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Cross Central is the center of a seemingly tiny town. It is a 15 minute train ride from anywhere. Characters from many stories end up being thrown in for days, maybe years at a time. Normally by some coincidence, they stumble across the wrong train and end up here. It's kept mostly a secret outside of the town itself.
The town contains around 20 buildings, each with a different look on the outside. The insides change every time it opens. The first person to enter the building changes how it looks. The building accommodates to their needs. If they need a bathroom, it turns into a bathroom. If they are hungry, it turns into whatever they are hungry for. they need a place to stay for the night, it turns into an inn. Simple as that.
There is no limit to what characters are used. You can use video game characters (ex: Mario, Sly, Halo characters, banjo and kazooie, ect.), anime characters (kirito from sao, Italy from hetalia, Eren from AOT, usagi from sailor moon, Tamaki suoh, ect.), cartoons (spongebob, ruby from rwby (though it is anime style it isn't exactly anime), robin from teen titans, finn from adventure time, etc), superheroes (marvel or D.C. or pretty much anything), books (max from maximum ride, katniss from the hunger games, the cat in the hat, etc.), fandomstuck, movies (snow white... you get it), and all other media.
A maximum character count of three. Fights will be allowed, But try to tag when interactions are made and be nice in ooc.

Characters being used:
Edward Elric (FMA)- @KatrinaIceheart
Ruby Rose (RWBY)- @KatrinaIceheart

And if you have any suggestions, feel free to make a few! This is my first actual role play of my own creation. I've only been doing jump-ins and 1 full sized rp before this. I'm still learning.
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