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    Blue vans made soft thuds against the tiled floor of the college as the male made his way down the hallway. The male was new this year, but he wasn’t new to the… creatures which went to the school. Vampires. They terrified him yet he was still strangely drawn to them – actually, the very fact that he was so drawn to them was what terrified him. Also, his past made him weary to speak or interact with them. However, this college was one of the best in the country for the Arts so he had no choice in the matter. He just had to be careful. Dakota refused to fall back into the same trap he had fallen into just a few years early. He wasn’t going to give in.

    However, that was easier said than done. Dakota was currently lost. He’d made the mistake of skipping the tour of the school – he’d been busy – and was now completely clueless where to go. His school bag hung lazily over his shoulder and he had on a pair of blue jeans with black boxers peeking over the top of them since they were a tad big, he also had on a blue t-shirt with some logo on the front of it. His blue eyes were hidden behind thick-rimmed spectacles as he glanced frantically at everyone in the hallway. Shit.

    Who was he supposed to ask? There was always the risk he’d talk to one of the vampires and he didn’t want to risk it. However, after quickly glancing at one of the many clocks which hung on the walls, he inhaled sharply and stalked over to the male that was closest to him.

    Uhm, excuse me, I was wondering if you could tell me where room A201 is?” He questioned nervously as he lifted his gaze to make eye contact with the male, biting down on his bottom lip.
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    Alander had been eyeing the clock with the gaze that every vampire gave it at least once in their lifetime. For them, while the minutes ticked by and offered no knowledge of moving past their infinite lifespan, seeing watches and clocks were an annoyance they could not get away from. Or at least from Alander's viewpoint it was. He had been a good man when he'd been human. A honest man that had owned a tavern in the late sixteenth century that had been fancied by a vampire that wanted more than just a little niblet of blood. Ever since that dark, clear night when the stranger had abducted Alander, he had been watching the minutes tick away with a sense of both amazement and (to a much lesser degree) regret. He had had a family--or as close to one than a man that didn't play for the majority team could have with another man.

    Looking to be in his late twenties, he had adopted the 'rebellious' form of dressing that left in him baggy black pants and a t-shirt that said 'F Up' in some lame attempt to insult others with a button up over that. Chains dangled from his pants, giving a less than savory view of him to others that didn't know he wore these simply because they gave off the impression. It also helped that the silver chains burned him each time they touched unprotected skin. People always seemed to forget that vampires could be hurt by silver as well if given long exposure.

    He broke out of his self-destructive thoughts as soon as the voice of someone rang in his ears. He turned pale silver eyes on the man that had stepped up. He reached up brushed some hair out of his own eyes and tilted his head to the side to consider the young man. At first Alander had thought that maybe it had all been a dream--being a vampire--and he'd returned to his own century and was standing before his lover Darius. Then he blinked and realized that the other only had the eyes of Darius that had seen so much tradegy in his life before finding Alander that it was always there--just a hint in the background that would intrigue someone but not offer any answers.

    "A201?" he asked softly to make sure he had heard right as he took a step back. It was far too obvious to the vampire that the man before him was a human. While he was drawn to the human by the mere scent of his blood, he had learned it was often better to stand back and let the human come to him if they so chose instead of leeching after them. "I'm headed that way actually. Come with me." He turned and slumped forward towards the elevators. He could have been at the room in an instant if he had wished but he figured taking the long way with the human would be better.
  3. Judging from the pull Dakota had felt and the way his heart sped up when those silver eyes turned on him, he immediately came to the conclusion that he had, indeed, chosen to speak a vampire. Of course, he just had to talk to the ones he didn’t want to, huh? Was he so drawn to them that he wasn’t even aware of it? He had been mentally scolding himself while the other male spoke and had just opened his mouth to say a, “No, its fine!” But the other male was already on his way and his hand paused midway in the air as he watched him wander off. It took a few seconds for the male to finally decide to walk after him because he’d been a bit too involved in his own thoughts.

