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  1. Jackson Morris, #666699 The night was like any other, to Jackson. He had been in charge of the bouncers of Club Havanah for the past year and so far everything was going well. His boss trusted his judgement when it came to the bouncers he interviewed and hired. Only hiring alpha's, only hiring alpha's who had mates and only hiring alpha's who knew how to deal with an omega in heat, kindly and professionally. Club Havanah was for both Alpha's and Omega's but whenever an omega went into heat in the middle of the dance floor, it is painful for the omegas and the alphas who just wanted to relax and drink and enjoy a night out.

    So they had a special place to bring Omega's that just go into heat and then they call someone the omega knows to bring them safely home or, on some occasions, Jackson would bring the omega's to their homes. It was a hard job, but Jackson received many thanks for the help he did to many omegas. And his boss paid him well especially with the growing number of people coming to the club every night.

    But today was Friday and it would be one hell of a night considering one of his guys got really sick so he had to work two shifts that night. Jackson looked like a emotionless guy, but he was actually very caring.

    He also had to add onto the stress of knowing Oliver was still in the last few days of his heat and was stubborn and stupid enough to run out to go for a jog in the forest in his animal form. "Idiot," Jackson whispered to himself as he crumpled up the note and tossed it into the garbage.

    He couldn't bother with Oliver right now. He had a long night ahead of him. "I hope that dumbass brought his keys with him," Jackson growled out slightly, a look of annoyance filling his face as he finished off his uniform with a jacket and his taser stick. It was only as a last resort. The gentle shock always seems to know Alpha's out of their horny breeding mind state.

    Jackson pulled on his coat and grabbed his keys and headed out, locking the apartment door. Down three flights of stairs and he was out on the sidewalk of the calmer, less hectic side of town. He preferred calmness to all the loud people and cars where he worked. Besides, he didn't mind the walk... well, it was more like a run most nights, but tonight he didn't have to run, since he was earlier then normal.

    So, he tilted his head back and looked up at the night sky as he took in a deep breath of air. He let out his breath slowly as he took in the empty sky, wishing he was out on a run in his animal form, in the woods, so he could see the stars like Oliver undoubtedly could see.

    "Lucky dumbass," he whispered before he let a rather rare smirk grace his lips, his head tilting back down as he began walking towards his job.

    Usually it took Jackson about ten minutes to run to work, but this time it took twenty minutes walking and he made it on time to clock in and get to work on opening the club for that nights rush of party goer's.

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    Oliver Morris, #008080 I am so fucking glad this is almost over! Oliver thought to himself as he trotted around in the forest, his eyes glowing slightly as he maneuvered through the woods. He had left earlier that day to avoid the worst of his heat, something he hated putting his big brother through. The older male was strong but Oliver knew he needed a break from the constant hormones. Although... he swore he could hear Jackson's disapproving tone. At least I left a note this time. Oliver thought to himself as he slipped under a fallen tree, climbing up a hill.

    His ear's could hear the nocturnal animals and bugs moving around and making all sorts of sound, but he tried to block out the sounds as he left the dark cover of the trees and moved his small body up the hill and finally sitting on the very top of the hill, his tail curling around to hug his small frame.

    Oliver then looked up, looking at the night sky with all of the beautiful stars in the sky. It was another reason why he loved going to the forest on his own, he could enjoy the night sky without having to be in his human form. It was easier for him to move through the thick forest in his animal form. This was their favorite place to go as kids. Hiking through the woods to get here and then camping here under the stars, sleeping in their animal forms and then going for a run to the lake to swim in their animal forms. Jackson wasn't just his older brother, he was his best friend and protector and he dreaded the day that Jackson found an omega to settle down and have a family with.

    But Oliver would only be happy for his big brother who has always wanted to be a daddy. He just didn't want to be alone. "What the hell are you yapping about? Even if I have a family, there's no way in hell you'll be rid of me, dumbass," his older brothers voice echoed in his mind, causing Oliver to chuckle lightly.

    The little fox stood up and stretched out his body, letting out a yawn. Time to head home. He thought to himself as he began trotting back down the hill to make his way home.

