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  1. So I have an idea for a roleplay that goes like this; A somewhat struggling cafe at the corner of a four way intersection that keeps getting odd visitors. The twist is that these visitors are coming straight outta other roleplays! Whether they got lost on their way to a plot objective, or just happen to be relaxing after an important moment, the characters come, cause a little havoc, and maybe interact with characters from other universes before heading back to their own story.

    There would probably be a few core characters that actually belong to the universe, whether they be workers, regulars, or etc., and they'll keep the plot alive while more people wait to pass through.

    Anyone up for it?
  2. Hmm. Interesting.
  3. Yeah that's what I'm hoping for; characters who would never interact suddenly have a chance to, and maybe some alternate universe versions of people might lock eyes once every now and then. I just hope a lot of people think its an interesting idea too ^^
  4. so besides whoever becomes people of the original universe (the works and such) people will just drop in from different RP and then leave?

    for example;

    4 works who are constant in this RP. And say I took my character from say... A zombie apocalypse rp . I would come in with my character, say a few lines and then leave (go back to the zombie RP). And my time in you RP would be done unless I brought a diffrent character from another RP I'm in.

    Right? Lol
  5. That would be the basics lol. Well, there might be other characters who stay longer and maybe influence whatever plot may end up happening at the moment. And I suppose it wouldn't be too difficult for the same character to come back later on. Probably/
  6. This sounds like a neat idea. I'll be sure to keep an eye on this thread.
  7. Out of curiosity, if we were to this this rp, what kind of permanent characters would people be interested in seeing.
  8. I quite like the idea, although I do not yet see how it would actually work. First of all, how would people interact? Since it is about characters from other RPs dropping in, shouldn't these people have the chance to kind of integrate it into their character story of they choose to? So it should possibly not take too long as a drop-in. I don't know... I new here, so I might just be confused about everything.
    Also there is the problem, that it might be not very interesting without actually people willing to drop in. Guess the easiest way would be to know a lot of members here and ask them.

    On the other hand is the core characters. Would they know about it already? Would they maybe even be some sort of metaphysical realm in which people show up an leave quite regularly? Like a pocket universe with basically only a Café in it? Or really just a café on an intersection and people start running and screaming as soon as the first non-human/post-apocalyptic/*insert something scary looking* character drops by?

    Also is it supposed to be a comedic space for characters that don't get that usually to live life to the slapstick? Is it supposed to be very deep character plot-like?

    Just some thoughts on it. But I do like the idea itself. it could be something very interesting.
  9. Ah, I personally wasn't 100% sure how the whole "canon vs. not" and how to mix it in thing would work out either, so I'm open to suggestion. The easiest way in my opinion is to just find a moment where it would work out without causing a rakus or just making it vaguely canon or not canon at all. And as for the people willing to drop in thing, thats why the core character's exist. I know from how I explained things the universe hopping thing sounds like the main deal, but its really just to spice up how the plot moves and whatnot. The issues the cafe and its cast has, whether from their universe or another, is what the story is. Whether or not the solution comes from their universe doesn't matter either ;).

    As for the core characters and universe, I like the idea of a pretty normal area, unaware of the plot excuse time rift that exists, just being constantly bombarded by strangers with strange powers. Whether or not the core characters are 'normal' or not or have any idea what is really happening at this particular intersection holds no weight to me, but if I were to start it, it would probably start something like "The new guy/girl worker meets a bunch of weirdos at his/her new work".

    The overall tone: I really like stories that can go from funny/happy-go-lucky to drama deep narrative moments when necessary. And thats how I want this to go ^^
  10. I like that yoou plan to do both drama and a more happy-go-lucky slice of life type of plot. Honestly I definitely thought that the drop-ins would be the main plot device, but I guess with some interesting core characters there is no urgent need for that.

    I am still a little fuzzy about the mechanics of it all, though. So there is a café, quaint, struggling, normal neighbourhood, and all. Core characters might be out of ordinary or not. And then, with normal guests as well, people (sometimes probably visibly different) drop in and half the café starts running scared. John Zombie-Survivor notices that the café-world is a lot nicer than his own and decides to stay. See where I am going to? I just feel that there are some bumps that need to be pushed out of the way first. I guess there are a million ways of dealing with this. One would be that the café solely exists for dimensional drop-ins. One would be that normal guests exists on a different plane and can't interact. Drop-ins can't leave the café, but through one certain door, that will bring them back to their world.
  11. bleh I was actually planning on letting this be sort of a character graveyard, where some character's could go after theyve done all they could do in their own rp. Granted, there would be a lot of characters that would think its only logical to stay in this universe compared to their universe that would cause some writing problems, but I guess I'll have to think of a way around that. I like you're door idea though, and I might end up going with it, but i sorta want the jump in's to be able to really interact with the universe as a whole.
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  12. Ah, I think now I get the idea better. I'll definitely keep an eye on this thread. I suspect it will be a really interesting game.
    Also... feel free to use the door, or whichever idea you think fits for your game. Be sure to post some more about the premise and the world soon!
  13. I think this would be good for people who's characters are in slow or dead rps. They could come and post here while waiting for their main rps to pick back up. Maybe this could be canon for other rps to help with the plot.
  14. Maybe I should start something up and see if it sticks? (I never role played on this site before, and therefore do not really know posting etiquette.)
  15. Yeah that might get things going. I've never roleplayed in this site either. XD;;
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