    What other choice did he have though? He could stand around like an idiot and end up late or follow the other male… So, like any sane person – or at least, what he liked to believe a sane person would do – he hurried after him. “Ah, thank you.” He murmured once he was walking next to him, making sure to keep a small distance between them since Dakota didn’t quite trust himself and the magnetic pull he felt horrified him. Maybe coming to this school was a bad idea? There was temptation around every corner…

    “Mm, so,” He began, unhappy with the silence that ensued when the elevator dinged and the doors opened, making the boy step slowly into the confined space. “I’m Dakota.” He introduced himself, rubbing the back of his neck as rocked himself back and forth on the balls of his feet. “I’m guessing we have some of the same classes since we’re going to the same classroom… What’s your name?” It was better to be polite, right?
  4. Alander took the farthest corner of the elevator that he could from the human, his silver eyes on the elevator numbers above the door, waiting for the time when they reached the second level and he'd be able to get out of the confined space. To preoccupy his bodies desire for blood, he took one of the silver chains in his hand and out of sight began to fool around with it, burning the tips of his fingers and the palm of his hand. It would heal eventually, but until then he would not be quiet as interested in blood as he was with healing himself, which was what he needed during a class that would be half human.

    When the human--Dakota--began to talk to him, he looked over at him slowly, his eyes trailing almost unwantingly towards the human. "I'm Alander," he said, his voice soft, mimicking the deep and rich sound of a cello--something he often wished it wouldn't do. "And I would suppose we would have the same classes since I teach three of the art classes that are required for incoming art majors." It was a simple observation, nothing more, though he knew some would accuse him of some kind of mind reading or another, when it was anything but that. Room A201 was the one room that focused solely on art classes--beginner art classes at that--which hinted that the man next to him was an art major, or someone at least interested in art.
  5. The sound of Alander's voice sent shivers down his spine and made Dakota painfully aware of just how small the space they were in was. He had been twiddling his thumbs behind his back anxiously, eyes focused on the numbers on top of the door, as if that would make the damned contraption move faster. However, it did not, and the male found himself quickly jerking his head in Alander's direction when he casually told him he was supposed to be his teacher for not one class, but three! He gawked at him, surprise written all over his face. He was a teacher?! But he looked so young? Well, at least that gave Dakota all the more reason to avoid falling back into the same trap.

    And the fact that Alander seemed as unwilling to speak to him as Dakota felt made him feel slightly better. At least that meant nothing strange would happen… or well, the chances of that drastically decreased. He coughed after a second or so in an attempt to compose himself, “Ah, is that so? Nice to meet you, sir,” He said, sounding somewhat dazed, “I guess we’ll be seeing each other a lot than?” He questioned to no one in particular just as the elevator dinge and the brunette practically ran out of the doors, desperate to get out of the awkwardness of the confined space. Honestly…

    So how long have you been working here?”
  6. Alander had watched the new student fidget like a deer in the sights of an arrow. There was something off about the human. While vampires had been 'out of the darkness cupboard' for only a few decades, it was very rare to find a human that wasn't nervous around them at first, but even rarer to find one that hadn't met a vampire at all. The vampire shook his head and followed the human out of the confined space, releasing the silver chains and stuffing his slightly smoking hand into his pocket. "Please... Dakota was it? Don't call me sir. I may be a teacher but I hate being called sir. It makes me sound old," he said with a half-joking smile at the human. He did feel old. Every moment of every single day he felt himself grow older and older, wanting nothing more than to stop, but at the same time keep going in some vain hope he'd find the vampire that had changed him and be able to kill him.

    "And honestly, do I look at all like a teacher? No. I do that on purpose so the students won't feel as pressured to make great master pieces of art on their first day to impress me. If you call me sir, it gives the impression that I know what I'm doing. I only started to teach this course a few years ago. Thus fa I've only had to fail three people and that was because plagerism," the vampire said as he his way down the hallway which was quickly emptying as the clock ticked past the start time for the class. Despite this reminder of time he did not quicken his pace as he walked.

