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  2. Yep I got it, everything's good, I'll probably get it finish in a few days to a week.
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  3. Hello ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ

    So ah... erk. I hear artists offering commissions prefer to just get requests laid out and find questions like "are you still available" annoying, but I mean... I really would hate to bother you if you didn't want to do it, and I don't want to just assume anything in case you got stuff going on...

    But I mean. I really like your art style! I... don't have payment means, so. (. _ . ) But even so, I'd really really love to have some of your artwork!! So, I mean. If you were still open...
  4. Oh god I took a break from the site and forgot this thread exists, I’ll do your piece if you still would like it.

    Random sketches are free but you'll have to wait until February because I have other things lined up, exams etc.
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  5. Haha, sure, I forgot about it a bit too, but I'm still looking for art~
  6. Oh absolutely, yep yep! No worries at all. I just wanted to check. Thanks for letting me know though, I appreciate it! And if February comes around and you're not keen on requests then, that's okay too.
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  7. Hi I was busy with exams and my collage applications but now that's all over I finally have time to draw, sorry for the long wait!
    Here's a sketch with base colors, check if everything looks good first and I'll start doing details after you confirm everything!
  8. Oh yeah, that looks great! I'll confirm everything right away~!
    I'd say the only thing is she's a bit tanner~
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  9. Are you taking Any Requests right now? IF you are, could you Draw my precious Wilona smiling, like nothing bothers her anymore?

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  10. Sure, give me awhile though.
  11. please take your time, No need to rush <3
  12. If I were to request sprites for a visual novel, would that count as multiple characters?
  13. [​IMG]

    I like this style/theme. Will definitely commission you once I have extra money to spend.
  14. @lillydachic
    Pic (open)

    @Uncle Legens Legentis
    It'll only count as multiple characters if there is a background and/or the characters are interacting, and "sprites" mean pixel art which I don't really do so unless you meant something else I won't be able to do it.
  15. Visual novel sprites are not pixelated. They are simply one character portrayed with various emotions.
    example (open)
  16. Then yes that'll count as one character unless there is a major change in design (outfit, hairstyle etc)
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  17. She is...I...I love it! Thank you for drawing my precious baby!
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  18. No prob, surprised to see a Marapets avatar here lol.
  19. what is your marapets? I must add you!
  20. PMed you!
  21. As a heads up I suck at describing male bodies

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    Name: Suwan
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Skin: Tan
    Hair: ash blonde/blonde
    Eye Color: Golden brown
    Body Type: slim and fit, but not very muscular
    something like this (open)

    Age: 30 (but looks like he's in his early 20's)
    Outfit: Expensive looking and made of good material, looks almost like something a prince would wear
    Hair Accessories: N/A
    Health Condition: healthy
    Pose: one hand on his hip with a small smirk on his face
    Other Features: N/A