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Crossed out

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by ProjectONI616, Feb 26, 2013.

  1. CrossedBad3wrap.jpg Days... weeks... months... In a world ruled by psychotic masses does time matter.

    We all know about zombies, groaning, dumb, mindless remains of human society... Many thought it would happen but not like this...

    The crossed are different, they are aware, they think, they are stupid but... they think...

    It hit society in the face, it was fast, within hours they had wrecked most commertial areas, city centres, Schools, hospitals, public transport links. In days the country was over run and in weeks the world.

    England was once a proud and mighty island nation, the crown jewel in a great empire and as the empire faded into history it's pride was not diminished... Now... things have changed... There is fire and blood and fear. Survivors run for their lives, scenes reminiscent of old viking raids. Rape and pillage and sadistic, unthinkable violence. But this is the 21st century these people are not invaders killing for glory or land, they are what remains of our loved ones...

    They are the crossed and they kill for fun... because they can...
  2. (This looks like it could be kind of interesting. I'd like to know more about the setting though, and where you want the plot to go. Is this like a dark survival story, with everyone being humans in the mundane world, fighting for their pitiful lives? Or perhaps a fantasy world, one where dealing with zombies wouldn't be much of a problem, but a superior strand, one that thinks, might be harder to deal with. Personally, for me at least, it would be very difficult for humans to survive something like this for any amount of time, but, then again, it'd just be a big challenge, hoping for all the right conditions, which really doesn't happen often, I forsee a lot of toons dying.

    Just curious really, let me know, and I'll decide whether to join or not. ;)
  3. (there is an OOC thread with a link to the source of the idea.)
  4. ( may i join in??)
  5. (no need to ask)