    "So tell me Dakota, what does a young man wish to accomplish with an art degree?"
  7. Dakota felt like an idiot as he listened to the male speak, his cheeks heating up in embarrassment and causing him to mentally scold himself for both making a fool out of himself and because he had the audacity to blush over such an idiot thing… “Oh, sorry Mr –” He paused, unsure whether or not to add the first part before quickly coughing, “—uh, Alander.” He shrugged, deciding to just call him by his name. The worst he could do was correct him, right? He cast a glance over his shoulder to look at Alander, somewhat taken aback at the question. Why though? It was a reasonable enough question.

    I want to go into photography.” He murmured in reply as he turned his head back to where he was walking, arching a brow at how the hallway was slowly becoming empty. “Maybe for a newspaper or magazine,” He explained, “I’m a double major actually. I’m almost taking Journalism so becoming a reporter of some sort would be nice.” His shoulders relaxed as he spoke, growing more and more at ease since he was talking about something he knew. However, he quickly stiffened when the hallway was completely empty and he noticed that teachers were beginning to speak inside the classrooms.

    Uh oh, I think we’re late.” He said in a rather panicked tone as his eyes caught sight of the words A201 on a certain door. Then, before he could think about it, his hand wrapped around Alander’s wrist and the brunette was just about to pull the man towards the classroom but when he felt a familiar tingling sensation in his hands, he jumped and pulled back. “Uh, I’m going to head in first okay?” He quickly said before scurrying towards the classroom.
  8. Alander came to a halt as the human first grabbed his wrist--a possibly deadly mistake if Alander hadn't such great control--and then released it and raced off to the classroom. Alander considered it and then yawned. Stretching he ran his good hand through his hair and waited a few moments before entering the classroom with a easy stride.

    The human certainly was interesting. How many times had he me humans that wanted to get as far from him as possible while at the same time as wanting to be near him? As odd as it was, very commonly but for a reason he didn't like to admit. He'd have to go visit a human friend if his mind kept wandering to the ones that lived off vampire bites. It made his body tight with desire that he didn't appreciate.

    "Welcome class," he called, bringing their attention to him as he moved towards the front of the classroom at a leisurely stride. He could see disbelief on a few faces as well as recognition and awe in others. Smiling his best smile that hid his fangs from the humans and vampires, he relaxed against the desk that was up in the front. "As some of you probably know because you've seen me around, I am Alander of Nalion. No I don't have a last name. No, do not call me Mister of Nalion or Mister de Nalion if you think it'll please me. It won't. While we are a class I prefer for all of you to call me Alander, or if that doesn't roll off the tongue for you, Alan. You won't get extra credit if you call me Alander of Nalion. A student last year kept calling me that throughout the semester and all he got was a swift kick in the bum out the door at the end of the semester when I was technically not his teacher any longer."

    He picked up a pile of papers on the desk and held them up. "This is the syllabus," he explained before he dropped it into the waste can with a definite thud. "You won't have any for my class. All you need to know is that this class is about creating art out of multiple formats. Photography, painting, clay, anything is acceptable in this class. Each week I will give you a personalized assignment depending on what your best talents lie in and what your worst are. By the end of the semester I'd like to see your worst become better. It doesn't have to surpass your best but it should be able to get up there in terms of looks. Now, I'd like to know your name, your best medium, and your worst. This is not limited to the three I mentioned before. I want to hear what you think is the worst."

    With that he fell silent, pointing towards a girl in the front of the class that quickly did as he had instructed. From there it works its way around the room until it landed on Dakota.
  9. When Dakota had entered the classroom and gotten away from the ‘teacher’, he had visibly relaxed, quickly taking the only empty seat next, which just so happened to between a pretty, blonde human girl and a dark-haired male vampire. The girl appeared to be attempting to shamelessly flirt with the male, whereas he just sat there, looking relatively bored and leaving Dakota feeling horribly uncomfortable as she leaned much too close to him in an attempt to flirt with him. As soon as Dakota sat down, however, the male had immediately introduced himself and began to talk to him, in an obvious attempt to get the other girl to stop talking to him. He quickly found out the vampire’s name was Jay and that he was in his second year at the college.

