INTEREST CHECK Cross-Dimensional Race/Battle RP?

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  1. This is an idea I've had for a long time and have wanted to do but until now I haven't really had a large roleplay community to do this with, and it's really kind of a large-group roleplay or intended to be anyway.

    At any rate, this RP setting would take place throughout multiple worlds/times/dimensions(and I would love some people to put forth ideas for worlds!) and essentially the characters would be taken to the starting point(either willfully or unwillingly) to take part in it, and their would be a prize at the end for the winners for those that survive all the way through to reach the end first - at least that's what everyone is told. It's not a total lie but that's only half the story.

    The competing creatures could be anything - things familiar or alien, animal or human, basic or powerful - so it would allow a lot of flexibility and character diversity.

    I have the main plot points and essentially important/NPC type characters fleshed out for this(even if I'm not givinf it all away) but I'dlike to know how much interest there is for this.

    And also if there's something that others might like to add to it.

    So, any takers?
  2. I think it could be really fun, and I'll have to see if I can come up with something decent to contribute. With the nature of group play, I think this sort of plot line leaves room for proper endings should something happen IRL for anyone playing a part.
  3. reminds me a lot of oban star racers. I would be interested.
  4. Yay, another Oban fan! /shot

    Kinda like Oban meets Hunger Games meets Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles but yes xD So like, much more basic, no teams of uber techy spaceships and such and more room for alliances and betrayal, language barriers, and other such things.