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  1. Jillian had packed her bag and were on her way out, she would probably never come back again, not to this house, it wouldn’t be safe to do so. They would come in about half an hour, the people that were out after her, the people that wanted her gift and curse. Jillian had been able to see in to the future ever since she was a child, but before she had only seen small things and the visions just came a litle now and then. Just recently they had started comming more often and she had been able to controll what she would see much more.

    People that worked for the police and people that worked for the maffia had gotten to know about it of different reasons, maybe she had been a bit to careless using her visions to much to prevent things to happening. Just recently she had noticed the people in her vision that were out after her, she had seen herself walking routs and being kidnapped because of that, this far she had been able to get away thanks to her visions but soon they would attack her home to. She didn’t have a choice but to leave her home, she lived there with her mother but they wouldn’t hurt her, she had already made sure that they wouldn’t. Her mother had never known about her powers and she didn’t know that Jillian were leaving so they wouldn’t have any reason to keep her mother, and she had seen that they wouldn’t do anything to her.

    She left threw the window, because if she wouldn’t the spy would have seen that she were leaving. It was just by chance she had noticed in her vision that there was a spy outside of her house, afterwards she had looked carefully if someone were going to see her if she took different routs but noone would get in her way.

    The sun was shining brightly on her as she walked down an empty street, the most people always walked on the big road, this was a smaller road that was never used anymore because it took much longer to go that way. She had already seen that she wouldn’t meet anyone so she didn’t need to hide her face or anything like that. Jillian didn’t know where she should go but she was certain she would find something, she could always test out in her visions what would happen if she did different kind of things and then do what was best. But sometimes her visions could be wrong because the people that are in the visions change their mind and then the future changes. The good thing with the police and maffia was that they always had a plan they followed and almost never changed it so she could easily figure out what they were going to do.

    When she had walked for almost an hour and had come out of the city and were on a small roud with a forest on the right side and a field on the left she suddenly saw someone walking in front of her. Impossible, she hadn’t seen anyone in her vision, she shouldn’t meet a living soul in hours. She tried to summon a vision to see who the man were, if he would say something to her or do something, but of some reason it was all blank, it was like he didn’t excist, she couldn’t see him in her vision. Who were that man?

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    The wind blew across the field causing the tall grass to bow in ripples and waves. It looked like a lake, the wind ruffling the surface of the water. The leaves in the trees rustled softly, too, creating a soft and soothing shush that washed over the area. It soothed the lone man walking along the track. With his hands tucked into his pockets he had not a care in the world, or so it would seem.

    He had soft brown hair that ruffled in the wind, a little longer than was standard for a business man, but not quite the length of a musician's hair, it was pleasantly unkempt. He was wearing a red flannel shirt, open over a white t-shirt. His jeans were of a good quality, but obviously well loved. And his shoes were made for walking. All around, he gave off a comfortable and homely sort of vibe.

    It was several minutes of walking ahead of Jillian before this man turned his head sideways, looking out over the grassy field. Seeing movement behind him out of the corner of his eyes, he turned briefly to face Jillian. He hesitated a moment, hazel eyes squinted briefly against the sun, before turning and continuing his walk, though it was obvious he was more aware of Jillian now. After several more minutes of this, he half turned again, frowning slightly.

    Stopping on the road, he waited for Jillian to be within hearing distance. He offered a friendly smile. "Do you walk down here often?" he asked casually, walking with her as she passed him.

  3. The man slowly got closer, he seemed to be watching the field, it almost felt like he were mesmerized by it. City people didn't often look at the nature like that, maybe he came from a smaller town or something like that. Either way she shouldn't think about stuff like that, she just had to pass the man and hope he wasn't someone suspicious. But it didn't make sense that they would send one guy when they knew that she could see the future, shouldn't they suround her with a lot of people so there wouldn't be any way for her to escape? Maybe they knew that she couldn't see this guys future. Maybe she just were to suspicious, he could be a normal guy walking around. But why couldn't she see him in her visions?

