Crucial Timing

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    Cesar's whiskey was warm, he had been holding it for at least 30 minutes staring into nothing day dreaming. As he snapped out of his stupor, he could hear the crowd that had grown in the bar was getting louder. They were all enjoying themselves on this rainy night, but he could not.

    Adjusting the medium sized sword at his hip, he couldn't help but think about Chengs proud face. the black bladed sword was given to Cesar as a gift, he had just received his promotion to Colonel, and the Consulate was very proud that he had given up his previous leader for sabotage. he took the last swig of his whiskey slamming the glass on the table. He could feel the swig in his chest. "At least the whiskey was good," He thought to himself feeling the warmth over his body, the amber liquid had done its job.

    Just two hours ago there had been a battle, 3 thousand soldiers against another 3 thousand. The Spartan Clan, the most technologically advanced, and the fiercest warriors out of the 5 colonies had completely annihilated Consulate Chengs army. The Spartans had the strongest, yet fragile leader. She stood no bigger than 5 foot 3, but had the personal strength of a mountain. She had taken control of the Spartans at the young age of 15, after being raped and humiliated by the previous leader. Poisoning him in his sleep.

    The Consolute Cheng, He was a traditional leader standing at 6 feet tall. He was hard in punishment, but as all old Samurai are. After the destruction of the United Empire and the creation of the 5 colonies, Cheng went into hiding creature his own city inside the mountains 500 kilometers and to the east of the city once known as Troy. Troy had been the capital of the UE, but had long been destroyed and deserted. Once Cheng had come back into the light, the other 4 colonies had made it there common goal to annihilate his family, being the Heir's to the once leader of the EU

    Cesar looked down to his chest, the black breastplate he wore had the Crest of the Chengs. The red dragon circling a black sword. He had been proud to wear the crest, having been at orphan at birth. Cheng had come to him personally, had made Cesar practically his son. He shook his head, a small tear coming to eye. "How could I have failed you?" He had never failed before, He knew more about warfare than any other general that Cheng had.

    Colonel Cesar had been in charge of Cheng's Shadow Army, men and woman that had been specially bred and chosen. The Shadow Army had no fear, and were trained in special tactics to get close to the enemy and destroy them in close combat. Very rarely had he ever used a blaster, or any other weapon but a sword or knives depending on the soldiers specialty. The blackarmor they wore had only a few weaknesses, mainly the spot between the helmet and the breastplate, or between the arms on the wearer's torso. That had been a secret, or so Cesar had thought until the entire Spartan army came over the hill, firing their laser cannons.

    The First salvo of fire had taken out his entire front rank, missing the gap between his breastplate and neck by millimeters. Everything was a blur after that, he had fought with all his might, but a blow to the back of his bare head had ended it for him. he woke up amongst those he had trained for over 6 years, all of them dead and bodies mutilated by the spartans. Why had they spared him? For the shame of having to tell his master. He had drank his last drink, and was ready to die at the hands Cheng.

    Covering his Blonde hair with his hood, his red eyes could still be seen. He hadn't shaved in 2 days preparing for the battle, blonde stubble covered his chiseled chin. He took a step out into the road in the direction of the Consulates chambers.
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  2. Vladimir sat with his hood pulled over his face, surrounded by people who were getting more energetic by the minute. He swirled around a drink that he hadn't touched; he honestly didn't even know what it was, a waiter had simply offered it to him. His time as an assassin taught him not to consume strange drinks or foods.

    He wasn't really focused on anything going on inside the bar except for the man who sat on the opposing side of the bar. He remembered the information that had been given to him prior to his arrival here. The man's name was Cesar, skilled warrior and former leader of consulate Cheng's shadow army. He was also the lone survivor of that army. As far as Vladimir knew, Cesar was the son of Cheng.

    Vladimir needed to find as much information on consulate Cheng as possible and if given the opportunity, find a way to get close to him. Cesar could prove to be helpful in that mission; but first Vladimir needed to ensure that Cesar lived through tonight. There was no doubt that Cheng would see the defeat of his army as a failure on Cesar's behalf and would want to have him killed for it.

    Tonight could end in multiple ways. The two most likely were; Cheng would try and kill Cesar himself and Vladimir would save Cesar then by killing Cheng. Killing two birds with one stone. Or Cheng would have someone else kill Cesar. In this situation, Vladimir would still save Cesar but Cheng would still be alive. There were infinite outcomes but Vladimir would be prepared for them all.
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