    Dakota was surprised to find out that he didn’t feel the same pull that he did when he spoke to Alander – or at the very least, it wasn’t as strong. Was that normal? He had been pondering but was quickly pulled out of his thoughts when Alander began to speak, snickering softly to himself when he mentioned some guy called him ‘Alander of Nalion’. He could imagine it and it cracked him up horribly. When the man suddenly threw the syllabus into the rubbish bin he couldn’t help but stare with a rather shocked expression on his face. Was that such a good idea? What a strange teacher… He had then relaxed as people began to introduce themselves, leaning against the side of his new friend to get away from the creepy blonde girl.

    When it was his turn, he shrugged nonchalantly, cheeks heating up somewhat when all the eyes were on him. “I’m Dakota D’Amato. I’m best at photography and I’m horrible at painting.” He said, smiling at his peers in a friendly manner before looking back at the teacher. He still felt that same pull, something which left him at a loss and questioning why the hell it was so strong with that man.
  10. Alander nodded his head as he listened to Dakota's words before his gaze flicked to Jay, motioning for the vampire to continue the introductions, though his attention focused on Dakota more. There was something about the human that was itching at him. He was leaning against a vampire--it was plain as day to Alander that he man next to Dakota was one--and yet when he'd been near him he'd been fidgety and distant.

    What could the other have against Alander who had helped him to class?

    He made a mental note to ask the human sometime--maybe during the class class if it was still the same way. Or he could wait and observe for longer. Once everyone was done introducing themselves and he'd filed away each piece of knowledge in it's own place in his mind, he nodded and jumped up to sit on the desk, making his feet dangle just a few inches off the ground.

    "Welcome, all of you. For those of you that will be taking the other two classes I teach--Introduction to Ancient Arts and Introduction to Modern Arts, I pray that you don't get tired of me too quickly. I will also warn you that I have a very strict policy on plagerism. Should I catch any of you trying to copy or claim something that isn't your as yours, I will talk to the dean and have you expelled. The Dean is a close friend of mine and hates cheaters as much as I do. Make the things you create your own," he warned, his eyes flashing with the warning to a cold, steely silver-blue that quickly changed back tot he lightness it had had before.

    "For those humans among us, should you ever feel uncomfortable in this classroom i beg you to come to me and tell me, or, if you are uncomfortable with me being one of the vampires on this campus, that you go see one of the Human Guardians that we have in each building. And should any of you claim I favor vampires over humans, I will let you know now," he said, taking a slow breath to draw the moment out. "I was one of the humans changed against their will in the late sixteenth century. Vampires must gain my favor which requires a great deal. As far as I can see I do not know any of the vampires here which means you all start on a fresh track today with me. Any questions thus far?"
  11. The brunette had been nodding slowly as the teacher spoke, growing more and more on edge at what he was saying and causing him to stiffen when he remembered that he’d have two more classes with him. He didn’t trust himself with interacting with Alander. There was just something there, something that Dakota want to get closer to him, something he desperately wanted to avoid. There was no telling what disastrous situations he could get himself into. Especially from how reckless he had been before. Last time he’d been hooked, the want had overwhelmed him, capturing his every waking thought.

    When Alander said that he was one of the humans changed in the 16th century, Dakota’s eyebrow shot up. The vampire he’d allowed to feed off of him just 3 years before had apparently, changed a few people into vampires a long time ago, but he’d never been told just how long ago. He quickly pushed the thought out of his mind; however, since there was no way it could have been the same vampire… right? It was completely impossible. Or at least, that what what Dakota kept telling himself. He refused to have anything to do with that vampire, it just brought old feelings up to the surface.

    Actually,” He spoke up when Alander asked the class if they had any questions, raising his hand briefly before Jay quickly pulled his hand down since the attention was already all on him. He flushed, giving Jay a look of thanks and then coughed, pretending to clear his throat when it was really just way for him to calm himself down. “You said you’ll give us personalized assignments each week? Are they going to change each week or do we just work on a certain assignment until we’re done and then ask for another one?” He asked, his eyes focused on Alander’s feet which were hanging off the side of the desk, unwilling to look him straight in the face. Just being around him made Dakota feel terribly anxious and making eye contact with the man probably wouldn’t make things any better.
  12. "That's an excellent question," Alander said with a small smile. He had wondered if anyone would pick up on that little absence of information. "The projects you will be assigned will be tapered to your own specific needs and working schedule. I know many vampires that can whiz through assignments and get decent grades. I don't want that. I want all of you to work and make whatever you create to be the best you can make it. Assignments will be structured as such. Let's use you as an example Dakota. Say I have assigned you a project in which you need to use painting techniques and you get halfway done by the next class period but you stall because you've hit a snag, or simply can't get the inspiration or talent needed to finish it, or whatever it is that gets int he way. You must first show me what you have done and show me that you can't seem to finish it for that week and I'll give you additional time. Then you'll be given the next assignment once you have finished that one to the best of your abilities."

