Crimson Monarchs

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    River Smiren

    The sun shined brightly, through the clear blue skies, that morning. It's late spring and the forest is as green as ever. Going steady was the utterly famous River Smiren. Always choosing to flow south, this calm stretch of water has seen as much blood as it has water. Its importance, as a trade route and a strategic landmark, has thrown the river in the middle of many armies of factions that have long since passed. It's a cetainty that in any conflict, that requires men and women to fight, will see the River Smiren. With the way the times are heading, there will be more battles to come. There is much unrest, in these trees. Kings and Queens rule and when they decide the time is right, the river will have to carry a warrior's blood away again.

    "Whoa, Henry."

    The horse's hooves made a few more thumbs on the soil, before coming to an actual stop. The leather saddle wheezed as the large man came off of it. They have been on the run for a couple of days now, and they had no more food. He wasn't exactly sure where he was, other than the Crimson Smiren. Luckily, he was able to get his fishing gear onto the horse before the running began. Taking off all of his things and the saddle, the horse took to drinking from the river. Brave creature. Or ignorant. One of the two. Ox couldn't tell which it was. He stuck his hand into the earth and ripped a hole.
    "Worms on the first try? Good." He grabbed one and stuck it on the end of his hook and quickly cast out. The line went off to the right, because the river flowed left. Every so often he would need to re cast, because a floating worm was suspicious. Meanwhile, he layed there, watching the sunrise take it's full form.
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  2. Villagers were always busy during the early mornings. Elsa even knows that, but what bother her the most was there wasn't anyone around where the bakery was at. She had finely came down from the high mountains to see what all had change over the years. Nothing to seem to change besides the people that she remembered gotton very old, and their children's grew up just like her. Still waiting for the bakery to come back so she could buy something, an solider of a king walked up and gave Elsa a glace. The glace is very common for women who has been hit on by a male before, but Elsa never did, so she took this rudely.

    "Can you please not look at me. . ."

    The man was shocked. A women told him to "STOP" looking at her. He threw a piece a bread from his hand and quickly came up to her grabbing onto her arm tightly as he looked at her with anger. Elsa without fear looked back at him with the same look.

    Solider: "Excuse me!? You winch don't tell me what to do!! Females like you should be punish for being so rude to a man. . ."

    The man pulled other free hand up to Elsa's face holding her face still so she wouldn't try to move her face away as the man came in for a tender kiss. Elsa let the man do so, but only gotten close to her in a short time. Once the man got close enough to her face, Elsa quickly pulled her free hand out from beside her and moved the mans left hand as she had a free chance to hit him, which she did. Punching him in the face and quickly taken his other hand pulling his arm back almost braking it, Elsa looked down at the male with a sly smile.

    "A man like you should be punished for treating females like they're meat!! I would spare your arm, but the how you treated me was unforgivable!! But sense I am in a good mood. . .I'll let you go. . ."

    Elsa pushed the man away from her onto the dirt road/street as she took a piece of bread and left the money on the counter and walked off. The solider slowly got up in pain, he breathed heavy as he was over pissed at the female. He quickly grabbed out his sword and yelled out to her. "I WON'T LET YOU GET AWAY WITH THAT!!! YOU WILL DIE RIGHT HERE!!!" soon the male started running to Elsa, ready to slice her apart, but when he swung to hit her, Elsa was already out of the way and was on the mans left side and quickly kicked the man in the face. She kicked him so hard that he flew off to a barrel full of rum that he was knocked out. There was people watching and was shocked. Finely done with the male, Elsa was on her way, where ever that was.

    After awhile Elsa was hearing people screaming. She wasn't worried about at first, until the scream was a little closer (she's still in the village, but almost to the point were she's leaving the village) she turned around and saw 4 men riding on their horse coming her way, they were wearing the same armed clothes as the solider guy that she had an a counter with. Then it hit her, those soldier's aren't going after just anyone, they were going after her. Elsa then quickly ran. She knew running won't fight them off for long. So she took a sharp left into a field. Jumping over a wooden fence she started running through that field until she saw a tree, which had a horse tied up to her with a little kid sleeping on the grass.