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  2. Alex and Marc, #de0034
    It had been a long day, a long fucking day, and Alex was sick to death of everything. His mom had called and they'd had a pretty long conversation/argument over how he needed to get a 'proper job', which ended in Alex nearly in tears. Then his boss had told him off for arriving to work late, because of the phone call with his mom, and then he was told off by his project manager for the same thing, and spent the entire day making people coffee and sending emails. Not really how he expected his first job out of college would be going.

    That was when Marc had called. "Please tell me you want to go out tonight?" Marc had asked, leaving Alex debating for a few minutes on whether he did in fact want to go out.

    He was tired, and bored, and had nothing better to do, plus there were bound to be hot alphas there. On the other hand, his heat was approaching, and he should probably be focussing on editing the small piece of work his boss gave him to do, and also, although there would be hot alphas there - they probably wouldn't be looking at him.

    Marc waited a second longer. "Has the phone disconnected or are you really thinking about this seriouly?" he asked, and Alex could hear the grin in his voice.

    "No I'm just.... you know how I get, I'm ridiculous." he waved it off with a smile. "But sure, we'll go out. I'd love to." he hummed gently, very much ready to get drunk and lose himself at a bar. "You might have to take care of me though - just incase my heat hits..." Marc agreed and they arranged to meet that night.

    The intern showered and cleaned himself up, drying his hair into a fluffy mess, humming to himself in Spanish as he found a nice outfit. A pair of super tight leather-type grey pants, that showed off what he referred to as his 'thunder thighs', which only really looked big because the rest of him was so skinny, and a sleek black shirt. Everything showed off his body nicely, and he was happy with his appearance when he left the house, keys and wallet safely in his very tight pockets. He showed up at the entrance to the club, waiting for Marc to arrive.

    Marc rocked up to the house in a pair of lazy faded jeans and a plaid shirt, casual as ever, but he still had his usual slight-frown on his face. They headed off to the club in Marc's pretty shitty car that was for purpose and not anything else, and Marc stopped when they reached the door, explaining the situation to the male bodyguard, that he wanted Alex to be safe should something happen, the bodyguard agreed and they headed inside, buying some drinks and relaxing.

    Marc smooched Alex's cheek after their fourth or fifth, and headed out to dance with an omega who was definitely giving him the eye. Alex finished his own drink a bit slower, feeling slightly dizzy, the alcohol flushing him a bright pink. Of course that was what he thought. He moved out into the crowd, dancing slowly, beginning to feel worse and worse, and the alphas who were trying to get close certainly wasn't helping, he felt stifled, scared, then all of a sudden he was being pulled out of the mash of alphas who had all bee-lined towards him. He was so confused, as he saw himself get pushed into the passengers seat of a car.

    Having been around Alex so much, especially during his heat, Marc had pretty much become immmune to his scent, but when he saw a flash of arm and some very confused, blonde omega getting pushed into a car, he knew who it was. He raced out and jumped into his car, following it closely behind, getting more and more worried. He couldn't let Alex get into trouble.

    A traffic light broke the two cars up and Marc sat, cursing, for a good minute before he raced off, catching the car turning in the distance and following it, chewing his lower lip. He saw the car park in front of a building and moved a bit closer. He examined the building closely, able to sense where the other was, so he began to find a way in.

    However his plans changed when a black fox wiggled in through some window. "Well that's handy." he mumbled to himself as he clambered in a little behind him, finding himself faced with a naked omega smelling off a dying heat.

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    #eb4200 for Marc
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  3. Jackson Morris, #666699 Everything had been going wrong that night. Why in the hell would omegas come to the club just before, in the middle of or towards the end of their heats! He thought with such annoyance as he helped the second Omega into the safe room, two alpha's trying to push passed him but he knocked both of them back with the shock staff that seemed to help them regain control. If there was a third, he would have to get the boss down there. That man could smell an Omega in heat, about to be in heat or just ending from anywhere in the club even in the bathrooms.