    The vampire's eyes were flitting around as he spoke, making sure to catch each pair of eyes that looked at him except for Dakota's. Some quickly looked away, other's held his gaze, challenging him to challenge them. "Any more questions? If not, we'll begin class by figuring out your first projects. Each of you one at a time will come up and pick something out of this hat," he pulled a hate up off the chair that was behind the desk and put it beside himself. "then, you will come when the time says so that we may discuss the topic or subject on which is on the paper as well. This way everyone gets a random assignment, time to meet with me, and subject. Do we have any more questions?"
  13. [ooc: sorry it's so short! wasn't much I could say hehe, I'm also going to bed soon so don't worry if I disappear~ c: ]

    Hmmm, okay, si - Alander.” Dakota had murmured, nodding to himself as he leaned back somewhat, further into Jay’s side and away from his chair. As Alander continued to speak, he nodded occasionally, only half of what he was saying really registering in his mind since he was more focused on the people around him. Or well, that was what he was trying to do. Watching his peers was always better than creepily watching his teacher like some psycho stalker. He shook his head at the next question, stiffening slightly upon realizing that he’d have to spend some alone time with Alander. Yay… more time to make a fool out of himself and act like a nervous idiot. He heard the class say a ‘no’ in unision as he peered at the hat Alander was holding, as if that would magically allow him to pick something that he knew how to do. Dakota was a horrid painter and he really hated showing the world just how bad he was at it.
  14. Alander continued through the class, motioning one of the students up at a time until he got to Dakota. He’d had each student tell him what time and what project they had been given. If he recalled correctly the two options left for Jay and Dakota(the only students left in the room) was a project for taking photograph and creating a double of it in a different format, in which the time for it was around six in the morning while the other was to make a sculpture of another medium which met at around six the next evening. He was curious as to what Dakota’s luck would pick for him. “Dakota, your turn, come choose your project,” he called as he held the hat out.
  15. Dakota had been conversing with a few people inside the classroom, being relatively friendly and having a good time. Or well, as good as he could have been, considering the fact that he was in room full of vampires and was strangely aware of his teacher, of all people. He’d just been starting to get uncomfortable since Jay had gone off to do god knows what and left him alone with a particular red head who was clinging onto Dakota’s arm as if her life depended on it. It was suffice to say that he felt horribly uncomfortable and preferred for her not to do so. Dakota wasn’t a very touchy feely person.

    When Alander called his name, he had perked up, immediately jumping up for his seat, eager to get away from the girl and had been quickly making his way towards the teacher before he stopped in his tracks. Wasn’t talking to him just as bad? Honestly, it was just one problem after another… He started moving again after a few seconds, dragging his feet somewhat before he slouched into the seat with a small grunt.

    Hi.” He greeted quietly as he reached forwards and into the hat, producing a small piece of folded paper. He slowly opened up the small sheet, face lighting up when he saw what was written across the front of it. “I got the photography project.” He said, tone obvious happy as he slowly – almost unwillingly – lifted his head to look at his teacher, his breath catching in his throat once his eyes were focused on his head.
  16. Alander had been considering the human carefully while he had been picking his topic for the first week. He smiled a little at his excitement and then looked up at the last person in the room and then back to catch Dakota's eye. "Then you will be here at six am tomorrow morning all right? I do all my meetings in the classrooms so that students don't' have to come find a totally knew place and can be comfortable. We will discuss what your second medium will be then. Do you have any quick questions for now?" he asked.

