the very beginning. Although it is unexpected, Leon finds this obstacle to be more than entertaining when he finds out from Iris' brother her secret. Thinking that this'll be fun, he comes up with a plan to not only mess with her, but make her fall in love with him only to break her heart in the end. But will he succeed in his plans?

    Iris (open)
  2. Hmmm. I could try and be Leon for you
  3. Awesome.
    Love your signature by the way.

    If you'll just post a pic and then I'll make the first post.
  4. How about someone who isn't close to Asian ethnicity, seeing as how Iris is adopted by a Caucasian family.
  5. Sure, just found a random picture on the internet. Give me another second xD


    I'm terrible at finding pictures that aren't so...err revealing. So when I find one that isn't, I normally just take it.
  6. Ummm....Did you accidentally double post?
  7. I don't know what you mean by revealing, but yeah that's fine.
  8. Where the male isn't wearing anything but underwear .-. xD
  9. XD I've found many who aren't almost naked.
  10. Lol, I'm just terrible at finding pictures. Either that or I'm just not typing in the right things o.o
  11. I usually put in fashion male models, so it's easier because most of the time they're clothed XD
  12. Hmm...I put kind of the same thing xD

    I normally put 'dressed male models' and I still get some that aren't dressed .-.
  13. If you wish to find a picture, I don't mind at all ^^

    This is your plot idea, so if you find a male that you think is perfect for Leon then I'm fine with it.
  14. Oh, sorry for the double post. I understand Leon's Dad is a Family Friend. So he would be a Guest and already at the party correct?
  15. [​IMG]
    I thought this was good since he's in a suit, Leon is a businessman after all XD.
  16. That picture works for me ^^
  17. Yes he would
  18. What is a good last name that goes with Leon xD
  19. Lol I just made up the last name. Any last name will do.
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