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  1. The Sword Coast is a magnificent place indeed. It has a nice weather, clear-sand beaches, palm-trees and lively little villages packed with all kinds of characters and fish. The best fish in all the seven kingdoms! Of course, not everything is heavenly fun along the Sword Coast. There is also caves with beasts, roads with bandits and the most terrifying storms on this side of the ocean. On a thunderous night, you can hear the waves clashing with the cliffs at the distance, as if the ocean itself were sparring the land.

    It was one late day of August that the clouded skies announced a pretty ugly storm. Back at the village, Iroh, a pretty cheerful boy, helped his family set up the house for the storm. Some ropes over the house holding the roof, some wood planks on the windows and some more nails here and there and everything was set. Of course, being as kind as Iroh was, he also helped his neighbours, the local adventurer's guild, the town hall and also a couple of stands at the market. It was a long afternoon for Iroh.

    But once night fell and the storm approached, Iroh felt glad he had helped the village. “I don't think the lighthouse will do enough light...” Said Iroh in a worried tone, looking through a small opening in a window. “Don't worry. I'm sure this town is not even on the nautical charts.” Said the father, letting out a soft chuckle. “I don't know...” Muttered Iroh as he tried to just forget about it and go do something else.

    But after helping his mother with some house chores he did forget about it. Then the family had dinner, procrastinated a little bit and then went to get some rest. And although the storm was a pretty rough one, Iroh managed to sleep all night!

    The little chirp of a tiny bird on Iroh's room woke the boy. Lazily opening his eyes he noticed the bird looking back at him from the other side of the window. It seemed like the storm had managed to take some of the planks off, but besides that everything felt normal. “Good morning to you too.” Said him, stretching his arms as he sat on the bed. Some face-washing and some neat breakfast later, Iroh walked out of the house and looked around.

    The storm had been strong, and there were a few things broken in town... But Iroh felt a little bit selfish that morning. He really wanted to go have a walk along the coast and see if the storm had brought something to him. So he took his sword, sneaked out of town and began to walk next to the shore. There was 'something' in the air that felt special after a storm... The sand felt more loose, the ambiance felt more fresh... There where leafs and even some coconuts on the ground, little animals running around as they re-built their nests...
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  2. Melody Pembroke was not one to stand out. At least, she didn't feel that she did. Standing at a mere five-foot-two, she was normally among the shorter groups. That suited her just fine. Nobody seemed to look her way on the sidewalk, or on the T. She lived in Boston, which made it very easy to get lost in the crowds. As a student for fashion design, Melody had heard dozens of people talking about how they couldn't wait to move to New York City as soon as they graduated. It was true that the fashion scene was much more developed there, but she had no plans of leaving. Boston had captured her heart long ago. She would thrive here no matter how hard she had to work for it.

    That is, if she could ever get any work done.

    Right now she was too busy chasing her cat down the hallway of her apartment building. MewMoo was never where he was supposed to be. The long-haired Coon had a love for mischief. Today, as soon as Melody had opened the door with arms full of groceries, he took off. She had been forced to put her bags on the counter and chase after him. Instead of sitting in a corner or running into a dead end, the intelligent feline darted straight for the stairs.

    "MewMoo!" Melody sighed, exasperated. It had been a long day of classes. All she wanted was a hot cup of tea and an episode of Jeopardy. Now she was left running up the stairs in heels. After nearly tripping twice, she slipped them off and carried them instead. She had nearly boxed MewMoo in when a door popped open right in front of her. A man stepped out that she vaguely recognized. They had passed each other in the hall a few times. He stared at her, taking in the heels dangling from her fingers and her knee-length maroon skirt that had a white blouse tucked in to it. She flushed a bit, wondering if her dash after the cat made her look more frazzled than she thought. Surely it wasn't enough to warrant any suspicions about a walk of shame. She opened her mouth to explain, but then MewMoo took off down the hall.

    "Sorry!" she squeaked, running after the cat as quickly as she could. She caught up just in time to see the fluffy tail disappear into a door marked Supply Closet. Great. Hopefully there wasn't a janitor or somebody in there. She hesitated, then peered inside. Empty. Thank goodness. She stepped in and took a look around. Tall shelves filled with cleaning supplies, with a cart off to one side for collecting trash that residents left outside their doors once a week. Nothing remarkable. There was a single light above and tile floor below.. and no cat. She frowned, scooting down to her hands and knees to peer under the shelves. A cat did not simply disappear. She couldn't see him anywhere. There was a thud somewhere behind her, so she stood and found that the door had closed. A trick of the wind, most likely. MewMoo wasn't here. She opened the door and stepped out to keep looking down the hallway, but the hallway wasn't there. Instead, she found herself falling into darkness.