    He liked to give his students more or less free reign over their projects with few rules that he went over at their first meeting instead of in the classroom. They would spend very little time actually teaching and more time actually working with the art. He liked this format most of all because it allowed them to focus less on tests and more on what they were obviously there for--learning art.
  17. "6 AM?" Dakota repeated, eyes going wide and frowning slightly. He was not a morning person. So the very fact that he was expected to wake up at 6 - no wait, before ​6 tomorrow morning didn't appeal to him in the slightest. Especially since he’d been planning to go to a party later on (what was college without a little bit of partying?) and spending his morning hung-over with this guy didn’t seem like such a great idea. He bit his lip, scrunching his nose up, “So early…” He whined softly, more to himself than Alander before letting out a small huff, deciding he’d just do it.

    “Eh, okay, I’ll be there.” He dragged out the first word before quickly shaking his head back and forth, “Nope, I think I’m good.” He said with a small shrug of his shoulders, trying not to let his nerves get the best of him. The very fact that the other male was doing absolutely nothing and he still felt so flustered was making him feel like a fool. Who got nervous for no reason? Honestly… the only thing he could really hide behind was the fact that this guy was a vampire and he didn’t want to fall back into the same trap. But even that was a flimsy excuse. “Is that all you need? Or do you need to talk to me about something else?” He asked, turning his head to look over his shoulder and noticing that Jay was already back. Thank god for that.
  18. Alander considered the young man carefully as he whined. He kept his face blank though his eyes held understanding. He liked to give human's the more manageable times. Thus, he turned and pulled the last bit of paper out and leaned back, stretching his body across the desk as he rummaged around in a drawer for a pen. When he found one he sat back up slowly and scratched out the time. He wouldn't do this for anyone else, but he knew that the last person (Jay) would easily be able to easily make the six am meeting.

    He then, without hesitation, took the piece of paper in Dakota's hand and changed the time to 6 pm. It would be harder to control himself, he knew that much, but it would have to do. "6 pm then. I don't want students that aren't awake conversing about projects with me. You'll be the last one that I speak with tomorrow so we'll have more time to discuss your project," he told the human, making sure not to look at the lad as he held out the redone piece of paper. "Other than that, just decide on a second medium and we'll discuss the rest tomorrow."
  19. Dakota had recoiled, pulling his hand away from Alander’s touch before he could stop himself when the other male took the piece of paper. It was half out of surprise and half out of… what was it? Self-preservation? He wasn’t really sure. He just knew one second, the other guy was touching him and the next, he wasn’t. He had kept his hand in his lap as he watched the teacher scrawl something on the piece of paper, a rather blank look on his face. On the inside however, he was freaking out, he was pissed at himself for reacting in such a way and he was pissed at Alander for actually bringing such a reaction out of him.

    He then jumped slightly in surprise when the man suddenly spoke, a bit too involved in his thoughts to really pay attention to what he saying. He did catch the main bit of information though; the time had been changed to 6 PM.

    Oh, okay. Thank you…” He said, shock evident in his voice – he wasn’t exactly the type to hide his emotions. Actually, he was practically an open book with the way he wore his heart and emotions on his sleeve. “That’s nice of you.” He flashed him a smile, “I think.” He quickly added, however, when he thought about how the other man had said that he only changed the time because he didn’t want someone who wasn’t focused. “A second medium?” He mused aloud as he took the piece of paper, arching his back off the chair to shove it into his back pocket before sitting back down. “Maybe chalk? Is that alright?”
  20. Alander nodded his head and considered the young man carefully for a few moments before nodding. "Chalk is very similar to paint in a few ways," he said softly, seeming to think it over as his eyes ran over the arch of Dakota's body as he put the piece of paper away. He quickly looked away. He would not cross that line. He could not. Just because Dakota may or may not look like his oldest lover didn't meant that Alander had to fall into a trap like that again. "I will be working you up to paint, so consider that Dakota when you pick your mediums. There will be more explanations of how I'll help you at the meeting. I'm not going to just tell you to just up and go to painting immediately. Go, we'll explore more possibilities tomorrow. Jay, you are next."

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