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  2. ((Oh, this will not end well. Sorry, I am not sure how to start but here goes nuffin!))

    It wasn't the first time she has done this task. No, in fact it wouldn't be the last time ethier....getting rid of the "trash". Or, more like getting rid of 2 lives now lost in a horrible manner. Both little girl one had been around 4 years old now beaten to the point of not even looking human...filthy, hair dirty to the point of just being black and knotted well....what was left of the hair which had been cut in a odd manner almost to the scalp. The other was another female of a similar age which fared a touch better than the other child had. Both had duct tape around thier wrists, legs, and covering thier noses and mouths.

    Sighing and stopping the slightly rusty, green older model Explorer the woman slides out wearing a long hooded rain coat with the hood pulled up. Being in a dark , out of the way alley way in the rain was always easy to do these tasks. Opening the trunk she pulls out a large garbage bag she hefts/drags it to the dumpster that was over flowing. Grumbling she at least tries to put the bag on the top. Once finished she gets back in the car and drives off not seeing the bag fall and split open on the asphalt below.
  3. [​IMG]
    The phone in JJ's office rang. While she was technically a profiler for the BAU now, she was still in charge of handling the communcations side of business for the team. JJ sighed -- the phone call usually meant they had another case. That another life had been lost.

    JJ was proven correct. "Thank you, sir, we'll be there as soon as possible," she said mechanically into the phone. JJ straightened her blouse, and stood up to call the team to a conference.

    The elevator door opened, and Dr Spencer Reid, wearing a brown vest over a light blue dress shirt, bustled out at top speed. I'm late, I'm late, why am I late? But, technically, he was not late. Spencer was the kind of person that arrived to everything an hour early; usually, he arrived to work at 8.00am, when he wasn't required until 9.00am. Right now, as Spencer dumped his satchel on his desk and dashed to the break room for a much-needed coffee, it was 8.55am.

    Spencer hurriedly made his coffee. While he sipped the caffeine-y goodness, he pondered several mathematical formulas, whether he had time to learn fluent Swedish by Friday and, on top of all that, why he hadn't read the Harry Potter books yet. Geniuses, Morgan would mutter in disgust.

    - I shall insert an image later -
    Penelope burst into the break room, looking frantically for anyone to share her story with. To her immense delight, she spotted Reid sipping a large mug of coffee. Her innumerable beads and bracelets jangled as she walked, as fast as she could in seven-inch turquoise heels, over to Reid. Even in her dangerously-high shoes, she was still shorter than the gangly genius before her. Short girl problems, Penelope thought bitterly.

    "Okay, Boy Genius, have I got a story for you," she gushed. "So I was in my cave of awesomeness, minding my own business, when Kevin Lynch comes into my office. And we've been split for, like, ever, so why is he in here?"

    JJ popped her head into the break room. "Guys, we have a case."

    "I will finish this story later, Wonder Boy," said Penelope, as she and Reid walked to the conference room.
  4. Hotch was sitting in his office having come early to finish papers from the last case. It was boring work but it was also a nessary evil. He puts down the last packet and gets the page of the new case. Sighing he gets up from his desk and heads toward the conference room.

    How many lives lost this time? It never got any easier...not in the least. But, it was what had to be done. He nods to his team mates that where already in the conference room taking his seat.

    Rossi had also gotten the page they had a new case. He was on his way already and head on into the break room first quickly. Mostly to snag a cup of coffee himself before heading into the conference room.

    He takes his seat sipping his coffee glad for the warm caffeine, "Morning everyone."

    Emily was running a touch late that morning not her fault of course. but, it was still very much annoying to her as she sat in traffic for way longer than she had hopped. She gets the new case reply as well. Sighing she quickly texts the others she was on her way just running late.

    In fact when she gets up to where the traffic had been snagged up it had been...well nothing. Just some traffic cones for road construction and not a soul at the construction working. "Figures...", she grumbles finally making it at 9:06. Which, wasn't TO late but still annoying indeed. Hurrying she grabs her bag heading right to the conference room, "Sorry, gotta love phantom road construction." She takes her seat quickly.
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    Penelope was connecting her laptop to the interactive whiteboard behind her when Emily burst in. "See, this is why Boy Genius and I take the subway," she said. "Absolutely no chance of phantom road construction."

    "I take the subway because I don't have a car." Spencer put his book -- Les Miserables -- back into his satchel. He had only cleared eighty pages in a few minutes. Damn punctual colleagues.

    "Okay, guys, we got a case in Boston, Massachusetts," said JJ. She clicked a button on her remote, displaying a gory, crude image of a crime scene on the whiteboard. "Lily Jackson and Marie Edgecombe, both age five, were found in a dumpster behind a restaurant last night. Their hair had been cut right down to their scalp. Cause of death is still unknown."
  6. Emily sighs and shakes her head, "It dosn't sound appealing in the least. Riding the subway...especially when its packed full of people." Especially if those people didn't wash, use deodorant, ect.she shudders inwardly at the thought and looks to the white board as the images appear on it. Childern..even harder to look at....she shakes her head sadly, "Could be anything by the looks of how they look."

    "I thought you had a car.", Rossi looks over at Reid. Maybe nerds didn't need cars...or..well, who knows. Maybe Reid could just teleport or would invent that soon enough. He looks at the white board as well.

    "It's alright Emily.", Hotch states looking at the board as well. was even harder looking at thier now very dead little bodies so horribly tormented. "Emily is right, it could be anything..."
    "The significance is obviously the hair," said Spencer. While everyone else shied away from the horrid image, Spencer stared, unblinking, at the tortured dead girls on the screen. "Both of the girls had brown hair, very light brown ... The UnSub could have a hair fetish; a preference for brown hair. Judging by the pictures of the girls before they were killed, they both had very long, thick hair."

  8. How could Reid stand looking at those images? Though, he wasn't a was hard for Hotch to look. He wasn't fully and nods pondering what Reid had said. "Maybe. But, why torment them so badly before?"

    "Or, maybe we are looking at two people? One has the hair fetish. one has the...other...they are duct tapped and gagged.", Rossi points out pondering.
    "No sign of sexual trauma," said Spencer, reading through the entire case file before him. He spat out the words like they were nothing. "What gratification would the second UnSub get from the binding?"

    "Ugh, Reid, save it for the plane."

  10. Hotch ponders, "Who knows. Maybe something." He was glad at least the childern where not sexually abused. Small favors....very, very small favors.

    "But why abuse them before taking thier hair?", Rossi asks. Of course...they could have but he was just thinking out loud. he was going to say more when Morgan finally comes into the room.

    Morgan moves and sits down, "What did I miss?" He had his own reasons for being late though he wasn't about to fill his team in on it at the moment.
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