Crepuscular Magic

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  1. Once, there was a nameless demon. He grew up unclean and abused, neglected and scorned. Treated like less than garbage since the day he was born... Pissed on, beaten, tortured for the sheer joy it gave his brothers. He was, of course, an underling of The Demon King. Less than a stall hand... Merely a puppet to kick around.

    He was always a bloody mess.... Until one day, a human child found him.

    "Kitty?" the girl cooed curiously, reaching out to touch him.

    The nameless devil hissed and drew back under the shelter of the vines he had been hiding in. A human that could see demons.... They were always trouble.

    But the child smiled. "Here, kitty kitty." she cooed, rubbing her fingers together. "Come on out, I wont hurt you."

    Compelled by curiosity, the nameless demon eased out of his shelter,. As most children, she moved too fast for the beasts liking and he hissed at her, withdrawing once more. And yet the child tried again, this time, offering the devil a flower.

    "See kitty? If I can hold a flower and not break it, I can pet you and not hurt you." the child smiled.

    Such innocence.

    The nameless devil stared up at the child before stepping into the sunlight, ears down and tail between his legs. Such an odd creature...

    The child beamed and gently reached out, picking up the filthy creature with such a smile... "You have such dark fur... .Like the night Sky... I think I'll call you Yami." she proclaimed, petting him despite the filth.

    And thus he was given a name.

    The child took the demon cat home and bathed him. Fed him and showed him kindness the little demon had never seen before. It was magnificent. Even when he made a mess, the childs love seemed to be utterly unconditional.

    She told him her dreams, Of one day being able to help others. She held that demon close and cherished him with the compassion only a child could show. It changed the nameless demons life completely. Years passed and the girl became a young woman. Yet still, her kindness never wavered. Even as the hardships of war fell upon the country.

    "I wish you were human Yami." the girl smiled one night as she stroked his fur, never seeming to notice his horns. "If you were, you could talk back to me and tell me your dreams."

    To this, the demon had only to agree. To be human would be a price highly worth paying, if only he could speak with her for one night.

    But- as with all good things, an end was soon to come... It was soon after that night, that one of Satans generals saw the girl and took an interest in her himself.

    How lovely a woman. the general crooned to Yami, unseen by the girl. one only finds a human so splendid once a century. We should torment her...

    And before the small demon could object, the general had left, leaving nothing but laughter in his wake.

    The general found a man with a twisted heart and possessed him. In the coming weeks, he took the woman's parents, and then proceeded to seduced the woman and taken her hand in marriage. Though, the woman's new and darling husband claimed a deathly allergy to cats. and thus Yami was thrown into the night.

    And there was nothing he could do. For as a low class demon, Yami could only sit by idly and watch as his superior worked his wicked magic. Day after day the woman grew weaker, illness falling upon her in a slow torturous manner.

    The woman stayed in her home alone as her husband left to do business, daily searching her garden for Yami, the cat she abandoned. And the small demon ignored her calls. He ignored her cries for comfort, despite the years of affection she had given him. Until one night, she collapsed. She fell into the Lilly pond and there she drowned, making no attempt to save herself.

    The woman had committed suicide.

    When the husband returned home. Yami stood in the door hissing with his back arches and fangs bared.

    "Oh?" the general sneered. "It's you?"

    The little demon hissed bitterly. It's your fault! We demons- we are horrible creatures! How dare you spoil her?

    The man frowned and closed his eyes. "Such nonsense, coming from trash like you." With one foul kick, the small demon was thrown into the street where a wagon rolled him down.

    That night, Yami-- the little stray cat demon-- died...

    --------1912 Japan--------

    Yami sat up in a bed covered in a cold sweat. His black hair stuck to his face as he glanced around the room. Where was he again? Oh... Right... A Dojo. He sighed, dragging a hand down over his face. It had just been a strange nightmare-- that was all.

    The young man swore, tossing his feet over the edge of the cot before standing. out of reflex, his hand moved to his hip, only to find his sword missing? Lovely. A glance out the window confirmed that it was still night outside the dojo... But he could see the priests outside already going about their morning duties.

    He frowned and closed his eyes, taking a moment to control his breathing once more before pulling his black hair back into a pony. One more calming sigh and he finally felt his nerves cool down enough to open the door. He looked up and down the hallway before cautiously shuffling to what looked like a kitchen area. A couple of men were there already cooking. "Morning." he greeted hesitantly.

    "Good morning." they echoed.

    "Um... Sorry-- but where am I?" he asked carefully, rubbing the back of his neck. God, he was sore. His entire body ached. In fact, he was pretty sure that if a truck had hit him, he would be less bruised.

    One priest simply smiled. "This is the Crepuscular temple. You're lucky we had to turn out those lanterns last night, or you would have been left out in that storm all night." he said, offering him a cup of hot tea.

    "Guess I was lucky, huh?" He smiled wearily, sipping the hot liquid.

    "Sure, if you call being assaulted by demons lucky." The first man smiled.

    "Demons?" Yami looked alarmed.

    "If you don't mind." the second priest spoke up. "The Head Priest Urif asked for us to send you to speak with him."

    Yami blinked and looked up from admiring the small glass cup. "Who?" he asked sheepishly.

    "The man who founded this temple." the first man laughed. "You looked fairly beaten up last night. He only wishes to give you a blessing is all, I'm sure. And you can think him for his hospitality while you're meeting with him."

    The young man blinked and nodded. A blessing, he wouldn't argue. It might help him with those nightmares and visions he had been seeing. "Alright. Where?" he asked blinking.

    The two priests pointed. "Just across the way down the hall. You can't miss it." they assured him.

    He blinked and nodded before finishing the hot water off and bowed in thanks before hurrying off.


    OOC: sooooo Im thinking someone needs to be the head priest. Or perhaps someone in the room with the head priest? I plan on Yami being invited to train to be an exorcist when the high priest discovers he can see demons. Maybe theres a demon in the high priests room [​IMG] your call. This will evolve into a sort of adventure/ horror rp and we can have some romance as well [​IMG] Not all exorcists are male ya know lol. Feel free to join.].
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