Crossover RP interest check? (Greenlighted, in OOC)

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  1. This was an idea someone had over on a different forum I had been on.

    The idea is that an extremely powerful being, a god of some sorts, pulls characters from all kinds of universes to participate in a tournament spanning different universes. However, all of this is orchestrated in order to feed the god's power and extend its control over the multiverse. The RP can go in different directions. Players will be free to make decisions on how the characters they control will interact with other characters or NPCs.

    People can play as characters from any universe from Warhammer 40K to Teletubbies.

    The idea has the potential to become really epic, but it has to come from the players.

    Let me know what you think and if you have any questions, please ask them.
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  2. I'm in. :D
  3. Interested! Now could we have multiple characters, and could we maybe bring in characters from some other roleplays?
  4. Glad you guys are interested. To answer your question, Lonewolf, yes, you can have multiple characters (make sure to keep track of 'em all) and yes, "any character from any universe" means just that, including other roleplays.
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  5. Also, I have a question: What do you mean by 'universe'? Do you mean, like, video game universes, TV show universes, book universes... basically just any fandom? Or do you mean those mythical type of universes with Greek gods and/or dystopian worlds... basically more realistic universes? Or maybe even just a made-up universe/world? Can it be literally ANYTHING from ANYWHERE?

    I know that you had an example in the description, but I just want to make sure! (Better to be safe than sorry)
  6. Anything from anywhere. That means no restrictions on who you can be or where your character comes from. I don't care if you're Abe Lincoln or Prometheus or whatever.
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  7. I'm interested, i haven't done a crossover rp yet, though i'm wondering is this going to be a mass rp?
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  8. What do you mean?
  9. mass rp as in an rp with a ton of people, a ton of characters, fast paced with posts constantly throughout the day, like one post every minute. That might be an exaggeration, but that is what if felt like when I did one . . ..
  10. I intend for the posts to be a little longer in terms of the narrative, so I think the pace will be slower than you might think from experience. Unless, of course, everybody who joins is a speed novelist. As for the player and character count, that depends on the players who join.
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  11. I'm okay with it being a slower pace. I honestly did a mass rp once, it was a lot like the one you have planned, and haha I will never do that again
  12. The Omniverse.

    A staggering array of possibilities.

    The aggregate of all creation, governed by those who have the power to create, or destroy.

    When a particular idea grows enough in power--love, death, lust, hatred--it manifests itself in the furthest reaches of reality as a deity.

    Each one struggles for supremacy with their spheres of control; feeding off their essence to widen their influence and raise their power.

    Some of these powerful beings arrange tournaments for their own amusement, tearing individuals from worlds and placing them in different settings. Some do this to jest, some to compare the linterdimensional levels of wit and strength, and some...

    Some of these deities have higher motives in clashing the dimensions.

    The Omniverse is a delicate balance between creation and destruction, Ma'at and chaos. When this balance is disrupted...

    ...So that's kind of a small backstory that sets up the premise. I do want to start this up soon, so if anyone has questions or comments, ask away.
  13. I went ahead and put up the OOC/signups if you guys are interested.
  14. Can I join as Sasha Grey? ;)

    Haha no.

    How about Vigo, from Ghostbusters II?
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  15. "Any character from any universe"
  16. um, can you give us a link here? So that we don't end up in the wrong thread?
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