    She thought so hard on it so she actually forgot to keep an eye on the guy, so it surprised her a lot when he suddenly talked to her. Her heart almost skipped a beat in surprise and as she turned to look at him and saw the friendly smile it felt like it was skipping another beat. It actually made her to stop even if she already had decided not to stop for anything or anyone, her eyes went over the good looking man for a moment. The way he looked gave of a really comfortable vibe, he probably were a person that could befriend anyone.

    She studdied him some seconds before answering his question. "Not really, this is the first time I walk here actually." She answered the stranger. He didn't look like the kind of person that would work with 'them', he didn't feel like the kind of person that would either. But it was a bit strange that he asked something like that, maybe he said that instead of 'what a nice weather'. Should she think about this guy as suspicious or just as a guy with to much freetime whom happened to walk there at the same time as her? It still bothered her a lot that she couldn't see his future, she kept trying but it was futile. She almost believed that the man in front of her didn't excist.

    "I didn't think anyone was using this road anymore, what are you doing here?" She asked him, yes she were suspicious of him, if she couldn't use her visions then she needed to make sure that he weren't one of 'them' in other ways. If he were and just were going to report where she were to those people then she needed to stop him. But if he were then there shouldn't have been any reasons for him to stop and talk to her, he should have seen pictures of her and known exactly who she was, so doing something like talking to her was unnecessary. Did that mean he were just a normal guy?
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    He nodded at her reply about this being the first time she had walked this road. As they walked, he casually observed her. She seemed tense, and so he was careful to keep a respectful distance between them. He was a stranger, after all. And she was a pretty young woman. It was understandable why she might be nervous, walking alone down a deserted road with a strange man. It was a good thing, then, that he had no wicked intentions towards her.

    As she asked him quite bluntly why he was there, he looked at her briefly with raised eyebrows. After a moment, he shrugged. "I come here on occasion, to walk and think and enjoy the day." Gesturing vaguely at the field, he smiled a little. "It's very peaceful, don't you agree?" And with that small comment, he settled back into a silence that seemed comfortable for him. He didn't seem the talkative sort, really. Still, because she was uneasy, he offered her more conversation.

    "I'm Derek, by the way." Smiling, he held out his hand for her to shake.

  5. If he just were there to enjoy the view then he couldn't be a city person, they were way to stressed to even notice that such a peaceful place excisted. He could also come from a bigger city but maybe have a relaxed job that made him enjoy things more. At least he didn't seem to be one of those agents that were out after her, she relaxed a bit. Once they would get in to the closest town they would separate and never see eachother again anyways. Maybe they would even separate on the way if he were going to take another way than her. Anyways they wouldn't stay together for to long so she could as well relax for the moment and try to enjoy the view. But she held watch on the future to see if they had found any clues to which way she had taken yet, but no one of those people were on their way towards her.

    She just nodded to his comment about the place being peaceful, if it hadn't been then she hadn't taken that way from the start. They would think that she were hiding in some crowded places were it would be hard to see her but instead she walked on a road where she could be seen from a long distance. A place without cameras or people, that was the perfect place to travel on because they wouldn't think about that place before she already had passed it.

    Her thoughts got broken when he started to speak, he reached out his hand and she hesitated for a slight second. But then she came to think of that there was no harm to just shoke his hand, if he wanted to hurt her he could just attack whenever, there were no reason to wait untill he got to shake her hand. She were a bit stiff for a slight second but then relaxed and smile while taking his hand. "I'm Jillian." She said.

    Maybe it was a bad idea to tell him her real name, even though he didn't seem to be anyone suspicious it would have been better to make up a fake name. If someone would ask after her and talked to this guy and he told them that he had seen her then they would find her much easier. But now there were to late to take back the words and it would be weird if she asked him not to tell anyone that he had seen her. Maybe he would think that she had runned away from home if she told him not to tell anyone. Well if one so carefree guy knew shouldn't matter that much, but she probably had to make up a fake name before getting in to the next town.
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