    "Boss, I think we've got another one," one of the other bouncers said to him. Jackson growled suddenly, for the first time showing his annoyance with his animal side. But as he made his way towards the dance floor, he could see every alpha, even mated ones, bee line straight to an Omega that was starting his heat. "Fuckin' hell!" he growled out as he forced his way through the crowd, grabbing the omega with an oddly gentle grip and pulling him to his chest, using his large build to protect him from the grabbing hands of the crazed alphas. Jackson himself was even starting to have a bit of a hard time, but he kept it together and he had no choice but to get this omega out of there.

    He got out to the back alley and got the omega into the passenger side of his car, before he got into the driver side. He began driving off, glad the mated alpha's got control of themselves and the ones that worked for the club kept the other alphas back.

    Jackson pulled out his phone and he called his boss. "Boss... yeah... look something happen and I had to leave with an omega that's in heat... Yeah... It even affect the mated ones... Some of our guys too... yeah, I'm fine... But I gotta cool this guy down or I won't be able to find out who to call to come get him... yeah... Okay thanks... see ya tomorrow then... bye," the conversation was very mechanical but also professional. Jackson took his job seriously and so did his boss, who was going to go take his place for the night. Which was a great thing, mostly for Jackson.

    The male caught all the lights and was back at his apartment in no time.

    It took him a minute to park and then he took out his keys, before lifting the omega up, careful as he always was as he walked into his building and then into the elevator. Through this whole time he had to keep breathing calmly and count in his head. He had never smelled a scent like this before and even though he wanted to ravish the male, he had too much control over his animal to let go this easily. The elevator doors opened on his floor and he walked to his apartment, opening the door and carrying the male through, closing the door behind him.

    He laid the omega down on his sofa when the door jiggled slightly. He quickly grabbed a blanket and went over to the door and yanked it open. Seeing Oliver standing there naked, he tossed the blanket at him.

    "Get in here Dumbass, I need your help," he ordered with annoyance. But he caught the scent of another alpha and he looked down the hall at a male he had seen in a while, one who was currently blushing like mad and staring at his younger brother. "Marc?"

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    Oliver Morris, #008080 Oliver enjoyed his run through the woods. He always ran on his way back, taking the long way so he could sweat out every last bit of his heat while he was out in the woods and in his animal form. He could outrun anything the woods threw at him in his animal form. It was one thing he was glad his brother always forced him to work on when he was younger. Now he wasn't a helpless omega... even though most alpha's prefer the helpless omegas he had been told.

    He didn't particularly care about the whole situation that much. It meant most of his relationships went no where fast and he moved on very quickly, because he had the strength to do that. He's never met another omega who was strong on their own... other then their mom. That gave him hope at least. If their mother, the most stubborn and strongest omega he had ever met could find a mate then so could Oliver. He just hoped they weren't scared off by his brother.

    Jackson took after their father in animal and looks but everything else, his intelligence and kindness all that came from their mother.

    When Oliver hit the city he kept to the shadows, rushing through until he reached the apartment building. With quick movements and carefully planned jumps, he jumped up to the ledge and wriggled his way under the window into the building. Once inside, he let himself shift back into his human form, letting out a content sigh as he stretched himself while he was still on all fours. But after a few minutes he stood up on his own two feet, letting out a yawn. "I need a nap," he said out loud to himself as he walked further down the hall towards the door to his apartment. He leaned down, lifting up the small box they used for umbrellas, and pulled out his keys. He then pushed a key into the lock and was about to open it when the door swung open and a blanket was tossed at him.

    He let out a soft grunt of surprise at the cloth being thrown at him as he looked at the culprit.

    His brother was home, still wearing his uniform for the club he worked at. "Jackson? Your home early?" he asked but his question was quickly answered by the scent that his nose. "Get in here Dumbass, I need your help." His brother said, sounding almost strained which shocked Oliver. But his brother looked over, down the hall, a look of shock filling his eyes.

    "Marc?" His brothers voice caused him to look down the hall seeing another male, an alpha no less, who must have climbed in through the open window. Oliver tilted his head to the side, cutely, as he looked at this Marc person and then he turned his attention to his brother. "You know this guy?"

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