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  1. Post your Bio's and we can discuss what this is about here

    Name: Cesar Cheng
    Age: 26
    Weapon: a Medium sized black bladed sword, red handle close to a katana's handle. A laser pistol attached to a spring loaded machine on his arm. only pulls it out in time of need.
    Description: Cesar is 6ft 3, Shoulder length blonde hair, and Red Eyes. He wears, when not in battle, a black leather top, that protects his neck also. Black Gloves and Black Pants.
    History: The man never knew his father or mother, coming from the orphanage Consolute Cheng adopted him. He Lived in a large palace all his life and was made into the warrior he is now.

    The Bio's don't have to be intricate just something we can get an idea of you character.
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  2. Name: Vladimir syndicate
    Age: 24
    Weapon: Vladimir has a stainless steel sword made by some of the most skilled craftsmen in the world. He also has a dagger, throwing knifes and a pair of hidden wrist blades.
    Description: Vladimir is 6`1, has short black hair and purple eyes. He wears a white hoodie that casts a shadow over his face, red gloves, and black pants.
    History: Vladimir trained in the art of combat with his brother and father since he was a child. He became one of the worlds most lethal assassins after witnessing his family die and his home burned to the ground
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  3. Name: Katarina Voronstov

    picture (open)

    Age: 23

    Weapon: Katarina has a love for firearms and as such has a vast array at her disposal. Her favorites include a custom modded sniper rifle, twin pistols and her trusty omni-blades.

    Description: Standing at 5’6” Katarina is of medium height, her build lithe and graceful. Her long hair is a dark purple color, cut at the front to frame her face and tied back in a long ponytail. Her pale blue eyes have a silvery sheen to them, betraying the cyberkinetics embedded within at a closer look. The advanced technology assists her in combat and comes with the added benefit of changing her hair and eye color for a brief period.

    History: It was no secret that the Spartans, the most technologically advanced clan was experimenting on humans, trying to further their potential as soldiers. They were dabbling in cyberkinetics, creating cyborgs or advanced combat units.

    As a citizen of the clan, it was ingrained into her from a very young age, the requirement to serve, to die for her clan if need be. Katarina volunteered to be a test subject for one of the most recent projects, creating a new breed of cyborg-warriors. The operations were successful and she was one of the few to fully adapt to her new body. After her training was completed, she was one of the elite operatives, not a mere soldier to be sent out to war. Her forte was missions of a more delicate nature. Infiltration, espionage and sometimes even assassination.
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