    Several hours later, Melody woke up. The first thing she noticed was that she was outside. A quick second came the thought that she was drenched. She struggled to sit up, coughing up half a mouthful of water. Salt water..? That was the sound of waves, and this was definitely a rock. She turned, seeing a wide expanse of ocean behind her.

    Okay, Melody. Just relax. Clearly you got drunk and drove to the cape last night for some reason. Don't freak out.

    She stood and glanced down. Barefoot. That was going to be inconvenient. Her clothes were ranging from dripping wet to damp on top. She ran her fingers through her hair, trying to work out the tangled curls that were dripping down her back. Though her shoes were nowhere to be seen, she did spot her hat on a rock nearby. It was wet, so she simply carried it along instead of putting it on. Nothing looked familiar. Where was her car? And the luxurious homes? She frowned anxiously and started walking along. Maybe she'd meet some early-morning fitness freak jogger who could help her out.
  3. Iroh really liked to walk across the shore, feeling the sand embracing his naked feet and the timid waves making him sink in the sand ever so slightly. The boy chuckled, distracted by a couple of crabs who were walking down next to him. Since he was born, Iroh had always had and almost magical bond with nature, and animals in particular. He wasn't able to directly control them or even talk with them, but at some extent he could understand them easily and they also seemed to be fond of Iroh.

    "Strong? One of the strongest storms I've ever seen!" Exclaimed Iroh as he looked down at the crabs. The little animals moved their tiny claw-arms in the air. "It took your house!? Phew..." Said Iroh. "Well, lots of free houses out there after a storm, so there's that." Added the boy. The two crabs moved their arms once more. "All right. Good luck!" Said Iroh with a chuckle, saying goodbye to the crabs as they walked away from his side.

    With a smile in his face, Iroh thought about returning to the village to help with some of the repairs needed there... but then his eyes saw something else coming his way. "A cat?" Wondered Iroh, rather surprised to find a cat in here. He then got closer to the cat and crouched next to him as the furry approached Iroh. "Oh, hey chap. What are you doing in here?" Wondered the boy. "Lost? Well, you shouldn't have ran away." Said Iroh after 'hearing' the cat's story. "Maybe I can help you. Where are you from?" Wondered the boy.

    Maybe it was that he still didn't fully comprehended animals, maybe it was that he didn't know what the cat was 'talking' about, but Iroh had no clue what the cat was trying to tell him now. "I... I don't know what are you trying to tell me." Said Iroh with a mild shrug.

    But it seemed like that beach had even more surprises hidden for Iroh that morning. A silhouette appeared at the distance, of skirt and long hair. Iroh guessed it would be someone from the village who was up early to get some fish for breakfast. The boy, although he wasn't vegan, didn't really enjoyed eating other animals, but he understood the need of eating meat from other animals. Soon enough the girl was close enough to Iroh for him to see she was not form the village.

    The robes she was dressed in were... Really unusual. He had seen some similar pieces of clothing in the big cities, but that was still a very odd attire. Iroh got up, looking at the girl as he scratched his head. "Hmmm... H-Hello." Said him shyly. Pretty girls had that effect on him. "Are you okay, lady? Do you need help?" Wondered him, briefly pointing at her drenched attire.
  4. Melody wandered along, her eyes exploring the landscape. Judging by the amount of debris scattered on the shore, she assumed there was some sort of storm the night before. She stepped over some sticks and scattered shells, occasionally glancing up to see birds overhead. They didn't look like seagulls. She frowned in confusion and stopped, slowly turning in a circle. Ocean, more ocean, and trees. She still didn't see the road or her car, and there was no sign of MeowMoo anywhere. This was so frustrating. All she wanted was a coffee and an explanation that didn't make her look like some sort of lunatic who had wandered around drunk the night before.

    She started off walking again, feeling a wave of relief when she saw something move ahead. A person. They were sitting, so probably not the fitness freak she had been seeking before, but she didn't care. Even a hobo would have a better sense of direction than she did at this point. As she got closer, she realized it was a boy. Judging by his open features and simple attire, she took him immediately as a child. Teenager, maybe. He looked just as confused as she was, though she suspected that he was more confused by her than where he was since he was staring at her. When he voiced his concern, she couldn't help but sigh.

    "I'm fine, I think. Just trying to figure out where I left my car. You don't happen to know which way it is to the road, do you?" she asked hopefully, tilting her head at him a fraction before she was sidetracked by an indignant meow. Her cat trotted up to her, sitting at her feet as though he had been waiting for her all along. She frowned and put her hands on her hips.

    "MeowMoo! What are you doing out here?! Did I bring you along too?! You silly cat!"
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