    The thought of taking the horse away was out of the question, but that was the only way to get more speed. So she ran to where the tree was and untied the horse. Quickly getting on, she left money for the boy when he wakes up. Then off she went. Soon she was in the woods. She knew that if she keep going this way she would be heading to the bridge that she always use to play at with her friends as she was a child. Like how she was hoping for, the soldiers were fallowing her, this made her plan useable. Still making the horse run, where the bridge use to be, was burnt down. Elsa didn't know this and it was too late to stop the horse, so her and the horse jumped off the end of the bridge and down they went into the Smiren River. The soldiers stopped before falling into the river too and looked everywhere to see if she was anywhere in sight. But they didn't see her. So they left.

    The river started getting rough, hanging onto the horse so she wouldn't lose him, Elsa looked everywhere to find something to hang onto, but it was too late, a water fall was coming up. Elsa couldn't find anything to get a hold of, then down her and the horse went. The water was now slow and steady, flouting down the river now was the horse and Elsa, past out from being pulled under the water by the water fall.
  3. It wasn't long before Ox had a couple of fish, and Henry was full of delicious grass. Skill didn't factor in much, this time. This part of the Smiren had plenty of life within it. Fish mostly, but good and plenty. He had his couple of catches all ready to be gutted but was trying to get once more for later today. The horse was rolling around, in the bushes, trying to get comfortable. Eventually leading to a scoff and just laying on the bank. After a couple recasts, the young man just decided to close up shop and start to move on. If anyone was actively pursuing him, they would rather close by now. And there would be time for him to clean out the fish later. With every lift, yank, and click, the saddle had before just a little bit more ready. The horse looked over, just shaking his head and laying back down. It had been a long few days.

    With everything in its place, tied on or stuffed into a pocket, Ox shook in his heavy armor. He beckons the horse over and reluctantly Henry answers the call.
    "Cmon, you had a good meal and decent rest. Don't get lazy on me now. We could still have bad guys behind us." The saddle went over easily enough. Thankfully the horse was an incredible strong and durable animal to handle this kind of load. Then again, some horse might have issues with just Ox in his armor. A big, strong warrior needs a big strong horse.

    Then the horse washed up onto the bank. It started the hell out of Henry, which rustled the hell of of Ox. He jumped back and rushed over to check the horse. It was breathing. Very lightly, but it was enough. He looked out into the river, looking for anything else floating. "Is that...a woman?" Her bust and face just barely escape the water, for him to see. What the hell happened to them? He didn't have time to take off all of his armor to save her. So it was time to rope in a catch. He legged it back over to Henry and quickly removed a thick, long rope and tried a knot in it. Throwing his full weight, the rope landed directly onto the woman. The rope tried around her arms and shoulders and he easily pulled her over in the light current. After getting her onto the bank he tried looking her over.
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  4. Once the horse knew he was save on land, he started getting up and walked off. But when it was the female turn. She was out cold. She felt like she was in a deep sleep, but she had a feeling that he wasn't where she was before (dead) she open her eyes and saw nothing but bright light. She could almost hear her father's voice, but then something was coming to sight. They were trees, then a face of someone. Weakly she spoke out "Father?!" but nothing. Once she could see what was around her, she saw a man with half of his armor on. She thought it was one of the soldiers. She quickly gut up punching him in the face as she stood up and pulled out her arrow and bow and pointed it at the male.

    "So you found me Solider!? If you come near me, I will shoot and you'll be dead!! I won't be scared to hurt you!!"

    She wasn't going down without a fight. She was looking at the male like he was some kind of scum! But she didn't know that this man saved her life. Not seeing him before, but only seen the armor for a brief moment, she assumed thought it was one of the soldiers.

    Before she was ready to shoot, the horse that she was with, slowly walked in from of her, blocking the way of her to kill the man. She looked at the horse in a confused look. The female looked at the horse for some kind of answer, but all the horse did was stood there and started eating grass. She sighed in a annoying way as she put her weapons away and jumped onto the horses back and looked at the male.

    ". . ."
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